Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I already had two of the games in the bundle (Antichamber and Monaco), so they're up for grabs!


Just post when you yoink 'em.
Grabbed that sweet sweet bundle!

And I already told you this on the phone, but yes I'll play online RPG anytime.
There's a friggin incredible humble bundle up right now. Buy that shit ASAP! In addition to a ton of games I don't have but want to play it's got Monaco, which is a really weird-looking heist game that should be fun co-op.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

PS they lowered the price of the game to I think $25 from $35 - ya, not cheap but it's actually pretty awesome. Two pack for $40!

I spawned in GRAVETOWN, fuck ya.

j- its like day z fps crossed with some minecraft in that you can basically build or dig anywhere. theres a janky factor but each new update seems pretty promising. This is the part of the map I spawned in - you can see mountains in the distance look blocky like minecraft which is supposed to be smoothed out in the patch later this month.

| DayZ, BlayZ

If it makes the deal any sweeter for anyone, I just picked up a 4 slot persistent server...  Only 4 people can log in at once, but the AT never has more than 4 people into the same thing at any given time, so I think we're safe.


Server deets -

port: 35200
servername: actionteam
password: (what batman punches the joker into)

If you happen to spawn underground (it is an Alpha and a new server hosting company)  just dig UP with your bare hands.  It will make a man out of you.
Sounds cool! What kind of game is it? You basically try to hold out against zombies and build a base? Is it like DayZ?
Elrick and I have had more bumbling adventures in the world of 7 Days to Die.  We had a few more attics stocked up as mini-bases, but we honestly get so hosed by the hordes, we decided to move out of the city and look for a more barren spot call home. I don't get to play as often as E, so he's way ahead of the curve on crafting shit. I like the way their system works.

Basically, if you have the mats for an item in your inventory, it shows up on a list of stuff you can craft. Then, when you click on that items name, it shows you the slot layout but not what items go in the slots. For the most part it's pretty intuitive, but it still has a little bit of mystery to it. Then, once you've built something once, all you have to do is click on it in your list and it will fill in the slots for you as long as you have the stuff. So, speeds things up after you figure it out.

Steam allows voice chat through their chat system which is cool, but it might be the reason I'm having memory issues and crashing a lot when we play. But voice chat makes shit SO much easier. I'll look into ways to optimize my memory bullshit. Maybe the game as a memory leak, who knows.

Playing my first solo game of Robinson Crusoe right now. Going as shitty as expected. Getting some rules wrong of course, and even with multiple user made FAQs and other player aids, it has some shitty rules. But it's a fun game and I'm excited to try and actually win. Plus, if I can get some solo games under my hat, I think I'll have a better chance at getting the wifey to try it.

Monday, February 17, 2014

nah, I was just playin.  I've got no clue on the CoC and Rpgs.  I clicked here for the boobs.
Do you really know about that? I figured it wouldn't be on your radar since it's sort of some Call of Cthulhu, RPG bullshit. Anywhere here's the article I saw about it. Kinda interesting stuff.

It is now time for jr0n's semi-annual exercise in futility at trying to arrange an RPG night. Last time we ran into issues with Rude and Aeryk's schedules clashing in fundamentally incompatible ways, but R__ is a little more flexible now that he's on daddy day care. If people are interested next week I could do most any night, preference being Monday or Tuesday but anything would work. I could run DCC or we could try something else (Star Wars? Harnmaster? ReichStar?) if people prefer.

Thank you for not responding, and I'll try this again in Q3!
totally offended... how...  you thought I was just in it for the boobs, I knew about the king of yellow reference, Of course!  Who doesn't know about the king of yellow references?
Besides ja-el (who's in it for the boobs), is anyone watching True Detective? I understand it's not actually a supernatural series, but apparently it has a lot of King in Yellow references in it. I'm intrigued.

Sunday, February 16, 2014


No more Hearthstone wipes. It's actually right in the Open Beta announcement.

What a fun game!


Elrick and I had some fun time tonight playing 7 Days to Die. It's a fps zombie crafting game. It's still in "alpha", so there's a generous amount of jank you have to deal with, but it did a pretty good job of evoking the Walking Dead.

After an aborted half day where we made if to a house in this burned out area, we restarted and played through two nights. We started in a forest and headed for a big residential area. Looted some houses then hid in an attic while what sounded like a billion zombies tore up the house beneath us. In the morning it was a struggle to get out because the place was just slammed with dudes, so we had to jump from the 2nd floor. Day two was more rushed looting then another night of attic hiding. My computer blue screened which was probably for the best since I have to raise a baby.

Fun !