Saturday, July 28, 2012

| Dungeo Command

Anyone pick up/ try out Dungeon Command yet? New D&d skirmish minis game. No dice, all card play. Supposedly semi random packs. Hear it's pretty good, similar to Summoner Wars but maybe a little more complicated (not that it makes it better or worse). Gen Conners try it out for us!

Edit: Reading up on it, it's $40 bucks per set - which is only good for 1 person. So at least 80 bucks to play 2 players. That seems kind of expensive and a turn off.
Man, I'm old. I pulled my shoulder looking around. Last week I pulled the other one when I was startled by a toaster.

Time to start exercising a bit more/trying to hold back the inevitable decline of my mortal shell, I suppose.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I totally remember Race Wars basketball, haha. I think that was outside Paul's house. Not sure whether the whitefolk or racials won though.

I'm exhausted man. Spent most of the day dealing with legal. In the morning I walked through the app design with a paralegal. Her boss was supposed to come but didn't. Then I spent the whole rest of the morning emailing back and forth with her boss who could've just gone to the meeting and asked all these questions in the first place. She was freaking out about issues that were settled long, long ago, by other people, much higher paid than me.

At least it went better than last year's meeting with legal. That time, I was going to meet with a different lawyer on the Spanish version of the app. Before the meeting I sent her a numbered series of screenshots in a .zip file. I mentioned in the email that since the application had not been translated yet, the screenshots were from the French version and were just to set context. I went to the conference room and waited ten minutes; she didn't show up. I went over to her desk and she started berating me for sending the pictures in a zip file. Berating is not too strong a word either, she was bizarrely pissed about this file.  She said she had no idea what to do with a zip file and she didn't think her $100-an-hour independent counsel could figure it out either.

She also pointed out that they were in French instead of Spanish, which I had already fucking told her. The best part was that she insisted there was no way to tell what order to look at the screenshots in. I pointed out that they were ordered in a system called "numbers" and that in any case, I was planning to walk her through them in the intended order anyway.

It's hard to get across, but she was seriously nasty about all this stuff and the whole encounter was really heated. I ended up just walking away. My bosses were totally unsurprised because she pulled this kind of shit all the time. I think I ended up just putting the shit in a powerpoint and sent it off and never heard anything from her or talked to her again (and I don't work in a big company, I would see her all the time in the kitchen or whatever and she'd just turn away).

Unfortunately that charmer's last day was yesterday so I didn't get to deal with her again. I think she went to a much higher-paying job at another company, but I like to think that's a cover story and really she had to go to Bitch Jail.
the servers are down...
After our first set of games I never got challenged from you! I will challenge u now.
i thought it was Drug wars???   is that the game that i made in high school?  It was probably Jon you me and pablo

p.s I made an unbeatable ork deck.   I'll start issuing challenges to KKJ, you and eric who hasn't responded my prior challenge most likely in fear.
I play on the phone all the time! But it's easier on the eyes to use the iPad.

And I brought up Race Wars because wasn't that you and me versus Paul and some other gringo?

| Steve Jackson King Beatdown

LoL - I wasn't being racist!   Although Ku Klux Jon here seems to be saying that hamburgers and phone dunking is only for white folks.  I always thought Puerto ricans were more of the hispanic decent?  Correct me if I'm wrong there.  I'm too lazy to research it.  But hispanic as in Incan descent.  I used to have a friend that got mad when people called him hispanic, when he is of Spanish descent, European.  I guess Spanish people don't like being called hispanic.   It's all Cortes fault.

By the way, Rude, you should play SW on your phone.   It's not that bad.   

| Race Wars Basketball: The Sequel

The one time i dropped the phone into a toilet, I was walking and texting while going to wash my hands or something and PLOP, slipping from my hands into the big stink. I still poop and play but my gut and junk act as a natural barrier to any phOnes making it into the bowl.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

so what youre saying is it's inevitable to not drop your phone in the toilet at some point and time?
White people spend a lot of time on the toilet because we eat so many hamburgers.
Join the tourney!  Bring some beer with you!  That korean video was crazy nuts.  It's one of those inventions that you think is a joke invention.  The thing about it was that none of those people were in any sort of semi-decent fitness shape.  And you can clearly see some people with slight beer bellies hanging.  And, yeah, your last round of rolling was horrendous.  I still don't know if I'll be able to pull out a win though.

Second, how do you guys manage to drop phones in toilets, unless it is being used during toilet time.  ew.  Maybe buy a sedoku book for nice downtime entertainment?

The SW tourney sounds fun, and actually has a couple tickets available, but unfortunately it is 5 hours long! I think it would cut into the drinking tourney.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Enter the Summoner Wars tourney! I think this year it's a starter deck tourney, so no reinforcements or mercs. Or at least visit the Plaid Hat booth and say whatup to the designer Colby! Wish I had been able to go, you guys are gonna have a blast.

Dropping phones in the toilet is the worst. I did that years ago with my old Sidekick. I'm still freaked out by that till this day. Screen repair is gonna run me about $200 bucks at a repair shop - if I go to the apple store I think they only replace the whole thing and it will be closer to half the cost of the ipad :/
D'ohh! Sorry to hear that. I'm so paranoid about these things. It was bad enough when I dropped my phone in the toilet.

On the positive side, I got my GenCon badge. Whoohoo! No waiting in Will Call for 2.5 hours a la last year. Less time standing, more time eatin' chili dogs.

Also bought tickets for a bunch of events this time around. This will be the first convention in quite a while that I've done that, but going to GenCon last year then not doing any events felt kinda silly. These fuckers better run a good game or I might "get a call from Rudy" that's all I can say.
My iPad took a face plant today :/ so less iGaming for me for a couple days till I get it repaired. I had this "classy" slim case but after this I'm going to get a big plastic monstrosity to cover this thing.
Ja-El, feeling like your eight-inch inseam needs a little workout? You might want to try the Ace Power Horse.

| Semi-Permanent Loan

FYI, the accumulated works of The Action Team, c. 1987-1996 aka "The GW Years" is on semi-permanent, permanent loan to the Matt Foundation.  No monies have exchanged hands, only the promise of  continued love being given to items from the AT's past that deserve love, and the outside chance of a piecemeal return of items if/when Wy becomes interested in the stupid shit his dad did with his life starting in elementary school.

PS EVERY turn I play with the Vanguard is chock full of terrible rolls.  Uncannily terrible rolls, in fact.


My latest round of turns, HORRIBLE dice rolls. They were so bad I started getting more and more flustered as I was playing.

Theory: while looking at Matt's astonishing collection of 40k stuff that he bought from Eric, some of Aaron's bad luck transferred from the minis to me.
Holy shit, that tuna looks amazing! -jael: the summoners powers are fiddly, and with no undo, you can make mistakes like that :( they need to add a confirmation for certain things like giving a power to a unit. Just remember when you want to use a summoners optional power to drag from the right side of the card (the characters picture) and if u just want to attack normal drag from the left side (the attack value). Hope they bust out a patch soon to fix some of those probs. good games, fun time!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

That looks quite appetizing.  Never made fresh tuna rolls at home.  The freshest fish they have at the supermarket, you have to go to the asian markets like 99 ranch, and not at the one down on Artesia near our neighborhoods.  And even then the fish has already gone through several layers of distribution.  I've never bought fish from Ralphs, Vons, or Albertsons, except for the prepak frozen tilapias.  

Just went down to vegas on the spurt of the moment last night for a meeting with some of my dads clients.  Here is the villa they are staying at, all comped by the Bellagio.  The villa is a part of the hotel, but is entirely secluded from the main hotel with a private entrance.    In a way, it was neat to see all the luxuries available to the upper level guests of the famed resort.  But then who needs this much luxury?  There was a private Theatre, Swimming pool, billiard, spa, salon, and restaurant.  Probably much more that i didn't get to see.

Rude:  5 stars for the Summoner wars app!   Glad you recommened it.  It is one of the better games I have bought on the iphone.  Had my doubts about it in the beginning (complexity, size of screen) etc.   Hey Rude, did you catch the gliche in our Abu vs Abu fight?   When I tried to attack with my summoner, it used it's abilities instead but on your guy!   The ability reads "increases the attack dice of 1 of your jungle.."  but it confused your jungle dude for mine.     Also what's up with not having a redo button?   Once I made a accidental double click and it wouldn't allow me to redo the action.   Its good in a way, (no experimenting moves like Hero Academy) but then it sucks if you make a mistake.

That's all going on with me.


Yeah, thanks Eric! LOL. That's been stuck on constant repeat in my head since you posted that a week or two ago.

In other news, a buddy of mine went out fishing and caught some Albacore tuna, brought it over yesterday and we broke down two 20+ lb fish in my kitchen. It was butchery-goodness. Each fish had 4 loins, a belly cut and cheeks. The pile of what we fileted off those fish was HUGE!

We kept just one loin out for dinner and ziplocked/froze the other 7 loins, belly and cheeks (had about 13-14 people over). Made spicy tuna rolls, cut some steaks and seared tuna. It was amazing. So good.

Finally got Bomberjon (Jael) in on some Summoner Wars action today (via iOS) - smoked him pretty good in the first game with his Jungle Elves vs my Phoenix Elves. Elves on Elves action! It was fun and super quick. The Phoenix Elf event that gives "precise" to any unit it friggen hardcore and I think I had a lucky draw with two of those in my hand and the summoner and a champion on his dude. We started a bunch of games after that but I was doing "thank you" cards for the wedding so didn't really get them going yet. Jael will come back, I guarantee.

Edit: Right after I post this, Jael gets on a serves me a couple of brutal turns in our games. This dude is relentless! :)

I'm interested in trying out the Cloaks some more soon. I hear you really have to tweak the deck for them to be effective. I guess they also play very differently than some of the more straight ahead teams. The Vanguards are also ranked pretty low, so it'll be fun trying to figure them out.