Tuesday, May 21, 2013

| viva

| Boobla Chucka, Boobla Chucka. Boobla Chucka Khan!

- I say BelligEric is going to be the best part of Boobla Khan. I have awesome beer, fuck you all. Eat balls, i'm drink faster, magic dickholes bridge, real good. Bleh! Money best part Boobla. I want Boobla!

- I am game for block mania. I haven't played since 1996. I enjoyed it then, I hope I will again.

- M-Byke and I should arrive noonish as well on Thursday.

- Sorry for the delay in posting, but I thoroughly enjoyed the comics strips. r00d, your characters were uncanny.

- Ja-El, "Life at ease you say? Of course you'd be sufficiently at ease fed on peanuts and Tsetse flies! Welcome aboard!" I see you found eLzar's stash of beer and started celebrating early. Congrats on the sale. I am glad you found your calling. Johhnycon Real-Late-Estate.

Life at ease you say?  Of course you'd be sufficiently at ease fed on peanuts and Tsetse flies!  Welcome aboard!
Nice work dude! Well, I'm looking forward to a life of ease as a member of your entourage. I'll be the guy who tells people that you aren't here right now, even though you're clearly visible through the office window.

Aeryk, those terms are actually better than I expected from you, so I guess I accept! I think I'll be able to swing it. It should be fun, for some value of "fun". Please bring your manuals and any references you can find that seem helpful! Will you be able to bring a laptop with realm speak on it?

I think this will be the first Kubla Thursday that I've made in a while. I think you'll the timbre of the evening quite different, gents. No more of this "fucking around" that you seem to hold acceptable. My number one motto is "no fucking around".

Autocorrect initially put that last as "no fucking arrondissement" which I like even better.

| Slumdog Millionairess

It's a purchase from a group I represent.  One of my clients, introduced to me from a friend, contacted me last weekend.  At first I thought it was maybe one or two individuals interested to look around vegas but not yet settled on buying.  There's a lot of shoppers these days as people feel the property markets are rebounding.  Vegas has dropped over 60% for the past few years, and since last year the market has rebounded around 10% or so.  So far those that invested last year made some money already.  Lo and behold, that weekend comes 2 families with their kids on a saturday in rags and t-shirts and my first though was great, what a motley crew!  My second thought was this might be a waste of time since they must be looking for residential houses or maybe a great dim sum restaurant to have lunch!  But as the discussion drew deeper, she turned out to be a Mega Mining Mogul.  She only showed me the proof of funds from one bank statement and it was enough to purchase several commercial properties I have in my portfolio.  Never judge a book by it's covers I guess is the lesson I learned.  Humbled.

Ended up that weekend was the busiest weekend in my life.  I had scramble for information on several properties, do some preparation, and present the properties.  The one they bought is a 33000 sq foot, 3 story medical plaza, with a 2 level covered parking garage amenity. This is a much shortened version, but later this week, they sent me an offer letter, and after several counter offers and back and forth tirades with the opposing agent, we came to a Giganten compromise.  Another property I showed them is a Whole Foods shopping center with over 400 parking spaces around 80,000 sq foot.  It is likely they might invest in that with me down the next few months.

 Thus in a nutshell, I'm friggin stoked.

If I wasn't meeting with my family this weekend and having a getogether with my brother and family for memorial day, I'd fly over and join my faithful band of compatriots for drink as I am much more relaxed about work now.  I think I found my calling!   I have finally found a use for my  bizness acumen, game-fault finding logic and Space Marine fortitude in something I might acually excel in.  Did I mention unbelievably good-looks that asian women find unresistable?

| Musings vol. 3,407

 - Giant Eric Head approves this message.

 - In preparation for Kubla, I roped a co-worker into hitting the local Palo Alto market with me and picked up some Pliny (4 per customer), so after giving away a freebie as a thank you, I have 7 Pliny's ready to go!  Yay for ME, and eff all y'all - none for you!

 - I have read about 9 pages of the Magic Realm rules - too many life/work things getting in the way of free time.  But to pull my weight for the MR game on Friday, I shall bring the game itself and expect a perfect explanation by jr0n, and then be drunk and not really paying attention to the rules so as to mess the game up for everyone - fair?

 - I have a giant box of games that I will be selling and tonight I will try to unearth some more to add to the pile.  I fully expect to be drunk and rich at the end of Friday night.  And I plan on being drunk enough to be belligerent with that asshole if he comes back and tries to talk down our games and then offer to buy them at bargain prices.  Eff that guy in his sweaty-ass face.  AND his sweaty ass-face.

- My plan is to head to the hotel around noon-ish and do a lil' work from the lobby, so that's where I'll be.

 - Watched Judge Dredd, the new one, a few days ago.  It was an interesting vignette of a movie - no real plot, or character development to speak of, but an interesting "day in the life" of Judge Dredd and Mega-City One.  I thought it unusual for a movie to be so story-less, but then started thinking about it and how it perfectly fits into the new YouTube/Facebook/SnapChat instant gratification/clip generation.  Everything is in 10 sec - 1 minute entertainment chunks, so it makes sense that the Dredd movie was sort of like an hour long YouTube clip.  Either way, it made me want to play Block Mania at Kubla.  The game can handle 4 players I believe, I know Denis is in... any other takers?!?!?  You too can be the law!  Drokk it!

 - Congrats on buying a commercial complex, Jael!  Or did you sell it?  Or lease it?  $3.99 buffets!

 - Buffy is the best.  I tried keeping continuity by alternating episodes of Buffy and Angel during season 5, but the juggling of DVDs made it less than ideal so I stopped after about 2 disks.  I did alternate seasons, and the continuity really didn't suffer.  It's mostly like:

Buffy show -  "Gee, I wish Buffy were here to help - where is she anyway?  Oh yeah, she's helping Angel out with something."

And then in Angel - "Sure glad you're here to help, Buffy.  Aren't you so conflicted about your love for Angel and Spike?"

(half-ass spoiler alert)

Then back to Buffy - "Welcome back, Buffy!  OH FUCK THE GENTLEMEN TOOK AWAY OUR VOICES!".

| tv party

Congratulations! Does that mean you sold a plaza or rented/leased out the spaces? I'm not really sure what you're doing dude!

Paul Pot was very buff! I'm just keeping it authentic!

My Buffy marathon is coming along nicely. I'm coming up on the end of Season 3. I believe that when I start season 4 I'll need to alternate back and forth between Angel and Buffy to keep the continuity straight. Holy shit, I honestly never watched Buffy apparently! I REMEMBER watching it here and there but none of these episodes have rung a bell. It's the best show! Danny Strong, who went to Costa with us (he's older - probably by 3 years?) is all over that show from episode 1 as nerdy "Jonathan". I know him from later seasons where he becomes more prominent, but it's great to see him and other very minor side characters consistently showing up.

New Arrested Development pops this weekend. Can't wait!

Monday, May 20, 2013

I just closed my first commercial plaza deal!!!!

(Pol seems to be incredibly buff)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

| Into darkness

I only played a couple of solo games of Space Empires, so it's hard to remember much. I recall it being simple for the most part once you go the turn flow down (which runs along the top of the board). There's way more chits than Eclipse, but in the end it's mostly just a medium-low complexity war game. Eclipse seems like its way more efficient and euro-ized, which I like. I can tell the app automates a lot of the upkeep, but it really doesn't feel all that complex. I even think the physical version might be easier to learn because some of the stuff like "influence cost" probably makes more sense visually when you physically move wooden tokens around. I'll play both AND Magic Realms.

Star Trek 2 was good, especially if you liked the last one.
BTW, I don't know why I JUST noticed this, but the way Aeryk's face appears to be looking at the top post and smiling always makes me feel like he's approving of whatever I'm writing. Aww, thanks for the validation big guy! COPROPHILIA FOREVER
Bravo! I was pretty stoked to see the surprising hat.

I'm glad you played the Eclipse tutorial! I still have to get through that, grr. How does the rule complexity stack up to Space Empires 4x? It's definitely a lot less fiddly than TI3. not to mention shorter.

How's the Magic Realm re-learning going Aeryk? I've been working my way through the 3.1 rulebook and am up to page... 35 or so? (Note: out of about 90 pages of rules, not including an additonal 50 pages of spell descriptions and tables.) I generally remember most of this stuff and can fumble my way through the Magic stuff. I also just got RealmSpeak reinstalled so I can hopefully get in a couple games with that too. Still do NOT understand multiple denizen combat, at all. Fortunately this simple flowchart should help us through?

| stuffs

Jael, your comic is punk rock because it's all cut n paste nasty early 80's zine-stylee!

Sorry, just got your friend request on bitstrips but now it looks like we can use each other's characters whenever so have at it! I prefer my version of jael because I made you hella buff!

Finally getting the hang of Eclipse thanks to the app. Still haven't won a game, but I think I'll be able to pick up the real version pretty quick when we play it next week at the con. Exciting!