Friday, June 06, 2014

| Hell hath no fury... a Kings fanbase scorned.

Apparently, a little establishment in Hermosa called Silvio's, which is also apparently owned and run by and ex-Chicagoan, posted a banner after the Kings eliminated the Blackhawks saying "Hey Kings... GO FUCKYOURSELVES" and displayed it prominently in their restaurant. found out about it and Silvio's Yelp page will never be the same...

That was a totally moronic move to put that up in a 'family-friendly' place right in the Kings fans and players backyard; they could have delivered the same sentiment without the profanity and kept it good-natured, but instead went profane and aggressive.  So from that perspective they had it coming and I hope they are ready for the fall-out no matter how bad it gets....  I don't know how much people rely on Yelp reviews before going to new places, I know Leslie certainly checks it out, but the letsgokings trolls have a loooooong memory...

Monday, June 02, 2014

I believe the translation was: 
Ace =Jorn
Skip = Elrock
Champ = Pumpkin
Sport = Myke
Sparky = Enron?

Top notch fun.

| 50's Nicknames from Kubla

I totally forgot that we all have new 50's inspired nicknames from Kubla!  I don't remember why they were coined, and for the life of me I can't remember (alcohol) who was was named what, but I think all of them were as follows:

Skip (or Skipper)
and Dottie (for when Caroline comes of age and hangs out with us watching Sportz)

| Go Kings!

That was quite a game.  Glad your beard magic made it possible Elrock.  Thanks too for adding a new email for me to the blogger - now I should be able to post more frequently - so get ready for grindingly boring reports of what I'm up to.  For instance, yesterday I spent most of the day pondering the best way to integrate artefact information into the project database - thrilling.  The Kings win was by far the highlight of the day - especially listening to the commentators change their tune about the Kings once they had actually won - ugh anti-Kings bias. 

| my good friend

Don't worry Skip, I'm with ya too. Hey, check out this hockey movie "Slapped Shot" -- pretty scrappy flick!

Sunday, June 01, 2014

| "Beard"

Yep, it's for the playoffs.  It's clearly working too because this year's Kings team is the FIRST and ONLY team to have won 3 game 7 series in the same playoff year, and with the win tonight are headed to the Stanley Cup Finals!  The beard is working!

No one cares except for Enron.
Great pics, Enron! Eric's beard is scary, sorry dude. Is that for your hockery athletics?