Friday, May 09, 2014

I made it to the Full  House theme before bowing out. I'm sure it's purposefully awful, but there's also like an earnestness in how bad it is that's kind of compelling. I "get you" jorn, but I just can't do it. AV CLUB also posted a youtube link to a 9-minute loop someone made of the breakdown in the Spindoctor's song Two Princes. Same thing - awful yet compelling.

| Que Horrible!

I have no idea what just happened, but it was entirely torturous.  In its defense, I did NOT listen to the whole thing, so maybe it gets rad at some point, but not the parts I heard...

Yeah, I'm gonna have to ask you to keep your recommendations to yourself? Mkay?

Although, I do sort of love the cover along with just how horrible it was... sort of like a performance art piece.... like that guy that played one note on a piano for like 8 hours....

Change of heart!  What else can you recommend, J-Pets*?

And I LOVED Dredd!  I've seen it a heck of lot of times and like it every time!  It's one of those movies where it's way better than not watching anything at all and staring off into space, but at the same time it's not much more taxing than staring off into space.  I did really enjoy it.

*J-Pets is another cool nickname for you, along with "Shtoops", "Mongo", and "The Tan, Hatted Man from Manhattan."

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Have you guys seen Dredd? It's an honest-to-blog good movie. The plot is basically that Bones from NuTrek teams up with Juno's friend to fight Queen Cersei and Avon Barksdale. First movie I've started and finished in one sitting in quite a while.

I kinda hate to recommend this, but fuck it. This is an hour-long mashup that is simultaneously hilarious (to me) while also being totally irritating and occasionally tortuous, and sometimes sort of amazing. I think it's some kind of commentary on pop culture? Especially '90s nostalgia? But I'm not sure? All I know is that I have an all new appreciation for "All Star".

Monday, May 05, 2014

| rad dream

I had a rad Action Team co-starring dream this afternoon.

Me and Jael were taking a test in this "Learning Annex" type of board room with a bunch of other people. The rest of the gang, specifically Jawn and Elrick, (but vaguely everyone else) got the room and were waiting for us to play board games and rpgs. So there was all this pressure to hurry up and finish the test. Jael finished before me, and I was having an anxiety attack because high school-era Elrick (hat and pony-tail) and Jawn were sitting right behind me, with their games in a stack, waiting for me to finish.

I wish I remembered the test, because it was so convoluted and weird, but ALMOST doable. I was one of the last people taking the test, and I feared the teacher wasn't going to let the gang stay to play games, so I was even MORE anxious. Then it ended when I realized I was sleeping and didn't have to finish the stupid test. I woke up, SO RELIEVED.

Sunday, May 04, 2014

| I too, am tenatively excited for Straw Wargs

Unrelated: Just had a run in Payday that is worthy of the blog. 1.2M cleared in net pay and over 500k in xp in a single run, lawls. (Firestarter after stealthing a jewelry store the mission previous). Guy on the team had a saw for max loot on the bank at the end. Crazy.