Saturday, May 14, 2011

Aeryk -- whaddya think of the LotR card game? I've played a couple rounds and like it pretty well. I'm on the fence about keeping it though. If you're bringing your set maybe I'll bring mine as well so we can get in a 4-player game.

OK Enron, I will plan to leave the metal at home this year unless I enter the tourmanent. David is bringing Dystopian Wars, right? I'd like to give that a shot.
eLzar says to bring Warmachine? F that guy. I am not bringing it! Ha! Take that Gozarian boy. In all seriousness, I don't feel like hauling it either. I vote we leave that at home this year.

I am totally down for some Kombat Kommander. I only get to play when the 'Zar is at the convention. I'd also like to try Horus aging, but I know that is a major time sink, so let your conscience be your guide.

r00d, the fridges in the rooms are tepid at best. They never seem to get cool enough either from us opening them all the time or being way under-powered. I am hoping someone has a cooler from home (read: not Styrofoam) that we can use with ice like last year. That being said, who has one and is willing to bring it? jr0n? eLzar? I only have a lunch sized one...

If someone has a table this year, I think I have a handful of oddball games to unload. If not, I'll try and dump them on the other game group's table(s).

Do you have Ravenloft Eric? If so, I'll leave mine at home. Also, I'm totally down to buy the new D&D game if no one else already has it and bring it up. We can combine for massive absolute costumism.

In BEER news, just popped open one of the rare Rude-Brews (the ONLY Rude-brew) and it's actually pretty awesome! Didn't have a rad tv commercial HISSSSS but it's totally got a nice carbanation going. I hope all the bottles are carbed :( I'll get some up there for sure. Shit, I forget, will there be a fridge there for our brewski and deli meats? I think there always is, but like the pool, I'm totally forgetting.

| Konvenshun Tyme, GAAAHHH!

Table: Don't think I can find the time to scour the garage and pull enough games to make a decent table -- I have my two term papers due the Thursday of mini-con so in my free time will be working on those rather than preparing some old sheet to sell, although if I kick some arse, I MIGHT get er done in time. Man, do I wanna keep gettin' rid of gamin stuff for fun and profit. This might be my last foray into the flea market, outside of having a $1 table, I don't think there is anything left to really sell!

Games: I will prolly bring my usual suspects, with a few new ones to gather dust in the room too:
- Combat Commander
- Claustrophobia
- Castle Ravenloft
- Okko
- Lord of the Rings: The Card Game
- Fighting Formations (new platoon level game by the Combat Commander designer!)
- Magic Realm?
- Tichu
- Wiznard
- Warhammer Invasion, maybe
- Horus Heresy?
- Any others?

I plan on taking Wednesday - Friday off that week so I can get my papers finished and submitted HOPEFULLY Wednesday night/Thursday morning, then I will be arriving late Thursday night because the Mrs. has a dinner event over the hill that night. Believe me, I have tried to convince Wylie he will be fine at the house by himself that night until Leslie comes back, but he's just not comfortable with that. His mom is giving me a lot of flak over the idea, too. Sheesh, grow-up, kid. And get a job while your at it.


PS I think Warmachine is a great idea to bring to the con!


Man, it's right around the corner!

I'm dropping my stuff off Thursday night (note to Ja-el: not this Thursday :) )but won't be there until Friday afternoon, I gotta work a half-day.

Games I'm bringing for sure:
Dungeon Lords
Space Alert
Mansions of Madness
Chaos in the Old World
Cargo Noir

I second the vote for Galaxy Trucker! Only played that game once but had a blast.

Enron, I'm also undecided on Whoremachine. It is hard to get in a game during the main con, but I might play in one of the tournaments. I may end up staying into the mid-afternoon on Monday since I need to swing by SFO that day anyway, so if you guys want to get in a Monday game it might be worth hauling the metal.

Aeryk -- doing a table this year?

| Chunvhenshun Thyme

Not sure what I am bringing. I think I want to bring Death Angel, Honor of the Samurai, Iron Dragon & Starship of Catan. Not sure if I am bringing Warmachine. Maybe Sushi Roll. Maybe people are interested.

So, what all games is people bringing to the con this year? Is there a fucking pool there? I think I always forget if there is, but if there is, I wanna swim goshdarnit. I'm trying to travel light and since I think I mostly have dupes of what people up there have, here's my short list of what I wanted to bring:

Ravenloft (Did anyone pick up Wrath of whatevers yet?)
Time's Up: Title Recall (I got this expansion on the cheap and am dying to try it)

Jon said he'd bring his copy of Dixit because I totally wanna play that again. I assume someone's bringing Dungeonquest. I've only ever played it 2 player, so bring it! I have that expansion that came out for Smallworld I can bring I suppose. Dennis bring Space Truckers (or someone who has it up north) - that game was fun but we barely got to play it.


I'm gonna troll the internet over the next week and see if there's any more killer games I can pickup before the con.

That's a fancy barcode by the way, takes you to a mystery site if you zap it with your phone.

Here's a game I'm interested in. Anyone play it/own it/what's the good word!?

Friday, May 13, 2011

Ack, looks like we lost a post or two in Blogger's little system hiccup yesterday :(

Anyway, r00d, I spoke with moto-byke, he is in for Kubla.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

jA-eL, try SFO. DaveDefeat had more luck there than OAK price wise. Plus it is a lot closer.

Or just pack it by ingestion in small plastic dime bags. Then regurgitate it out in a bottle and chill it afterwards. Works for cocaine.

I don't know why i procrastinated buying this plane ticket. Actually probably an oversight on my part. For some reason i just kept pushing it out of my mind even though I knew kubla was in end of may. Now it's $300 bucks for a roundtrip southwest to oakland whereas coulda got it for $150 if i booked in advance. Gotta bite the bullet. I can't stand Jetblue. Great airplanes, but Long Beach? Ugh... and their times are really limited, although better than virgin, but by a hairline.
r00d, you could send the beer up either to one of us (I promise we won't drink... much) or directly to the hotel. Just pack it well.

With regards to Myke Hunt. He has been MIA up here too, plus he rarely ever visits the [AT] site. It is probably safe to assume he will be attending though. I'll give him a tickler email today and just make sure he is alive.

PS Is Mike coming to the con? That dudes been so MIA lately. Hope he's not secretly prepping for 2012 or some shit.
Tickets are still cheap to fly to SF so I'm PROBABLY gonna fly for the con. Round trip via Jet Blue is about $160 and that's with less crazy times than Virgin was offering. Virgin, I would have had to leave at 6am! Also, Jet Blue gives you one bag for free, so I can pack my games. Only thing, I wanted to bring my beer up to sample with you guys. :( SO, fuck, I dunno, to drive or fly. Driving is nice because the freedom to leave whenever you want is great, but 1 hour flight is pretty killer too.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

ja-El: That sounds like a very uncomfortable situation. I can not say I have been in situation quite like that, but I have had a couple of very unpleasant public situations with strangers, and it just rattles your nerves. You just never know how the person will react and if it will escalate to violence. Gotta be careful. Oh and stay thirsty my friend.

r00d: I could not for the life of me find Peter's pad the other day. I was wondering around at the Coords he gave me, but I think I had bad coords. Or I am an idiot. I give it a 50/50. I have to go check out your new joint. Last I saw you were still in the development phase.

My strip mine is part of a master plan for my grounds. Slowly grinding through it. Did you seem my ziggurat between my facility and Castle Slaytanic? I was using the area as a dumping ground for excess dirt. Eventually it morphed into a ziggurat project with an alter of bloodstone. Some kind soul even lit the bloodstone on fire for me. Or maybe it was struck by lightning. Looks cool though. Probably eLzar the Pyro, son of Gozarian.

Also, I am probably way late to this party, but hey... Annoying Orange is brilliant. There is a whole series of these:

Yeah man, I wouldn't really know how to act in that situation other than do what you did. I think I have such a fear of being turned into the bad guy and getting busted for someone else's bs, I would probably freeze up! But good for you man, get your shit and don't let some punk try to rip you off.

In safer virtual world news, I was checking out Peter's minecraft base, and it's pretty sweet. It's just a little ways behind Aaron's base. He's got a mini rollercoaster that starts at the top of his big tower, then JUMPS to a track way at the bottom. It's pretty obscene but seems to work :) Also, Aaron seems to have a pretty sweet looking strip mine going in his base that I just noticed. Open-air stylee, I like that. I tore down my lighthouse and built a new "cup runeth over" base. I realized/discovered that netherrack will burn forever if you light it with flint/steel, so I went kinda nuts decorating some of my areas with bonfires. Just make sure there's nothing flammable in a 6 square or so radius, because shit WILL catch on fire.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Thanks man. Don't want to end up as a crime statistic! You never know what random encounters your gonna face when you leave the house. Now I gotta go bench press again, buy me a 9mm and call myself Harvey. Maybe i'll just have to bring a baseball bat everytime i go play basketball, as required equipment for the game. No wonder all these karate centers are sprouting up in the Hermosa/manhattan area. Sign of the times. I'm still pretty shaken up about the whole thing.
That's horrible man! Glad you're ok dude. I don't play streetball because I'm too much of a pussy, but I wouldn't have let that dude touch my ball more than once. "I'm good dude" and I would have kept my ball and just bounced. I doubt it was an accident either, he was probably trying to rob you. I work for the cops and every night I see all sorts of horrible crime reports come across my desk and a lot of times they're over even less than a basketball. Be safe dude.
no one here can relate to this since no one plays street basketball.

Anyways, I was shooting around on one of the empty courts that didn't have games running when after about 25 minutes, a kid walks over and doesn't say anything, and starts shooting around with me. Generally, people tend to ask if they can shoot around with you, but anyway I don't say anything. After about 5 minutes, he goes "i gotta go" and starts to walk away WITH MY BALL. I go " hey, you got my ball dude". he goes "it's my ball, i brought it from home". This is a "situation" immediatly registers in my head. After a few minutes of back and forth "it's my ball", I absolutely went bezerk. basically I said, you come on my fucking court, play with my fucking ball, and now claim it's your ball. his response? It's my ball, cuz he brought it from home. That's when I preceded to yell, youre one crazy ass mother fucker and tackled him trying to get my ball back. I thought about beating the shit out of him, but i just wanted my ball.

Now, poor kid, he must have left his ball and couldn't find it. BUT NORMALLY, a sane person, would ask first if that was his ball or if anyone has seen his ball. 99.9% people will answer honestly, as usually folks at courts are pretty honest. No one likes ball thieves as no one like getting their ball stolen.

He had it coming, but then, what if he didn't relent the ball. What if there was an altercation. What if he had friends. What if I got stabbed? I have the right to defend my rights and my property, but to what extent? What if I injured him? Could I prove that it was indeed my ball in court? Doesn't seem worth it for 14.99 ball. Would the police respond over something so ridiculously mundane. Does protecting my property means I could do whatever I want to the guy? Am I then the victim or the aggressor.