Friday, July 18, 2014

| I had a fun time

It was great seeing you guys and gaming a little bit! Hopefully we can do it again soon. I thought the world we created was pretty cool and I was thinking of more ideas for scenes and events afterwards. OK, well, off to work!

Epilogue: jr0n went to work an hour later.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

| I don't get it... NOW I get it

I read the previous post probably 4 times throughout the day and I didn't get it.  I JUST read it again right now and I suddenly said it with the right timing and remembered that it was funny and LOL'd!  I don't know how you would type it truly capture the proper delivery..

Green sheets, aaaaaregreat?
Green sheets
Are great

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Strain started last Sunday on FX (I think) and I want to see it. Seeing sorta mixed-ish reviews, but it's still early. GDT directed the pilot so they said it was at least visually awesome.

| Also, Strain

Anyone read the Strain trilogy by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan?  It's becoming an FX series (which I can't watch) and I'm on the second book now.  I think I like it; I'm compelled to finish the damn series and have been compulsively reading it when I can, and I had a dream about it last night, so that must mean I like it, but I'm not really sure.

Anyone else dabble?
Are you saying it's frustrating when people don't respond to your increasingly desperate pleas to game online? I'd never noticed. :)

I'm hopeful about Thursday. I like the idea of trying microscope and then setting DW sometime in that world. Regardless of whether this Thursday works out, my big project at work launches next Thursday, and after that things should loosen up a lot.

And I'd love to play DW! Either as a player or running it. RPG! RPG!

| Oh Sure

NOW you wanna play DW, now that you have heard a positive opinion from an OUTSIDER.... I get it... That's fine... I'm not hurt...

PS I'm gonna try to listen to the podcast because I genuinely want to hear about DW, too!  The little I have been able to find on RPGNET, has been positive, and the Apocalypse Engine, on which it is based, has has tons of threads, so I feel pretty good about it but I'd like to hear as much as I can.

The only knock/curios about it has been that it is not round/turn based, it's basically free-form action reaction where the fiction drives the focus.  I feel like that's how we RP anyway but the turns and rounds were sort of an artificial structure that sometimes got in the way.  I like the idea of resolving more than one combat action at a time before shifting focus to another part of the battle just because of turn order.

We'll likely never find out how fun DW is given how hard it has been to find one hour for Microscope on everyone's calendar, but you never know!

(That was a passive aggressive challenge to everyone, if you missed it.  Jerks.)

| Now I wanna play Dungeon World

The guys on my favorite screenwriting podcast, Scriptnotes, talked a little bit about playing Dungeon World recently, so now I'm all interested. I know, I'm a poseur, my girlfriend's a surfer. I'm no more a trendy than you are. And she's not going to fuck you anyways. It's not incredibly indepth, but they have some thoughts on what they liked and didn't liked if you're interested. They start talking about it at 47:00 mins. Scriptnotes 153

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Charlie Chan, the most racist detective. I guess hearing about his upbringing sheds some light on his later PI* work.

*Private "I"

Monday, July 14, 2014

Well, maybe the dog gets shot because the kid is just an asshole? If you want to know more, well, you'll just have to read the book!

Spoiler for a different book: Charlie finds a golden ticket and is the only kid to make it to the end of the tour so he gets the factory
Spoiler alert. I've always heard about that dog getting put down, but had no idea it was for rabies. Well I guess I won't see that movie!
Yeah, definitely trying to enjoy it (in between the stressful moments) because it will be good to have positive memories  in like 10 years when we all get rabies and our kids have to team up to take us out Old Yeller style.

| Older Kids are Rad!

But watching 'em grow is like nothing else...

Probably 3 weeks ago Wy had something stuck in his foot so he needed to hop up on the counter so I could soak his foot in some water to clean it up to see what the problem was.  I reached down, stuck my hands in his armpits to lift him up and found OMG he's almost to big to do that anymore!  I eventually got him on the counter, washed his foot, found the barb that was stuck and he jumped down.  His foot was still smarting so we joked that I should carry him like a baby to his bed.  So I again, reached down between his pits to lift him up, this time I was prepared for the weight.  You know the "hoist, position on shoulder, and tuck your arm under their ass for support" move, right?  You do it all the time, and eventually it becomes second nature.  Well, I tried it on Wy and my arm ended up in his lower back - he had grown (overnight?) so much, and I had apparently stopped picking him up anymore, I totally missed out on recognizing when the LAST TIME I WOULD CARRY MY KID LIKE A BABY WAS.  I mean, the dude weighs 73 lbs, so I should have known, but you sort of get mixed up in work and life and you forget these things...  Anyway, don't look too far ahead, before you know it she'll be screaming "I hate you, dad!" and you'll try and remember what your little girl was like when she was still little :)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

A part of me is envious of you guys with older kids, because I imagine all the great stuff you've already experienced with them. But I know I should just savor every moment with my little girl as they come along. She's 9 months old right now, but it already feels like the clock is speeding up and shit is happening  fast.

Yeah, Boyhood was a bit of a weepie for me, mostly because I could relate to so many stages of the kids life. Not "exactly", but there's so much stuff that's universal when you're going from 1st-12th grade, it's hard not to remember all the crazy emotions we've gone through growing up. I don't think I was hit as hard on the parenting side of things, because I'm only 9 months in, but it did make me reflect on my own folks and what they must have gone through raising me and my sister.  I still think it's worth seeing even if you're scared it's gonna wreck your shit. It's just such an interesting concept for a movie.

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