Saturday, January 15, 2011

Also, I'm unemployed. So you should expect me to spam the shit out of this blog. LOL.

Interesting anecdote: Whenever I need to put the kids to bed and they just won't go down for the count, I fire up the Nightmare Before Christmas and they are out almost immediately, lol. Jack the Pumpkin King is the best.

For all you sports folks (ok, for all you non sports folks), an interesting set of circumstances is occurring this weekend. The Seahawks are the first team to ever get into the playoffs with a losing record (won their division at 7-9, which is funny in and of itself).. but they did the impossible last weekend and beat the reigning superbowl champion Saints as the biggest playoff underdog in the history of the league, by nearly TWICE the margin of odds (11 points) as the previous underdog (6 points)... who, ironically, were the Saints roughly 10 years ago.

Now, this weekend, the Packers have beaten the #1 seed (Atlanta).. SOOOOOO... if the Seahawks are able to beat the Chicago Bears tomorrow (which they did, in Chicago, earlier this year).. then the NFC Championship Game (for the right to play in the Superbowl!!!) will be played in Seattle, to a team that qualified with a 7-9 record... LOL!

I'm cheering like mad for it to happen, just to make the history books and for the absurdity of it all. Of course, whoever wins the NFC and goes to the Superbowl is just going to get absolutely smoked by either the Steelers or the Patriots.

Other NFL oddity that no one cares about.. the Raiders are the first team in NFL history to go undefeated in their division (6-0) and not make the playoffs. The Chiefs went 2-4 in the division but 8-2 outside of the division.. and got absolutely trucked in the first round of the playoffs, losing by 30 points.

DID I MENTION MINECRAFT YET? SOOO ADDICTIVE! LOL. The urge to build outrageously huge and elaborate structures is overwhelming. Also, connecting three dozen autocannons and vaporizing zombies is fun.

Ok, enough from me.
Why do I always post right before 9pm? lol
Speaking of Minecrack, it would be awesome if we all got a server going together! I'm tired of playing in servers where griefers TNT your shit after you spend a lot of time crafting and constructing. That sucks balls.

Hell, it would even be fun to do some dungeon crawls with y'all! :)

Friday, January 14, 2011


Hey everybody! Man, I've been away from the blog for too frigging long. I feel like I'm slowly coming out of a coma / fog I was stuck in for nearly 3 years working at that place. I thought making the big money and being Mr. Executive was the life I wanted, but now I realize the cost of that was too big to bear. Strange. So, I left and am now unemployed, the wife is only working part time as a teacher (raking in the dough! lol).. But we're super happy even with all the uncertainty involved in being poor.

From six figures to food stamps and loving it? I dunno, seems kinda long for a book title.

Right now, I'm just loving being Mr. Mom and hanging out at the house. I'm slowly turning back into a human being.

Thoughts for the future: MBA? Teach economics / business at college maybe? Start a pub and brew with Eric! LOL.

Anyone else tried out Minecraft? Man, I was suspicious but I gave it a shot and WOW is it addicting. So simple but at the same time very complex. Like digital legos but with zombies and other baddies trying to eat you. lol.

Happy New Years, Action Teamers!

I hope all is well with you and yours.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

| Slaughing it up...

There's a limited edition free expansion to Small World from Days of Wonder - you just have to pay shipping ~ $5 bucks. Order one, do it to it: