Saturday, August 24, 2013

| Paging Pumpkin!

Half of Malifaux stuff, including the upcoming rulebook, at Miniature Market!

Thanks for the congrats guys (and the Lego advice!?)! We're home now. Last night wasn't the most restful night, but things are going well. Big Sister seems to like having a little brother so hopefully that will go well.

| Legos are always the best - gifts. Gratz!

Felicitations!  It's always great getting new minis.  Ditto on the Star Wars...

Friday, August 23, 2013

Congratulations my man! Go team Solo-Gaming-Dads!

| Huzzah!!!!

The real moral of the story is that your wife should learn to listen to instructions and WAIT for daycare to open.


PS I'm free for playing the Star Wars RPG tonight.
ZOMG new baby!!! 2 weeks early to the day. I'll post pics and stuff on FB later. Everything went great, although I lost my eligibility for father of the year by not actually being in the room when he was born.

Long story short: we went to the hospital at midnight, we had nobody to watch Kid 1 so we brought her, she was super upset and freaked out by the creepy hospital, couldn't get back to sleep. It seemed like not much was going on contraction-wise, so we decided I should bring the kid back home and come back either when the shit hit the fan, or after I could drop her off at day care. Two hours later, the wife pulled another of her fastball specials. Had a couple heavy but somewhat irregular contractions, midwife took a look, said "hey he's coming out right now!", like ten minutes later I get a call that I've got a kid!

Anyway the moral of the story is daycare should be open 24 hours.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Whatup ja-el! I haven't been watching Breaking Bad, but I have been watching this video. Hilarious!
Breaking Board -  Medical marijuana to boon in Las vegas

Anyone?  jk.  that was my dark past.  I've put away my crazy biz axes.  Here's some articles though if some people are thinking about baking some cookies.  Edit: Blue Cookies (code)

BB series season 5 is pretty awesome so far.  Some dull moments where they tend to drag on Emo talk scenes, but getting closer to Season 1-2's action packed sequences.

| Board with Life: The Series

Watching this on the YouTubes and it's actually pretty good!  You should check it out, it's not nearly as lame as you expect.

| Keep 'em

Like jr0n said, combining the two starter sets will almost give you all the cards you need to have 3 of each card.  I have two sets and I think there are 5 or 6 cards that I have a photocopied proxies for to make 3 of each.  All releases past the starter set includes three of each card, FYI.

Not to mention your balls and starter set are such a small blip on Amazon's radar, it's not worth getting involved. In my case however, when I kept a mis-mailed Memoir '44 that was sent to me in French and DoW then sent an english version and THEN asked that I mailed back the French version, I of course didn't do it, because I'm a jerk and like to hurt little game companies as well as multinational corporations the same.

Segue ----------->

I Played Pathfinder Last Night!
It was 'okay'.  I only played the first scenario, which is fairly simplistic, however I don't really see how any of the other scenarios would be THAT much different, or interesting, or dynamic.  Mostly it's flip a card from one of three location piles, either try to fight it or try to claim it, move the 30 card countdown timer.  Rinse, repeat.

It wasn't THAT simple, and there was some hand management, and some fun equipment/ally discoveries, but it was pretty simplistic.  A fun part is after the game you need to reduce your deck down to the same amount of starting cards, in the same categories, but you can sort of customize the deck based on what you found in the last scenario.  I will now take this character deck into the next scenario of the adventure path.

I plan on playing the next game at lunch today, and I'll comment afterward.
I googled it and I guess it's a pretty common occurrence. This one guy got 3 wii's when he only ordered 1, this is when he could sell them for $600 bucks each. TOTALLY DUDE. It's funny too because they emailed me saying "we're so sorry your package hasn't shipped! We guarantee it will be there tomorrow!" It still came on the day they originally estimated, so I assume it was some hiccup that led to them thinking they had to rush another order out. I will teach my new baby right from wrong and what it means to totally score one against The Man.
I'd probably let em know but they probably won't give a shit. Or, maybe I wouldn't :). It would really depend on my mood!

There are some hero cards in the lotr core set that you only get one or two of, but you can have up to three, so the dupe cards could be useful, along with the extra threat trackers.
I don't think I'd ever heard he was Catholic, but that still seems a billion times less controversial or scandalous than if he was Born Again Christian, like Dave Mustaine or whoever.

My dilema: My Amazon order that included Lord of the Rings Card Game and a Birth Ball (fitness ball thingies) came in, TWICE! I checked my Amazon account and my bank account - I wasn't ever charged twice, but they somehow have sent me the same box two times. What would you guys do? Do I wait then try to "return" one of the boxes for a "refund"? Just be upfront and report it to them? For some reason keep both copies of Lord of the Rings Card game and a pink blow up BALL?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

| Catholic Slayer

Yes, Tom Araya actually has some good interviews where he discusses how both Slayer and Catholicism fit in his life. Seems an unlikely pairing, but he is able to reconcile the two. He comes off as a pretty intelligent guy.

Five does sound pretty high. Go Comic Sans!

Apparently the lead singer of Slayer is a devout Catholic. Did we know this??
Ok, cool. I can't believe blogger doesn't have smileys because I'd totally but the smile with the sunglasses RIGHT HERE!

I'm still pretty sure I was misreading one of Haka's powers as "Deal 5 melee damage to 2 non-hero cards." When I was putting away the game I took a closer look at the card and it said 3, whoops.
I think you've got all the rules right there.

There is no such thing as "simultaneous" in this game. Whenever multiple card effects have conflicting timing, whichever entered play first happens first. In other ambiguous situations, ie the lowest hp thing, the player(s) decide the order. You're supposed to abuse this rule for maximum effect!

You're right on the environment card timing too!
Rematch: So I redid my Haka & Ra vs the Baron fight tonight and won! I *think* I was misreading one of Haka's powers because the shitty Comic Sans font they use makes the 3s look like 5s, and might have been dealing too much damage for a few rounds. In which case, I probably would have lost. But it was fun and pretty close. Ra went down soon after the Baron's card got flipped, and I think Haka had like 4 hitpoints left. There were a bunch of rules questions I had throughout that I wasn't able to find the answers to online, so it's possible I did a lot of stuff wrong. Environment round: Draw a card - the card was a "at start of environment round, do X" type - in that case I'd do that the NEXT round, right? Since drawing a card happens AFTER the "start" actions take place? HUH? And then there were some damage cards that were like "the card with the lowest HP takes X damage" but I'd have multiple cards with the SAME HP, so I dunno, I just chose who took the damage.

It was kinda confusing at times! Not Fantasy Flight confusing, but still.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

| Slayer

Tonight I finished watching the entirety of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix. After having seen every episode now, I realize I barely must have watched it when it aired, because while I could vaguely remember some episodes and events, for the most part it was all new to me. Great show! I'm going to go out on a limb and say I didn't enjoy it quite as much as it's spin-off Angel, but they're so tonally different, it's kind of apples and orangutans. I've been re-watching Angel in conjunction using this suggested order, which is easy to do since everything's streaming nowadays. But yeah, for the most part, the crossovers are very light and unessential. They just make everything a little funner.

Played my first game of Sentinels of the Multiverse tonight as well. Didn't finish since I had to go to work, but it was super easy to learn and play. Doesn't seem easy to win at this point, because I really whiffed it a bunch when it came to different strategies. Once I know the cards better, I'm sure I'll do better. I ran HAKA and RA vs Blade Baron in the DINOLANDS. I used this variant that Elrick mentioned yesterday, and this being my first play of the game EVER, didn't seem too broken or cheesy. The "support deck" being just all the unused hero's main character cards flipped to the dead side worked really well! I can imagine running 3 full heroes getting complicated and unwieldy.

Monday, August 19, 2013

| Stripper Blow

Well the Vikings were always a very promiscuous lot, so the shoe fits. And yes he gets what he deserves... Hot sexy cake with a huge flaming candle. Emphasis on the flaming part, ahhhhh yeah!


Sunday, August 18, 2013

| Serves him right for blowing strippers, though

If he'd been born in earlier times he'd probably be in the stocks for promiscuous behavior (and consorting with witches).

| More class than you could possibly imagine

Only, once you go in for a closer inspection do you realize his cock is not on fire, but instead realize he has a flaming case of herpes. Too late though, you are already committed to "blowing it out".