Saturday, March 08, 2014

They added a Police Station! I say we find it and make it the base.

Anoother crucial thing this patch brings is:
Added basic character sickness and gassiness from eating raw meat and eggs


We started watching ORPHAN BLACK on Amazon Prime Instant fake-netflix thingy, and it's pretty excellent. It's a BBC America show that I didn't get to catch when it first aired, but it just showed up on Amazon and is a lot of fun. I don't want to give away it's main "twist" but it's like a thriller with some sci-fi and even laughs thrown in.

Netflix on the other hand has the french tv show "The Returned" which is supposed to be awesome - haven't gotten around to it yet, but just noticed it showed up recently.

| 7 Days Map Reset!


7.3 resets the map and adds a few more locations to explore.

I seriously JUST finished walling, trenching, and spiking the Husker House... on to another base I guess... :)

| Items of Interest

As we move around some stuff in the office to make room for another desk, etc. I found two items that I would offer up:

 - A typewriter written review of Fellowship of the Ring.  In addition to a  summary I wrote, I also included some choice quotes, and a reference page with information about some of the different races in Middle Earth.  The review is less than a page long.  In the end, I left the reader with these strong words of warning: "...I must warn you, unless you really like fantasy and very deep involved novels, this may not be the book for you."

 - The Winter 1989 Video Archives catalog.  Please note, I did highlight the movies that I had apparently seen at the time.  Here are some that are highlighted - Overdrawn at the Memory Bank, Parents, Dial M for Murder, Midway, Johnny Got His Gun, Pumpkinhead, Hardware Wars, and Blue Thunder.  This is not a complete list, but a smattering that apparently was representative of my 14 year old viewing habits.

Friday, March 07, 2014

My wife bought me an awesome pith helmet at the zoo today. I'm pumped to colonize some savages.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

I'll be back to work and unable to attend :( roll the dice for your pal, me.


5/23-5/26. Who's in?

I'm in fo sho. TBD whether I start Thursday or Friday, but Fri-Sat-Sun definitely, and Monday is not out of the question.
Just so you know: that was an hilarious post.

| Shwanky Husker (Du) Avenue

I'm working on fortifying a spot in the Manhattan Beach of the 7 Days to Die world.  There are three upper upper-middle class places that are HUGE and I for some reason grabbed the biggest one to try and fortify.  For some reason, even if I'm undetected all night, those bastards still wanna break windows and shit overnight.  Really drops the property value for when we wanna flip it for gobs of cash back in 2007.

I've started to trench the whole place, and am building up walls on both sides of the trench and then will put those giant tree spikes in the pit.  Next, I'll illuminate the place and then likely widen/deepen the trench.

Seek refuge on Husker Ave;  we have a pool and landscaping!

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

We don't have a permanent base yet. We fortified a bridge pretty well one time, and that was sort of a base, but kinda boring. Then Eric mostly fortified a cabin near a big lake but then the last patch made zombies climb, so that was kinda done (and I think the server reset). So right now, I think we're just cruising around trying to find a fun area to call home.

Oh my, that midi benny hill was insane! I wish I could begin to understand how people do that stuff.

| Holy Crap it's Late!

Art - Sorry about your mom.  Good luck on the new jorb and best wishes for the family.

Dishonored was a really good game.  Great atmosphere and setting.  I also got the DLC in a Steam sale.  Haven't been able to bring myself to play it yet though.  I'm still holding a grudge, I can't play as the bad guy yet.

7 Days to Die - Jeez that game keeps brutalizing me.  So stressful.  Did you guys set up a base?  I usually spend the nights on top of a hill on top of a tall pillar (minecraft style) hoping zombies don't notice me.

Rudy - As coincidence would have it I just found THIS!.
His Eye of the Tiger is also awesome.  The recording is kinda borked though.  Don't play it too loud or you'll blow your speakers or eardrums (around 1 minute and 2 minutes.  So stop before that to get the idea).  I think the audio frequency is also inducing a slight migraine, but so worth it for me.

Monday, March 03, 2014

One of you always comes to mind when this song plays.
Heya Art! Sorry to hear about your mom passing. Glad that she's no longer suffering.

Random 7 Days to Die tips: At night you're kinda screwed. During the day, loot everything. Once you have stuff in your inv, stuff you're able to craft is listed there. Click on what you wanna make, then figure out what mats go in what slots - it's pretty easy. Once you've crafted something it's easier to do it again. For example, a torch: 1 Cloth over 1 Stick.

At night zombies run and are a lot more viscous, so try to find somewhere to shack up and stay quiet during the night. CTRL to go into "stealth mode" - it'll let you know if you're detected, etc.

When you die, all the stuff in your inv is dropped in a backpack wherever you died, so go back and get it.

Torches are supposed to slow down zombies at night, so if you setup in a house, put torches all over - but where Eric and I were last, the torches didn't seem to be working, so who knows.

You need to have bullets down in your quick item slots to be able to reload the approp weapon. Headshot zombies, duh. Eric makes a wicked crossbow - I can never remember the recipe but google or have him make you one. It's an awesome weapon.

Good mats to hold on to are scrap metals. Also, a lot of random stuff can be broken down into scrap metal (like hubcaps, etc). Wood is also really good. Chop down a tree to get logs. Logs to boards. Board to sticks. Then sticks are used for a lot of stuff.

You need to eat and drink (although you can also just die and respawn fully refreshed) - take empty jars to a lake or river to fill up for water.

Grab a bed from a house then place it somewhere (even right there) - that will be your new respawn spot. You can also make a sleeping bag with 7 cloth (i think) which also acts as a respawn point, wherever you put it down.

Have fun :)

Here's a beginners guide that's a little out of date because each patch changes a lot of stuff, but there's general guidelines in there that help: LINK

Sunday, March 02, 2014

| Sooooooo 7 days to die

Who's gonna help me get up to speed in that bitch? Spawned in and was immediately swarmed by about a hundred different kinds of zombie.

| Neato App - Out There - Space exploration / survival

Not bad at all! Enjoying the rouge-like space exploration game. Sort of like FTL but without combat and way more storyline. Basic premise is that you were in cryo on a trip from Earth to Jupiter and something went wrong, your ship wound up off course and you woke up somewhere "Out There" in the galaxy and are basically trying to find your way back home, mining for supplies, dipping probes into gas giants for fuel and always balancing the trade offs in decision making. Great little game for $3 or whatever.
Dishonored is awesome! I played through that, it really scratched the Thief itch. I played in stealth mode until the last couple levels, when I decided the brakes were coming off and shit was on. Love that it gives you that flexibility. I also started the DLC, which puts you in the shoes of the bad guy. Gotta go back and finish it, but what I played was really good too.

Unfortunately, it looks like the new Thief game is a misfire. I was really looking forward to that one, but maybe I'll just grab the graphic overhaul mods for the originals and play that again.

I've also been playing through Broken Age, which is cool because it's cartoony and non-violent enough that my daughter likes watching it, although I'm at a part that creeps her out. Hearthstone is a FREE online CCG by Blizzard that's a lot of fun too. Worth trying out for the price, anyway, and periodically I end up chatting with Motorbyke or Elzar since all those Blizzard games are chat-linked together.

| Speaking of gaming

A buddy bought me a copy of Dishonored a while back and I just never played it (made by same people who did Skyrim). The stealth gameplay is absolutely amazing. The story is pretty dark, a sort of dystopian steampunk vibe. You can play through the game as a 'kill every last motherfucker I see' badass or more of a ghosty-stealthy assassin/thief type. I chose the latter, using sleep darts and non-lethal solutions to the various missions. If you can find this on a Steam sale, completely and totally recommend. Very well done.