Saturday, April 02, 2011

| Epic Cactus Quest

Aaron and I went on an epic 3 hour quest to find the elusive Cactus plant.

Along the way we found and cataloged some huge dungeons for later group fun. There was one incredibly neato mountain we came across with waterfalls and all that.. it was amazing. I took a screen shot of it, but I don't think it does it justice.

Lots of really interesting canyons, waterfalls.. fights with creepers, zombos, skeletons. The worst was the creeper who hid out on top of the tree canopy so we couldn't see him, and we were running around in this forest trying to escape and he jumped down right in the middle of us... AAAAAAAAAHHH! lol good times.

After wandering around 3500 blocks away from spawn, we got separated in the night. Aaron wound up locating a biome with cactus in it (FINALLY).. only to be shaken out of his hiding perch by a horde of angry skeletons, creepers and zombies. He fell to his untimely death.

But, I was able to locate his defensive tower and GOT THE CACTUS PLANT.

Along the way, we saw some new and interesting things, befriended a wolf which then promptly decided to go drown itself (I blame Aaron's B.O. for that).

Strangest find of the night had to be a pink sheep. I've never seen that before, lol.

So, stage two of the Epic Cactus Quest is to return home victorious with the seeds of the Cactus plant, to begin a farming operation at Castle Slaytanic so that we shall never want for Cactus again.

By complete and total chance, I made my night hideout tower right on top of a dungeon area. I was surrounded by no less than 10-15 monsters on the ground, which made for a fun sunrise when they caught fire!

Really cool mountain:

That's a solid tutorial.

Lol, we both used "imutable". Funny.

Yay! You can be our redstone logic gate monkey. I'm a reasonably smart guy but that shit hurts my brain.

Did you see the video where the guy made an 8 bit computer out of Minecraft redstone? Lol
Thanks for helping out a poor noob guys. Yeah that wiki is what I've been leaning on -- having that on the iphone while playing definitely helps!

Definitely want to get into making circuits/plates and start building cool shit. Rude I think you could totally build this or this.
Sometimes coal is exposed, sometimes you have to dig a little. If you hunt around you SHOULD find some, eventually. Once you get into a groove with mining, it's never too hard to find what you need in your exploring.

It reminds me a lot of rouge-likes in that there are so many little details that aren't explained outside of other players, experimentation, or just dumb luck.

Here's a single player map generator I'm going to try soon that I'm hearing fun stuff about: Primordial Desert - It creates this desert world with very few trees and resources. It makes traps and more intricate dungeons that you'll find in the normal game. Looks pretty neato.

Edit: That site Enron linked is great! Wish I had seen it. Their basic tutorial is much better than that other one I dug up: duplo-time!

But yeah, come into multiplayer soon. It's basically like we're all playing single player games and doing our own tang with the ocassional "come check this out" :)

| jr0n gets sucked in

Yeah, it is a little rough at first, but the little tips from the guys helped and the minecraft wiki is very helpful. Especially the section on block types and craft options.

It's great fun. Plus the Higher-Res texture maps help make it a little less chunky when you play full screen.

Aww, mean joke guys, I'd love to play GURPS Gilligan's. "Iagon reaches for Ginger's sweating bosom." Anyway, I logged in for a few minutes to check out Castle Slaytanica. Very nice! Took a dive off the pool, ran down into some caves and got creeped out. I'm going to fool around with singleplayer and get my feet wet.

I actually managed to survive the first night in SP without any torches (built a high structure, dodged skeleton fire for a few minutes, then ran around avoiding spiders). This time I'll actually make some torches.

I watched the videos on the website, and they point you towards finding coal... which I absolutely can't find. Is it now inside mountains or something? Then I poked around and saw you can make a furnace which makes charcoal. I love the breadth of stuff you can craft, but you definitely need a reference, there's really no way to figure this stuff out on your own. But hey, it's Beta so that makes sense.
Lol'd at GURPS: Gilligan

Also, that beginner's guide is not terrible, but it's a bit off.

For instance, an axe will greatly speed up harvesting of wood from a tree, but you can use anything from your bare hands up to a diamond pickaxe and they will all generate wood blocks you can pick up.

Regarding creepers, I lol'd when the guy said they only destroy within a 3 block radius. It's easily double that, and I've seen them go off when they are 2-3 blocks away from you.

If I was to give some advice to the beginning Minecraft player, it would look like this:

1. Make sure you have a place of shelter for night time. In our Action Team world, there are a number of places to take refuge. The huge castle is probably safest at the moment, and there are Eric's submerged house and Rood's lighthouse and the various mines close to spawn / castle. I only suggest the Castle because it is relatively creeper and spider proofed.

1a. You can access the castle by climbing a ladder at the end of the dock/pier on the south side, or by placing a block at the end of the drawbridge (west side) and jumping up (please turn around and destroy said block so monsters can't do the same thing). There is also an access point on the north side of the wall by the hill / trees but it's a little harder to get at. There is currently no entrance from the East.

2. Get tools and defensive weapons. In our world, we have enough shared resources that it should be easy to get at least stone tools and weapons to start off (sticks and cobblestone will do). You will need 3-4 pickaxes, maybe one regular axe, one sword. Get yourself some wood. First order of business.

2a. TORCHES. You can't effectively mine without them. Wood blocks > wood panels > sticks. Sticks plus a block of coal or charcoal on top of them in the crafting table = 4 torches.

2b. Consider armor. Especially boots and pants. When you fall, they absorb a lot of the damage. This should be a high priority for you as soon as you get some surplus iron. As you advance and will consider battling bad guys, chest plate and helmet are a good idea to absorb a beating. Diamond is the most rare mineral but also the strongest armor / tools and also causes more damage due to speed / raw damage stats. Gold is almost as fast but very soft and wears out quickly.

3. Always carry a good amount (20+) of sand or gravel with you. It makes going up or down a hell of a lot easier because they fall downwards when there is an air gap beneath them.

4. Immutable law of MC: NEVER DIG STRAIGHT UP OR DOWN. Lava will kill you and destroy your stuff. Falling gravel / sand will crush you and kill you.

5. If you die and have valuables on you, you have 5-10 minutes to get back to your death scene to recover loot. Anything that fell into lava is gone forever.

6. Don't be frugal with torches in mines. Once a block of floor gets to a certain light level, monsters can spawn right in the middle of everything and WTFPWN you. Note: Slimes will spawn in regardless of light level.

7. Use F3 to get coordinates for important places you visit and/or want to remember and to check depth from surface (64)and above bedrock, (which is around 0-5).

8. If you're going long-distance exploring, take a compass (always points back to spawn). Never know when you're going to be running for your life and might get disoriented otherwise.
Hey Jon, April Fools! We haven't been playing Minecraft at all. We've been playing GURPS: Gilligan's Island. Pass me the coconut headphones, little buddy! :)


Here's a pretty good beginner's guide to Minecraft:
Minecraft Basics

Real short version, gather some resources, build some tools, gather more resources, build shit, x-scape from monsters.

Friday, April 01, 2011


I can't GET IN... I'm getting the shakes over here! lol
Yay! More Minecrafters!

We're going to need to expand to 6 players, lol.
All right, finished my Insanity playthrough on Mass Effect 2, and it's been a while since I played a hentai game so I picked up "Minecraft." What am I supposed to be doing? So far I'm just punching stuff while sheep wander in the distance.

| My lil' Webster

Tamed a wolf :) Made him a little dog house which I'll never let him leave.
Yeah, 128x was pretty, but a slideshow. 64x looks fine to me!

Also, due to Rood's non stop bitching and complaining, I put in a dock on the south side of the castle, lololol.

I suspect moving from 16x to 64x shows a lot more benefits than going from 64x to 128x will. The old law of diminishing returns... I didn't get a chance to test run 256x yet. Not sure how the old rig will hold up, but I may try it once I get some fun in on multiplayer at 128x.
I'm completely terrified to try the 128x textures. Afraid because I think I'll fall in love with the look but my computer will choke on it. lol

Ah what the hell, will go try them out here and see how it looks.
Our Sysop was asleep at the wheel! Damn...

I just had to restart the server it seems and it all popped up, oops, sorry. Next time just text me, I was at work all night.

| ZOMG is right

Well, actually it was a good thing last night. Even though I was making great headway finally, it made me go to bed at a descent hour. But not before installing textures/bump map. Installed 128x128 and it looks a lot easier on the eyes. Only could play in single player mode though since teh servArs are down. Boo.

jr0n, yes sir. I was going to work on it last night but I had no desire after work to do anything other than mindless BS. AKA sleep, TV and 30 minutes of Minecrap. This weekend should be open enough to get that buttoned down.


| ZOMGcraft!

What are they doing to the servers!?!?!? I have not been able to log in for about 10 hours now and it is physically paining me!



Thursday, March 31, 2011

Yo Enron, any chance you'd be able to get the WFRP session report up? (Sorry, I know you're a busy dude right now.)

Edit how have I been on the Internet all this time and never actually seen video of Custer's Revenge?
Eric, here is the page I told you about. It also has instructions for setting Java memory allocation in a youtube farther down the page on the "thread" link.

LB Photo Realism 64x pack with bump maps

The bump maps look good even on 64x. Totally ridiculous on 128 or 256, but I doubt I can run it without stuttering bad.

The only thing I'm not in love with is the speed of the animations. THey're all running way too fast. Dunno if that's my rig, or a settings issue. Will look into it.
Painterly Pack.. Pretty cool how much it can be customized, but I think I'm addicted to hi res 64x64 tiles now, lol.

Wish they had a 64x tile pack!

*wanders off to soothe Minecrack addiction*

Also, in other real life news.. the boy woke up, asked for a snack / food.. so we ate some food, played a little, then he asked for a mint. I've been giving him Tic Tacs to eat/suck on for a few weeks now without any issues. This time, however, he decides he's going to pull it out of his mouth and shove it up his nose..!? WHY!? Ugh, so despite trying to stop him from taking it out of his mouth and then lunging for his arm when he started shoving it up his nose.. there it was. And of course, I'm sure the "mintiness" was burning the hell out of his sinus. I could see the thing in his nose, just barely up in there around the corner.

Tried to get at it with some tweezers but the kid was thrashing around and freaking out so bad that I couldn't get a hold of the damned thing. If he would have just held still for 4 solid seconds, I could have grabbed it. Ugh.

So, grabbed a flat toothpick, used the back end of it to get behind the tic tac and lever it out of his nose.. but not before I had to pin one of his arms between my knees, the other one under him and then hold his head absolutely still with my free hand.

Popped it out, dude has a scratch in his nose but it stopped bleeding already. Now, back to sleeping after that stress, and I feel like I need an effing Xanax.
It's working now, have at it.
I was going to edit my original post, and saw all your drafts-in-progress.

LOL, that's fascinating and a little frightening. Lesson learned, be careful what you type and leave idling, people can read it before you publish!

*runs around in circles*

I'll give it a few hours, coo. Boy is down for his nap, was looking for something to kill my time. Still don't have the fortitude to look at job boards again.
Ah crap, we're using Bukkit? That's been under construction for a month or two and incompatible with the latest Minecraft build with no end in sight.

Crap. :(

| Server Down due to Update

There was just an update to Minecrack which means the multiplayer server is down until "Bukkit" which is the server software is updated. They're working on it but I don't know the ETA. You can fire up singleplayer and check out the changes - think it has to do with Wolves and Beds. Achievements got pushed back. Go play something else for a day or 2 and give poor Jon a break from Minecraft talk (I know you hate it Jon!!!) :)

OK, so here's the basic revision to the castle wall. Rood has since rebuilt Ft. Rood into a massive tower on the Southern wing, and there is now a rockin' pool party at Castle Slaytanic on the Northern wing.

The new and improved entrance to Castle Slaytanic. You can see the High Dive off to the left, and Ft. Rood on the right.

As long as you don't go land in the flaming inverted cross section of the pool, you'll survive (nervous laughter). I was getting mad vertigo / adrenaline rushes from jumping off this thing, no joke.. lol.

This may be the reason I stop using the realism texture mod... WELL HELLO THERE LITTLE GUY!

Too funny.. three zombos get stuck in the moat, jumping around for a loooong time before the sun finally killed them. It would set them on fire when they jumped, then the water would put it right out again... accumulating small bits of damage. lulz.

| NOOOOOooooooooooooooo

Was getting ready to shut it down for the night (finally got the boy to go back to sleep).. thought I'd check out Eric's cool underwater pad (lol'd at the bedding, how sad is it that I actually want creeper comforters?).

Checking out the mine, decide to pickaxe a few blocks while I'm there.. lava on first strike! Bummer, no problem, will just back up and fill it in and leave. Only.. at that exact moment, the client crashes. OMFG NOOOOOOOO.. I'm carrying diamonds FFS!

By some miracle, I log back in and I'm not dead!? Madness. That'll do, Minecrack, that'll do.

Off to bed with me.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

| Costco Food Bort

The food court is unbelievable. Huge slice of pizza, giant hot dog, fountain drink, and a pint of frozen yogurt....

Five bucks to feed me and both my kids, lol
My OCD couldn't handle the front of the castle not being symmetrical, lol.

So, destroyed the southern wing and rebuilt the wall, walkways and ramparts. I'm slowly filling in the big pit that is now enclosed.. Gunna take a few hundred blox I think!

Felt inspired and built a draw bridge. Will remove the wimpy wooden door and replace with a proper castle gate next. :)
Nice! I like the sunset shots. Why couldn't Aeryk see the slimes, are they invisible?

Here's some inspiration for when you build the bike shop. Hopefully all the permits come through on that pretty soon.

This elicited some lolz as well. Booooooooo!
Rood, in that bottom pic, that weird looking mossy block is dungeon block. No wonder you guys were in a war down there, lol. Sorry I missed it. But it was fun to follow along with you two in text, haha.

I took a "sky" shot of the castle, your lighthouse and Eric's Slime Mine. Lemme see if it will upload.


Elrockington photo op:

Rood stops for a photo op:

Night time shot of the castle-in-progress, you can see Rood's lighthouse off to the far left and the torched entrance to Slime Mine in the far right. You can also see my lit tree farm off to the right, but it's hard to make out.

Not gunna lie, I'm seriously tempted to take the closest wall all the way across to make the whole thing more squared off. But, man, that's a lot of back fill needed for that sand and water, lol.

Congrats on the bonus Jon! See, it's not all about

The big wall is Art's creation for a massive castle/base. The little tower is my attempt at a lighthouse out on Rudy Isle. Then there's a pic of me going to visit Eric who was trapped by slimes but I couldn't see them! Then he broke into a room with slime, skeletons, and spiders and I totally got kilt. :(

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

| Elrock has a slime problem

Following along with the "Attack of the Slimes!" saga with Eric and Rood was entertaining tonight, lol.

In other MC news: Outer ramparts now complete and torched. Yay, spider proof! Unless things have changed, those suckers can't climb upside down.

Going to work on interior walls next. Then, we still need a major gate for the castle, and then maybe some turrets on the outer wall / corners?

Dunno. I guess we'll see how it goes :)
Sweet! Actually got a small, but non-zero bonus this year! Kind of nice after two horrible, horrible years of "Yeah, the CEO didn't sell the company, so you all get shit. Enjoy this complimentary kick in the neck."

Now back to our regularly scheduled Minecraft discussion!
Those were some kick ass movies! Especially Rhino Fury. Man.

I am ALMOST, almost interested in joining this. It seems like it might be fun.


And it needs to have a bike shop, and a statue of Enron wearing his glorious pantsless armor.

Edit: Enrons post wasn't there when I wrote this. Yeah castle slaytanic is obviously a way better name. Maybe it can be built on the ruins of castle namblan and the bike shop though.
No vote needed. In the parlance of our esteemed Hawaiian brethern, Castle Slaytanic is all the name you will ever need.
Found the two lava flows down in Pumpkin Mine.. Fixed one up but the other one is too gnarly, I think right under a lava lake.

In other news, the initial Action Team Castle wall is finished (exterior only) and the interior courtyard is fully lit with torches. So, yay, no more monsters spawning inside the walls!

Next, will install some gates and work on finishing upthe interior wall.

From there, we can build houses or a big ass castle or whatever in the relative comfort and security of Castle Action Team. Lol... Castle Yeehaw? I dunno, maybe we need a naming poll, lol
NAMBLA, eh? Huh, maybe that explains why eLzar crafted armor for me in the form of: a metal helm, a pair of metal boots, and a metal torso armor, but no pants. Subtle eLzar. Very subtle.

Okay so I finally had some time and jumped on last night. I mostly poked around and got myself in trouble (read: sucked into a watery vortex bug). Unfortunately this led to a watery demise where my equipment was lost in the clipping zone. Strangely addicting game though. Didn't get to sleep until midnight or so. D'oh.


| nothing wrong with freedom of speech

I'll probably pass, not much time to play computer games these days.


I was checking out the site and look what I found out:

If you check out the video, and freeze frame right around the dungeon scene, you'll see that a lot of the bricks on that wall are subtly differently shaded than the surrounding ones. (Focus on where the torch is pointing to.)

Took me a while to figure out, but if you block out the differently shaded blocks, what appears is quite disturbing indeed.

I dunno about this guys.

Monday, March 28, 2011

I made it by white-list only. Enron was in there tonight with me and Eric as Botz_Partz. If anyone else gets the game and wants to play just give me your game name. off to work :( - saddest sad face ever
Ah shit, and on that note.. one of the unknowns seems to have set off a creeper RIGHT at my two huge construction storage chests.


There goes 1,000+ blocks of cobble and dirt.
Also, I think somehow your server is showing up on a server list for minecraft. I saw a couple people show up in the server that disappeared as soon as I started asking questions.

Should probably limit access to white listed screen names.
Haha.. I can totally see Aaron making something like this.

Lol.. It's funny what becomes strangely fun. Punching trees! Woot!

You know you wanna join in the fun! :).
Damn! it sounds like a lot of work to set up one of those Minecrafts. It's like a Stalinist labor camp or something.

And this is the texture pack you all should be using. You know you want it.

We gotta get the rest of the Action Team hooked now, lol.

Aaaaaaron, you're in charge of ridiculous machinery and logic circuits :)
No worries, totally understand.

Just appreciate even having a place to call home!
Sorry Art, Action Team only! Well, wylie and like wives and gfs too ;) Yeah it cost more money, but you can easily set up a server for you and your friends for cheap: - I just want this to be for us to have a fun casual place to mess about, don't want to deal with dudes I don't know.
OK, well, gunna have to wake the boy up from his nap and go get Haylee from the bus stop here in a minute. Got a head start on the wall. Hope you jerks like it :)

If anyone wants to keep working on the wall, going to need a lot of wood. When you take down a tree, make sure you knock down all the floating branches (they will disappear on their own, but knocking them down manually gets you more saplings) and replant the saplings so we get more trees than we started with.

I didn't do any of the half-stone pieces yet, and I think we could have some fun making turrets on the corners, but that can wait.

The benefit to the half stones is that you can hang them off the side of the wall so that spiders can't climb over them. I think that method and creating a layer of sand in the wall (spiders can't climb sand) are the only two ways to keep spiders out without making a roof/dome over the whole thing.

ROOD: How hard is it to increase the number of players to 6 or 8? Is it more money? I only ask because I have a couple of close friends that are looking for a build-only-no-griefing-bullshit home to be a part of a community.
Man, that was more work than I thought it would be, lol. Still not 100% done, but good enough to get started. I left a little monument to Eric's first love. ;)

Eventually, we'll probably want to replace all the courtyard / ground tiles with the same type of block so it looks pretty. The exterior wall now needs to be built. Should go 4 cobble high with the ramparts made of the half-stone blocks (recipe = three cobble across the crafting table) in the old school every-other block is higher/lower castle. The wall should be 4 units thick, so we have a walkway on the top wide enough to pass each other. :)

Half the hill has been shoveled! lol

Well, there's still an entrance down into the depths that is intact. You'll still be able to get all subterranean. :)

| Nooooooooooooooooooooooo...


That's my pet cave project! I'll just have to tnt your sheet so I can get back in.... :)

I love that twisted, endless, mess of caves!
Working on a little terraforming so we can build out a city wall and do a castle or just have plots for each of us to make a house, or whatev! Seem to have come across someone's cave / mine in the hill I'm taking down.. lol, sorry. It's getting entombed.

Rood, I like the look of yoru texture pack too. Is it a 64x64?

I'm not paving the Ft. Rood-Elzarington just yet. I leave that decision up to you guys once it's all ready to go. Going to be fun!

| Castle Shitsville aka Winchester Mystery Manor Part Deux

Art was getting ready to pave me and elrick's first "getaway", so some fond farewell photos:

Wasn't that block sorta key to a lot of the cool machine type devices you see around? I wonder why he'd remove it, seems like kind of a major feature.

Still, we must soldier on... remember boys, MINEcraft not WHINEcraft.
Here's the texture pack I'm running and recommend:

Misa's Realism:

Also, I just read in one of the recent updates that Mojang removed the "eternal burning wood block".. which kinda sucks. That was an awesome way to create mega torches and fireplaces.

Actually, you might be surprised but it only took me an hour or so.

Instead of boats, I highly recommend just building secure roads and/or rail.

Next up, we'll make some farms for food and paper and the most fun.. monster farms!

Ok, well.. off I go! Time to get with teh buldingz.
Nice! You guys should post some videos! Ideally the first 3:45 would be spent pointlessly running around to build up to 10 seconds of something mildly amusing/interesting.

| In Soviet-Minecraft,

I set it to 2x day, 1x night. Not so much out of fear, but I really prefer building to mining (so far) and it was so irritating for it to get dark so friggen early in a construction project. But 2x shouldn't be too irritating to you guys. We can eventually turn it off too, not biggie (or make the nights longer, muahaha.)

Had to give myself op status, so now my "save-all" actually does something :) Also, ya, the sethome thing isn't a big deal but I think it's cool to have that option, so it's there if you need it.

Gnarly mine, Art! So professorial and clean. I think I'm going to still dig my sloppy sketch-tastic mini-mines out in the world, but its nice to see your super smart design. Can't believe you knocked that out in 1 night!

Our dirt spires are awesome. I was thinking about making a boat canal or at least docks from that first base to the fancy mine - the boat seems kinda buggy though. Getting in and tooting around is fine, but sometimes when I want to get out it flips out. We'll see.

Playing "house" with a bunch of middle 30 jerks :)
Also, I'll do what I can to setup a security perimeter around our spawn-area fort.

Part of the fun of the game is creating safe highways to travel on at night :)

Appreciate you taking the time to setup the server. I can't even quite explain how great it is to have a server that isn't populated with griefing a-holes. It was always a huge downer to make a huge castle or other neato construction project and log in the next morning to see it as a huge smoking crater from the TNT-nuke jerks.

I'm not a big fan of the /sethome command and won't be using it myself, because I find the removal of risk / danger takes a lot of the fun and excitement out for me. Risk and reward! :)

Yeah, I'm with Eric on the time of day. I wouldn't even mind it being back to 1.5 or even 1:1, honestly, but I'll roll with whatever you guys want! Just glad to have some Action Team jerks to play with! Yay!

| F That Game

- Up til 2am before the 5:45am alarm goes off is not okay.

- I vote for 2x daylight hours, too.

- We have a giant tree growing out of the top of a second dirt tower on the roof now, which is pretty funny.

- The dirt tower is irrelevant, though it was awesome last night when I was lost, because we now have compasses! Takes some of the adventure out of exploring, but what can you do.

- Art's mine is radicool! I did some digging, and when I went off on a tangent to mine the sweet, sweet ore off to the side I then patched it up with some cobblestone to keep it looking nice and clean.

- Maybe I'll jump in at lunch? Ugh.....

Can't wait to check your stuff out Art! Feel free to use our little dinky house whenever you need too. I'll probably shorten the day back towards the original time in a bit, but it was pretty overwhelming at first. Every night our house was getting blown to bits and it was a hilarious disaster for a while there. I might just bring it down to dbl length day instead of the 4 times it is now. Also added /sethome /home commands so you can set a home place and then be taken there with /home. Never know how lost you might get.

I'm using the Painterly Pack for my textures - I really like the clean look: PainterlyPack - it's nice because you can go in and totally customize what textures you want for everything. I also switched to a cool Guybrush skin :)
Yar, I be shop_vac.

The extra long days are freaking me out, lol. I still have that internal timer in my head for how much time I've got until I have to be in shelter.

In all honesty, I'm fine the way it is, but I kinda prefer the extra danger. Once you get the walls of the fort built up, there isn't hardly any danger anyway. :)

I took a little time tonight and setup a nice starter mine that goes all the way down to bedrock. It's right across the way from the fort you and Elzar have built up near spawn.

Also installed stairs so it doesn't take a month and a half to get back up to the surface. If you go check it out, just promise you wont accidentally bash the glass walkway over the lava. I don't think that will turn out so good for anyone, lol.

Once you get all the way down to the bedrock 'station', the tubes should be mined out at 3x2 patterns, I setup a few sign posts with some guidelines on them, left a crafting table, furnace and big storage box down at the bottom for folks to dump their extra cobble/dirt and make new pick axes.

Now, off to go shop for a texture pack. I'm going to grab a 64x64 realistic texture pack. The stock textures are so effing bad, lol.
love that picture Jon, that show was so friggen good! Don't know if I have any desire to watch it again anytime soon just because it was pretty heavy, but it was really some good tv. I never got through Generation Kill but I really need to give that show a try as well.

Yeah, don't grief us Art! It's just like Action Team only anyways, so we just wanna bro it out, get our duplo-on. Are you "shop-vac"? I saw someone named that came onto our server. Tried running it from work but didn't work :( Oh well, guess I'll have to solve crimes n shit.

Jon, the survival mode in Minecraft that our little server runs is so friggen addictive. I don't know why, but it just is. Night time is scary cuz horrible monsters come out and wreck shit pretty hard. I actually installed a plugin to make the days longer because 10 min days to 8 min nights was just way to stressful. Now you've got plenty of time to hiiiiide.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Minecraft, eh? I never really liked Duplo all that much, but maybe I'll try it one of these days.

Mainly I wanted to post this:

Oh yay!!

Are we going to abide by "no douchebaggery" rules? No griefing people's buildings?



| Got us a Minecraft server

Ok, El-rock inspired me, so I went ahead and got us a mini minecraft server. It'll be always on, so jump in and build an action-teamy world with us all. It's a 4 player at a time max for now because I doubt more than 4 of us would ever be on at once, but I can change that in the future. That game is hella addictive and fun, do it!

For our Survival Multiplayer server the IP is:
(25x2) . (24-2).(10+7). (103+2) :25598

That's a lot of mathy skullduggery - I'm looking to see if there is a password pluggin, in which case I'd make it be what batman punched the joker into.
Minecraft is totally the new devil. I just played like 5 hours of it! Ugh, I need to sleep. It's pretty rad and weirdly compelling. I got a free app for my phone that has all the recipes on it, so I'm kinda good now at getting my basic needs covered early on in the game.

I was totally thinking about setting up a $4 a month minecraft server too, Elrick, using Chatted with a couple of dudes who used them to setup small minecraft servers for the express purpose of gaming with a handful of friends at a time, and they were really positive about their service. I like their website and bro-losophy too :)

I'm so tired. I'll check out your server Elreeek

PS: if you bought the game you can use custom skins for your dude. Here's a site of some of the best and funniest. I'm currently using the borg-picard skin.