Tuesday, July 16, 2013

This morning I fired up my PSP Blood Bowl game.  Fun!  I'd be interested in an online league for that if it is possible without a cool gaming computer.

Aside from Plants Vs. Zombies II coming out on Thursday (for which my wife-to-be is more excited than I am), are there any good iOS games that I should check out?  I don't mind paying for them.

Hope everyone is good.  I just got back from a quick trip to LA to visit my sis, Tater-Tot, and their two kids, and see the rest of my fam.  This is the first summer since I was in 9th grade that I haven't had to teach swimming, teach summer school, or play or coach polo or swimming.  It is weird.  I planned on reading more, but I have only gotten through the new Dan Brown novel, which is shite.

When I was home, my mom hooked me up with some photos that I guess I took in the last days of my senior year.  They not only include some classic iAndy iFeltz shots, but also some shots of many of us at La Vista and some photos of the Hidden Shrine of the Happy Barth.  Pretty rad.  As soon as I scan those in, I'll post them, and I realize that those will only be interesting to a small few of us.

FYI, I read the blog every day, even though I don't write all that often.  I really appreciate Eric (and whoever else may be responsible) for keeping this going.  No homo.

Eric, sorry about Leslie's cousin.  That is fucked.