Thursday, August 25, 2011

What did the secretary say to Steve when the IMac overheated?  

Give it a blow, Jobs!


P.S by the way, I was rereading my post and it could have been misinterpreted as petty.  Just to clarify, I wasn't berating Ralphs because I was duped a dollar or 50 cents, it was more about the 30 minute wasted and the retarded supermarket supervisor.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

he's shriveling up because he got gypped on the weight of his APPLE pies :(
Dude, Steve Jobs was fucking pissed about Ralph's. Hegot burnt by the old bait and switch one too many times. He will now embark on his crusade to overhaul the grocery business with a unified user experience.

I didn't know that... not surprised though now that you mention it.    Man, steve jobs retired.  He must be pissed off about Ralphs too.
Well, just last year the Ralphs chain got busted for all kinds of scandalous price violations. They would lie about the weight of food, charging more, and stuff like counting the weight of the ICE on frozen meats into the weight you're paying. They got fined a bunch but I bet that crazy shit still goes on.

| One thing I HATE about Supermarkets

is they can't get their price tags straight.  There's always some mixup, confusion, or price error (intentional perhaps?).  It can be as minor from separating onion flavor from regular, or as obscure as 2 ply to 3 ply when bombarded with thousands of different packaging with minute differences such as ounces, sizes, quantity or color.  Then there's the good ol' outright mistake in pricing.   I think this is  largely caused by the number of gimmicks these supermarkets employ to "market" to their customers, ie buy 10 save 5 dollar, buy 2 get 1 free, or special rewards discounts, etc.   Then some supermarkets have different class markets, ie Normal Ralph, Fresh market Ralphs, which offers separate promotions altogether.

What I was really suprised was in a Philippine supermarket, I never once encountered a pricing error.  That was one of the amazing things that really stood out, that I remember.  Cuz we're supposed to be fucken better than these 3rd world yokels in every aspect of shit imaginable right, mo'fo?  It was one of those mundane little things that you notice about restaurants or what not. I remember always checking my reciept just to try and catch that one time.  Never happened.

What does this rant accomplish?   Nothing.  But just thought I'd yell about the stupidity of it.

Monday, August 22, 2011

True Blood is SUPER campy and absurd, so it's def not for everyone. I think most people agree it doesn't start getting good till a few episodes in, so if you do get around to trying it, you might not like it off that bat.
Cool!  I'll definitely have to check out True Blood.  Any other recommendataions to shows, let me know.  I'm hooked on free series and phonics.   I read Game of Thrones was around 50-60 million in production costs which is pretty hefty considering movies are only 100-150 for a high budget one, but don't know how accurate that is.   Each episode would be about 5 mill....  that's only 3 times what Charlie sheen pulls in per episode of 2.5 men!
Yeah, the Game of Thrones show was pretty awesome. The story is condensed to all hell, but all the main points are hit and the casting and pacing were pretty fantastic. Biggest bummer for me is probably how little a role they had the wolves play in the tv show vs the books, but I understand real-life animals are a hassle and cg wolfs would probably look dumb. But even so, True Blood (one of my top 5 shows ever!) has plenty of real-life wolves when they do werewolf shit, so kinda wish GoT was able to also. (I think I heard it was really hard because wolves and horses don't mix on the set or something.)

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