Saturday, February 19, 2011

i'd still put it to passive, just to be safe. there are certain beasties that could trigger your panther (i'm guessing) and you don't need that headache. can't you have 3 pets or something? variety! get some other shit too. My faves were a black lion from the barrens and i think a boar - it had a rad charge. think i also had a diseased bear from later in the game.

loaded up Oblivion again to try this total conversion mod called Nehrim from germans . So far it's really good. Instead of the generic world that Oblivion kinda had, everything in this total conversion was planned out and it really shows. Also, rad german-engrish.

edit: just remembered i had an awesome pink flamingo too - that was from cow-people land (forget - taurens, ya) - back in the day pet stats weren't normalized like they eventually were, so it actually made a difference if you sought out hard to find pets. good ol bad days

| Petzorz

Yeah, and actually, I never really even considered the pet thing. I usually just keep it on defensive. This generally works out because it's stealthed and takes forever to creep up to wherever the bad guy(s) are. I can't imagine it will do enough damage to pull aggro over real players.. ?

I've yet to get yelled at, lol. So, I dunno. Maybe people are just "sigh, effin noobs" and not blasting me for it.
I hear ya.

Although, if I'm not using it while the monster is at 60+ percent of their health, then I lose a HUGE bonus to damage. I'm probably going to do more damage just pumping the arcane insta-shot button because I get normal ranged attacks in while it is also pew pew pew with the arcane madness. Never really took an exact count, but I'd guess that I can get off around 8-10 shots with arcane extra attacks versus one aimed shot (which halts normal ranged attacks). The aimed shot without bonus is going to do somewhere between 500-800 in damage, whereas I'm looking at 1000+ with the arcane shots + regular damage over that same 5-6 seconds of pew pew.
ALSO, if you're a hunter Art, put your pet on "passive" when in dungeons. Otherwise, pets will run in and steal aggro from the tank or go crazy and draw in other monsters. Keep him on passive next to you and if someone else starts getting attacked other than the tank (like the healer), send in your pet to draw it away. Also, make sure your pets "growl" or other threat generating abilities are off when in a dungeon. When you're solo, your pet is supposed to be your tank, so then you'd have it go in and hold the monsters for you, etc.

Alternatively, if you have a good tank, just send in your pet on the main monster a few seconds after the tank has aggro, but always keep "growl" or whatever that particular pet has for its taunt turned off in a dungeon.

Hunters have "feint death" eventually which is for when you accidentally steal aggro (or are getting ur butt kicked) - pop that and then monster will go back to whoever's the biggest threat (either the tank or your pet when soloing.)

As far as aimed shot, I'd save that till monster is almost dead or at least firmly in control of whoever is tanking.

| Poor Etiquette = Total Party Kill

When you are in dungeons, follow these rules:

1) Only attack what the Tank is attacking. It is their job to keep the monsters hitting them while the DPS kills the monsters. It is hard enough keeping the aggro of the mobs they are attacking let alone trying to take the aggro off of some n00b DPS that attacks random mobs. :)

2) Rule 1 is in effect so the healer can focus 90% of his attention on the tank, rather than 5 different party members. If the healer can't focus, it means that if you have a less experienced healer you will probably TPK, and if you have a more experienced healer s/he will get a little ticked off and eventually the DPS that is pulling aggro will simply be allowed to die in every battle with little to no healing for the sake of the saving the rest of the party.

3) If you notice healers pulling aggro, try and pull the mob off them and if need be, die trying.

4) If you notice that you are pulling mobs, try and get as close to the tank as you can so it will make their job easier to take the mob off you.

Back to writing papers. Blurg.
Ahh, I see. I guess that's why when I'm playing random dungeons and I whack an NPC with a huge crit, they charge me from across the room, lol.

I see most of the time folks doing 50-100 damage at a time, so when I load up and thump someone with a marked/aimed-shot for 1500-2000 damage, they get a little pissy.

Is that poor group etiquette for me to hit mobs/npc's with aimed shots? I don't want to be an a-hole, it just seemed the fastest way to kill them.
Here is an overly complicated and thorough definition of aggro:

Short version: it's a monsters interest in a character depending on how much damage has been done to him and other forms of threat in the area (like too much healing which also attracks monsters to the healer).
Help a noob question of the day:

What is this 'aggro' thing anyway?
I had a hilariously bad tanking experience with Mike today in Blackfathom Deeps:
- Legacy hunter attacking before I could generate aggro and doing MASSIVE 1.5k crits: "why cant u hold aggro"
- Mike got the old "larn 2 play" at least once
- Mike kept getting criticized for winning Need rolls (on stuff he needed)
- I told the group upfront that I'd never been to the dungeon before. They then failed to tell me how to confront/deal with the tricky situations and got pissed about it.

It was stupid, but still pretty fun, 'cuz I had someone along with me to suffer through the bs!
Wow, Art, that sounds like an amazing job oppurtunity. But, not really knowing why your sans-job right now, maybe you're looking for something more fulfilling? I'm pretty resigned to my current job status for the near future. It's basically shit-work, but it's interesting enough and steady. I couldn't for the life of me imagine being jobless right now and trying to find something else. (I also don't have the college you guys probably have.) So, if you're able to get offers like this pretty regularly, I guess follow your gut. Sounds like a good deal but if you think you'd be miserable, than hell no.

Congrats on getting a job also Dennis!


Picked up Battlefield Bad Company 2 for the PC back during the Steam xmas sales for like $6 bucks and just recently got into playing it. I actually had it for the 360 and pretty much played it to death, but the PC community is really thriving and there's apparently a bunch of new maps n shit that I would have never seen on the xbox version. That game is like crack to me. Fuck a Call of Duty, the destructible environments of Bad Company are ridiculous. I will collapse that builing you're hiding in youcocksuckingsniper. So much fun. Also, I get to re-level up since I'm starting from scratch on the PC. I know unlockables are the WoW-style carrotonastick for shooters, but it's so fun and satisfying.

Jumped into the beta for a game called Darkspore which is pretty interesting. It's Maxis, and they basically took their Spore game and made a sort of Spore/Diablo/Torchlight hybrid. You play a god-like character who createds "heroes" that you then run through Sci-Fi dungeons. It's got 4 player co-op and pvp (which wasn't in the beta yet.) Basically click-click-click combat with WoW/Diablo style powers n shit. The loot you pick up is basically genetic mods n shit for your alien heroes. I think it might be worth buying. Gonna play some more this weekend.

In my quest to not pay for WoW, tried out Champions which is now free to play. I played through the tutorial first couple hours and it's your basic MMO stuff with Superhero dressing. The actual character creator is pretty robust and you can make some really unique heroes. Combat and quests were your standard WoW auto-atack/powers deal and collect-a-thons. Graphics and community were alright. I might continue in the future, but overall it was a very middling experience. Same with LOTR-Online and DND Online which I've tried in a last few months (also freebies). That business model is really working for those companies and I find it really interesting. I can see how if you were moderately interested in the game how easy it would be to drop a few bucks here and their for cosmetic and gameplay changes. It's crazy that these free games make MILLIONS from their item shops, and a lot of times it's just for cosmetic differences.

Working nights is still fucking shit.

Friday, February 18, 2011


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In real-life news.. I'm being approached by Nationwide Insurance for an agency ownership opportunity. Ugh. Part of me wants to do it because I KNOW how to do it, will make good money doing it, and all that. But, I dunno, running an insurance agency is probably not going to be real emotionally rewarding.

They're willing to pick up the cost of the office space, pay for an employee and even give me a decent salary for the first 18 months plus commission AND a stipend of up to $30k. Also, my choice of wherever I want to open the office in Western Washington.

I mean, I'd be retarded not to take that offer, right?

OK, finally figured out the stupid boat thing. The boats (there are more than one, lol) come and go at all of the different docks outside of Darnassus. Two of them tell me I must have an expansion pack to ride, the third actually took me to the Eastern Lands. None of them are labeled or identified as to their destination, no signs, no NPC's to talk to... very bizarre.

So, I've got some new stuff to go do, yay. Also, managed to find a different random dungeon last night, lol.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Also, I can play next Tuesday night but it will probably not be until later for me (around 10pm-ish).

Should be available at a much earlier hour on Monday though? Even if we do the Tuesday night thing I can get with one or more peeps on Monday too.
Hmm.. like 4 times in a row spawned into the same random dungeon. Am I doing something wrong? LOL.

Also, have now followed the coast along to the eastern side of the island, still no inlets or ways to get into populated areas. Of course, I'll probably come around the horn and run into more people that kill me in one shot from a mile away. Ashkara (sp) is the next town that looks like it's coming up on the map. So, I guess we'll see.
Maybe I can't get to the Eastern lands because I don't have all the expansion packs?

I dunno.

Right now, I'm swimming around the northern tip of the island, looking for any way into the island. Also trying to pick up some random dungeons but seems to be the same dungeon twice in a row? It's all a bit confusing. Also, not sure how the loot system is supposed to work. Is it every man for himself? Am I missing out because I'm hanging back? Do I need to be Mr. A-hole looter McLooty?

Everyone disappeared after we killed the boss guy the first time.. thought we had to go back to the beginning to cash in?

I dunno mang, confusing for a noob. I'm just trying to hang back, mash "T" and attack as much as I can. lol
Art - Darnassus is confusing. To exit darnassus, there's a exit west of the bank in the middle.

After exiting Darnassus, there is a boat at Rutheran Village. If you want to go to stormwind, there should also be a boat that takes you to stormwind.

Or alternatively, the griffins outside should take you to Feralas on the mainland. That's the sequence of quests if you are questing from the Elven side.

Hope that helps
I think the explanation that people hiding behind pretenses of computers are less explicable for erradic behavior is incorrect. Rather, I think, computers counteracts the frontal lobe of reason regardless of age, sex, or intelligence.

Basically... when people type, they just don't think it through.

Last night 2 distinct runs WOTKL dungeon.

Situation 1 -
Idiot 1: (Joins group as Main Tank and starts to run a few fights then realizes...) "Oh wait, I didn't want to tank. I wanted to DPS!" (He proceeds to shapeshift into cat form and starts to DPS. Group wipes.)

Situation 2 -
Idiot 2: (After 1 quick successful run, we all go into another dungeon for a 2nd run). At the end of a good run 2, for no apparent reason after we finish off the final boss he says "OK so WHOEVER Pulled Aggro before I did, learn some etiquette! F OFF!" (proceeds to leave group immediately)

Ok? - after 2 successive runs, mind you. So maybe you'd think he'd JUST only realized this? of course we had no idea who he was referring to in his "heated" momentary outburst. OR maybe he should have just paused to think perhaps that someone just made an error, and had nothing to do with l2p, or whatever.

Edit: Oh one more, 3 runs last night

Situation 3:
Idiot 3: (run was going pretty smoothly, another good run) " Hey Allo, why aren't u using Beacon of Light? "
Me: I was, just wore off (I place another on the shaman in the group)
Idiot 3: (after a good 5 minutes) You know you should use Beacon of Light. Look it up if you don't know what it is.
Me: I am already using Beacon of Light.

(what I wanted to say was - I am using BOL on the shaman. you should look it up if you don't know what symbol it looks like) but I realized logic wasn't going to do anything here.

OK, so I seem to have run out of quests in the NW end of the island.. if I run south far enough, I run into impregnable Horde forts. So, is the southern half of the island only for PvP and/or Horde players? Where do I go to keep playing?

The only two legitimate quests open are requiring travel to Eastern Lands.. and it's been pretty frustrating trying to figure out how the hell I'm supposed to get there. Everything I read says "durrrrrrr, get on a boat!" ... but there is no direction on where the boat is or how to get on said boat from Darnassus..?


So, I'm wandering around doing nothing for the most part. Boring.

Might try going to the east side of the northern end of the island I guess. Maybe there's something to do over there?

| Gratz!

About work!

Sybaris could be the most poorly equipped and worst talented DPS druid and I don't think the Action Team Guild would mind! :)

That's part of the fun of guild runs, we get to figure it out together, for better or worse!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oops. A little late to the party. But I can try next Tuesday. Is Sybaris an ok DPS? I think I took the combat tree, so my spells might be lacking. Plus after over 5 years of playing, I really don't know what I'm doing.

On an different note. Thanks to Jorn's charms, he got me an in to paid employment. I'm now making a daily trek to Santa Monica. Luckily work hours are flexible, so I'm going in later. Of course that means I'm getting home later too. I didn't realize how bad the 405 has deteriorated. The trucks have carved ruts into the lanes. It's like driving in very high winds. I'm always fighting the steering wheel to keep it straight.
Excerp from WowWiki
In PvP, Bonechewer is a part of Battlegroup 1.

Bonechewer has the most number of Filipinos in WoW US (other realm with many Filipinos is Coilfang and a budding Filipino community in Trollbane).

Youre playing with the Philippinno's mo'ther Tru'cker! Yeah i'm on a Boat!

| Anytime

Anytime you wanna duel my 80 priest on Bonechewer, I'm your huckleberry, chump. :)
uh.... Tuesday was yesterday doods.

I'm busy making big bucks on my server. 5gp for 23rd level toons? Thats for chumps. So yea, i'll spare a little of my valuable time on tuesday just for consideration of my wow brethrens on... oh um... non-pvp (bunny server) Dalaran? We 3lit3sts prefer to roll on High population PVP's servers for men. (chime from Mustafa commercial)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesdays seem like a pretty good night, generally.




| Toosday

Tuesday night, bitches.

That's right, Tuesday is the all Action Team Fun Run of Dungeons. Even Johnny is required to attend.

I vote we make Tuesday night random dungeon night and since we can all basically play a character of a similar level, we DO THIS THING AT LEAST ONCE!

Jr0n - Tank with Flanders
Elzar - Heal with Mindgrapes or Clerica
Myke - DPS with Dismike
Oriental Rugs - DPS with Myrthiinaim
Jael - DPS with Brewkakke
Pumpkin - DPS with Sybaris

Done. You in?

So I've been looking for a new "permanent" server to play Minecraft on and found an RPG / fantasy based server with quests, jobs, factions, even a working economy. Sound interesting to anyone?

Snaju RPG
Warcraft Spam:

Made level 29, finally got motivated and flew back to the capital to get trained up on beastmastery and all that jazz. Took for freaking ever because I couldn't find the trainer. Finally had to break down and exit, google the map, and go that route.

So, I got me a rideable kitteh. Thing is, I think he's only barely faster than I am on foot with the Cheetah Aspect enabled, but I guess it's more convenient than switching back and forth between the hawk and cheetah.

Another long flight back to where I was working some quests, and yeah, plugging away. The subscrib-o-meter is in the yellow. Gotta get some gaming in with friends to peg this thing in the green, peeps!
Minecraft spam:

Found a dungeon with massive spider spawn... I HATE SPIDERS. So, hacked some sand in the dungeon / cave and managed to trigger a sand avalanche that buried 95% of the dungeon, lol.


Went back topside and saw the carnage, it was epic. Water from a nearby lake / ocean was pouring into one of the holes it opened up and flooded the rest of the dungeon.

/cool story bro
View of the house from inside the courtyard:

Minecraft update:

Completed security perimeter wall, torched out the entire courtyard, replaced stone / cobble in the courtyard with dirt/grass. So, figured it was time to bulldoze the original survival shack and make a home. Got the first building put together along with a second floor and a big spiral staircase encased in glass to use as a lookout tower.

Added a fireplace to the first floor:

Monday, February 14, 2011

That link was very entertaining!

I understood approximately 59.3% of the rest of your post.

Happy Valentine's Day, Action Team!
That link was very entertaining!

I understood approximately 59.3% of the rest of your post.

Happy Valentine's Day, Action Team!
Man I'm wore out. I dropped the wife off at work this morning, then went to pick up my carpooler, when the car decided to start driving itself. As in the car behaved as if you had the gas pedal down regardless of whether that was true or not. Sooo, my carpooler got to go catch BART while I hung around waiting for a tow truck to go back to the dealership, for something like the fourth time this year. Seems that when they tried fixing the idle air control valve they accidentally installed a Christine module.

So, I'm at home burning a personal day. Maybe I'll jump on and play a little WoW. :)
yeah, notice killing yourself would be more exciting than eve mining. Spare yourself the agony.
Love how you brought in Eve mining :)

I went to Catalina for the weekend. Had a blast. If you're into hiking, there are some awesome places to visit outside of Avalon. Actually ate relatively cheap too since there's a Vons in the city and you can get their deli sandwiches - delish AND cheap :) Fun weekend, I wanna go back.

Awesome site - make your own capella group.

Last night I sold a stack F-el I-ron ores for 150gp and another c-obalt ore for 150gp. if it keeps up like that i'll have my 5000 gp mount in no time. Mining is lucrative (make it even better with a mining mod). wow mining >>> Enchanting >>> Shoot self >>> Eve meteorite mining.

Enchanting is too but it's time consuming looking over AH for all the cheap loot to disenchant and it's pretty tough to get a stack of shards / essences and not to mention the money spent on leveling enchanting which basically washes if you ask me.