Saturday, January 04, 2014

10 years, wow! Congratulations!

Friday, January 03, 2014

I understand it's Elzar's tenth wedding anniversary!? Congratulations mang! This is the tin anniversary. You'll be getting your jumbled box of scrap metal soon!

The ladyfriend and I had been dating about a year when we went to your wedding so that means we've been dating 11 years. Yikes!


Thursday, January 02, 2014

I love that all the comments on that song are "that used to scare me as a kid!". I don't remember it myself.

| Bigfoot's on the prowl

While I was in LA, my friend Steve (Imsteve) told me about this song that he heard when he was a kid. It's a completely ridiculous song, but I guess he and his sister spent a lot of time in some parts of Montana that get mentioned, so they would listen to this song just totally terrified that Bigfoot was out there, coming for them.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Resolomutions, anyone got 'em? I have a bunch of shit I want to do this year. Among them:
- I'm not buying any board games for myself in 2014. I've got enough and no space. As my final act of board game purchasing in 2013 I bought Rampage which is a super casual game that will be fun at Kubla.
- No more beer drinkin' on my own. I usually drink like 3-4 a week and it's just not too healthy.
- I will get some form of exercise at least once and try not to be such a piece of shit.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

| Napes.

I WISH it was my building.  That's probably about 4 - 6 more building sets than I have and it has architectural flair, which I don't.  So if anything, that's what Enron would build if he had 8 sets of DZ terrain.

Oh, and party like it's 2099, people!
Is that your DZ terrain Aernyk? It looks great!

| Mor-Mor is Coming...

| Another winning tumblr

Pornhub comments on stock photos. Why didn't I think of this first :/

Monday, December 30, 2013

| Crikey!

That's a lot of terrain sets! (and an terrifically awesome building)

I think I only made I through half of Dharknado. I made it to the part with Cousin Oliver from Brady Bunch, holy shit.

But seriously, BEST movie ever, and this is no joke, is still Miami Connection. With subtitles so you can read the lyrics and understand the mush mouth star. Best shit on Netflix ever.

| Sharknado.

The first 1/3 of Sharnado puts your Brick and Looper to shame.

I can't comment on the rest of Sharknado because I stopped watching.  NOT because it wasn't the greatest movie of all time, but because since it was so much better than Brick and Looper, it was like I was watching 300 movies worth of greatness in 20 minutes.  I overloaded and had to stop or else I would asplode.

| man...

At work they updated all the computers from Windows 2000 (for reals) to Windows 7. Now, they've blocked everything from everyone. I have to watch Netflix on my fucking cell phone, FUCK YOU WORK.
The super cops who work the front desk would ALWAYS be watching movies on Netflix all night long, so it's funny to go up there now and see them staring at a blank windows desktop.

Haven't seen the Brothers Bloom! Will have to check that out sometime. Looper is rad though, for sure.
Brick was good! That dude's other movie, Brothers Bloom, is good too. Looper's his best though and the only one I'd call Action Team-required viewing. WHERE ARE MAH FINGERZ

Sunday, December 29, 2013

| Brick

Saw a pretty cool movie on Netflix tonight called Brick. It's the first film by the guy who made Looper. It's like a film noir mystery but set at a high school. That might sound totally horrible but it actually works pretty well. All the dialog is straight up 40's hard-boiled, but then it's like "you know where I sit at lunch." Anyways, Netflix won't have it anymore past Jan 1st, so if it sounds like something you might enjoy, you got a couple days left to see it.