Saturday, November 19, 2011

My god, that is one epic flapjack!

Stoked that stoneage turned out fun. Watching videos and reading rules online still doesn't beat trying the actual game, so relieved it turned out good.
Today's breakfast... pancakes with peanut butter, fried bananas and maple syrup. Just missing some bacon to make it full-on Elvis Heart Attack level. Haha... this was really, really good. I've gone carb-free the rest of the day as a result, lolz:

That game's really fun! There's also a really solid online version at some janky German gaming site, so maybe we could play that sometime.
Tool a chance with the game Stoneage and its been a big hit. Almost like an advanced ver of Roll Through the Ages. Don't know how it would play with pro gamers like us but with the casual crowd its just about right.
I got the issue a couple times as well, but it would work when I tried again a minute or two later.

| Invalid Server Key

Apparently, this just happens with 1.0. I upgraded the server and immediately had a problem connection to the LAN address, so I switched to the servebeer address and things were good.

Now that I think about it, I think I had the issue once even after changing it up. Try to remove and re-add the server? Maybe re-install the client? Reboot?

I suspect you figured it out by now, however....
Jumped back into the server tonight and did more wiring. It was a good night to work on this because the baby was awake from 9:30 PM - 3:00 AM, so not a lot of sleeping going on in our household.

I finally finished messing around with wiring! Now i just need to put down blocks to clean up how everything looks and you all can check it out!

Finally learned why you get so much Redstone -- basically what I built isn't even super complex, and I used about 5 stacks of the stuff. I actually had to run over and steal some from Pump's house to finish.

It was fun, but I'm about ready for some good old fashioned minin' before I do another project.

Friday, November 18, 2011

| Minecraft

Hey, getting something about an incorrect server key? Does that have to do with the upgrade / download?


| 3:16

It was meant to be a small form of penance for dropping the ball and missing the Wed night 3:16 game Rudy had been planning. I think 3:16 is pretty cool in concept and I wanted to follow Pumpkin's lead by throwing out a little fiction to maybe generate more interest in the game to hopefully pull off a session (or more!) in the near future.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Good readin'!

Is that a specific genre / world or just free form?
That was great eric! Between you and pump, you guys have already fleshed out 316 so well! I'm out of town for a couple days, but ill bust out some mcnutty fiction when I'm back home.

| 3:16

(cross posted from email)

The fluid that was pelting his face made trooper Tent feel the best he had for as long as he could remember - he felt strangely refreshed. Tent slowly reached his free hand to his chin, released the strap and let his helmet fall to the ground next to where he lay. He ran his hand across his unshaven face and rubbed his eyes until he felt the liquid had been cleared away enough to open them. He was on his side staring down a city street that was covered in debris. Broken concrete, smoldering APCs, and shell casings were littered as far as the obfuscating smoke would let him see. Further down the street he could make out trooper Pumpkin squatting by an open APC, gesturing madly at some troopers running towards the transport, maybe Pumpkin wanted the troopers to get in the vehicle?

Tent tried to wriggle his other arm free from beneath whatever it was that was pinning him to the ground, and discovered that his legs were also immobilized. He turned to look at the chitinous mass of alien than lay across his body and found a handhold inside what he believed was the head, and tried to shift it's weight enough to slip out from under it. The movement of the alien body caused more ichor to exit the gaping wounds in it's exoskeleton, flowing over Tent's face and down his arm. Tent freed himself and crawled over several broken trooper bodies before he began hearing the dull thumps and rattles of what sounded like heavy MG and slug rifles firing.

If they were in a battle, Tent thought he should at least be armed and began looking for a rifle of his own. He found most of the top half of trooper Carlsson beside him, still gripping his rifle and pried it from his lifeless hands. The thumps and rattles became more clear and now he could also hear what sounded like voices in the distance yelling, and another sound, a larger sound; a heavier sound.

Using the rifle for support, Tent slowly stood up despite his vision spinning around like he had one (or ten) too many Terran Meads. He turned toward the direction of the open APC and saw Pumpkin closing the doors from the inside. Pumpkin took one last look out the doors and apparently noticed Tent because he stopped, threw open the doors and a few brief moments later trooper McNulty popped out the top and manned roof mounted heavy MG. Three other troopers jumped out the doors of the APC and took firing positions - Pumpkin began his furious gesturing and Tent thought he could hear him shouting something as well, then they opened fire at Tent.

Trooper Tent felt the air shift as slugs and tracer rounds sped past , the muzzle flashes illuminating the vista of destruction surrounding him. He was standing in the center of an absolute massacre - craters, razor wire, broken bodies, flames, blood and exposed bone as far as the smoke would let him see. He suddenly recognized the large, heavy sonance as the sound of tens of thousands of alien legs skittering and plodding towards him; the same sound he heard this morning before the first wave had overrun their positions. He heard impacts and inhuman screams from behind and without turning, put one aching foot in front of the next, and tried to get to Pumpkin, McNulty, and that waiting APC.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Amazon's bigger/better tab is due out next year, so that's probably what you're friend is talking about. Yeah, I'm good on gadgets for awhile. Just bought some new ram and a fan for my computer, but I'm all about the board games now, woo (20 years too late).

I ordered the 5-6 player expansion for Survive so I can potentially play it with some bigger groups down here and it's just this tiny box crammed with meeples, kinda funny. Now they have stickers for the numbers on the bottom, so at least it will be readable. AND I should be getting my single Whale sea-ple in the mail soon, yes!

I'm already "off" the minecraft again, but I'll probably hop in again here and there to see how the finished version feels - I'm assuming it's basically the same, but still neat to see the little changes. I got so burned out trying to build a single house, so sad.


I'm gonna be around Wednesday night if any peoples wanna play some 3:16 over G Hangout. I know you'll all potentially be too exhausted and I'm cool with that, but I'll shoot out an email during the day and then invites around 8:30 and see if anyone bites. I'll show off my rainbow meeple army on chat-roulette if no one shows up.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

File under "for what it's worth".. but in a private forum I frequent, an Amazon employee hinted to people looking at the Fire that they should hold off until 1Q 2012 for some new item being released by Amazon.

In other news, it looks like I'm going to have my insurance school certificate completed tonight so I can schedule my certification test with the state. Once I have that done I can go sign my agency contract with AFLAC and get started!


Regarding Minecraft, haven't seen anyone on in a while..?

I just found a juicy mine/dungeon that needs cleaning out. Might be fun to get an Action Team adventure squad dispatched to handle things :)

Or... quest for roses/wolves?
No Kindle yet, but it does look more attractive than I'd previously imagined. Just the Asus one I've had for awhile. Yeah, I was laying their trying to use the stupid on screen keyboard and saw the mic icon and it works pretty good! Dude, I'm gonna finally get a replacement whale, stoked. :)

| Killer Wales and Semen Stars

That's funny. Did you pick up a Kindle Fire? Thoughts?
in other news I emailed stronghold games and they are going to send me a new wales. They are the people who put out the survive escape from atlantis game I love it this is message is coming from the voice function of my tablet.
The only thing you need to work on is your attitude. Be more like me and have a rad-itude.

Monday, November 14, 2011

| Minecraft is official

It's gone gold! We are now playing a real game! :)

I went back to work today. Work blows.
Sorry San Juan didn't work out! Playing a bummer game always sucks. A similar game which a lot of people like more is Race for the Galaxy, similar mechanics, different theming, more complex. I think you'd like it but doesn't seem like a good girlfriend type of game. Have you considered trying a LARP?

Aeryk, I will never understand your weird (and unusual!) antipathy towards Puerto Rico, but I love you anyway. I don't actually think the theme is that dry for a Euro -- it's fun to place your plantations, your little disc people, etc. -- but the reason it works for me is the mechanics. They're just so clean, with so many different strategies and routes to victory. What I usually see when teaching the game is there's this moment when the mechanics click, and suddenly you kind of gain comprehension of this weird but elegant machine, and you've got to figure a way to take control of it and win. Edit: which usually I fail at. I kind of suck at Puerto Rico. If I started winning, maybe it'd be less satisfying....
That Skyrim video was hilarious! It looks a lot nicer than OG Oblivion, but it's still got that ghetto-shine Bethesda's known for.
Hahaha... oh my god I was crying I was laughing so hard at this. MAN I want this game now.

Alas, I am too poor both in time and mon-ay.

| Dry as a Bone

Is both San Juan and Puerto Rico. Both got a resounding 'blerg' from Leslie as well. Jambo tried to keep interest, but the theme is kinda lame and has fallen out of favor.

Winners with the Mrs. for whatever reason: Carcassonne, Ra, Blood Bowl Team Manager(!), Ticket to Ride (Europe mostly), Battleline, Cribbage, and Lost Cities (original card game).

So there you go, my two cents.

PS She is MAD ADDICTED to Tichu on the iPhone, though hopefully she has sort of run the addiction course this weekend and can return to her normal self this week.
After a few more hours over the weekend of Tek Wars the RPG, I'm almost over it. It's def a step above most MMORPGS just because it's got that Bioware-shine to it, but I found myself getting pretty bored after awhile.

Played San Juan with my gf this weekend and that was a bust. She wasn't feeling it and neither was I. It was easier for me because I have more exp with dryer euro-type games, but damn, it's not the most exciting game.