Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ja-el, you should try and stop by the con wearing this:

Just added ya!   look me up
Try to be my friend on thier Jael! I think you can share them but its hard to tell from just looking at it right now.

There was like a crazy heat wave here last week where we hit like 107 ! I imagine Vegas was pretty intense with the heat too. Have you found yourself going to the strip very often? Seems like something you wouldn't really do too much now that you live there.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rude- Is it possible to transfer those charactertures to my account in bitrstrips?  Would be cool to keep all the characters similar, but man, that's some funny stuff man.  I kinda like the simplicity of the erics block characters in strip #2.  But Rudies Bitstrips character of enron is absolutely uncanny!   keep it up!    I want to  read one daily preferably. ok ok?  thanks.

Btw:  Vegas is pretty cool so far, a bit on the hot side.
You crazy bro, because that shit you made was hilarious! They all literally made me LOL. It's funny because when I made my strips I was like, "This is the dumbest shit ever."

We should form some kind of team... an ACTION TEAM.

(Smash cut to black, roll credits.)

| Fin

Last one, promise:

| Gaaaah

Jesus Christ, man! I hate easy writing comes to you. You are way too talented and what the fuck, your "website blogger comic" is already funnier than 90% of real web comics! Even in stick figures, goddamn. That afterward was amazing. Seriously, save this strip somewhere because it's legit even if maybe you think it's just a throwaway. My thing is the worst in comparison! I wish I could drarw.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The stunning conclusion!

Dude, those are so funny! The cariactures are so dead-on, it's hilarious.

A comic would be fun to contribute to, but I think you need to start with a strong artist, unless you want to do it Get Your War On style or something. Here's another bitstrip!
Denis's thought bubble should have just said "elf pussy" - live and learn.

I'd be down to try Netrunner.

I read a little of that new Dark Tower book a while back and enjoyed it. I have to restart it and finish it. What I did just marathon read was Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill, aka Stephen Kings son. It was really good! It's just horror, but he has a different voice than his father and it's a solid and entertaining read. This was his first book and he has two other novels which I'll probably read next.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Brilliant! I think we have a winner, although there are a few entries to go in my Aborted Bros cycle.

Pulse check: is anyone interested in trying out Netrunnet 2.0? If so I'll bring it. If its more of a "nah, eff you bro" then I'll leave it home.

I have a weird urge to play Elder Sign too, so maybe someone bring that? Aeryk have you sold my copy yet?

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

| The Action Team #2