Friday, June 24, 2011

Jon you might want to share your morality story on "crabs" or "no crabs" from tai hookers to rudy! I'm sure he's itchin for it.
Eh, I'm going out tonight. Thus our TF2 clan comes to an end. Thanks though guys, it was fun while it lasted!
Enjoy! Make sure you download a hackbot.
I work this weekend :( so I'm going to bed now. I'll be up around 8 or so and will check to see which of my peeps (just jon) is on Steam for some 4e character optimization.
Hey man, sharing is caring. Next week I'll tell the story of when I learned the difference between a "good" and a "great" lapdance.

Less talk, more rock! Let's get to the TF2! (In an hour an a half or so when I get home and after I take a D.).

| Oh, great...

Another morality tale from Jon. Cue the violins! /rolleyes
I love TF2! It's my go-to game when I want to shoot stuff. Let's play!

Edit: the first couple times I played, I had some bad luck with people being racist/homophobic/just plain dicks, but that didn't ever happen again. It was strange. I find that the community is typically pretty decent.
Probably. I haven't played any in awhile but when in doubt... you tube it out. Here:

Fortress 2 griefing
MOHAA wall hack +aim bot

Don't get me wrong, love it when these games first came along, yo.
I don't think the hacking is as bad as you remember or even as prevelant anymore. Plus, some people are just better than you so you gotta blame da' ghost in da' machine!
hate those games becuz of the wall hacks, aim bots, floor hacks, u name it. I remembered playing MOHAA, just got to a point where there's NO point to play.

The best i think was America's army. didn't encounter too many cheats on that game and it was always free. FBC - free before cheats.

| TF2 - F4U

Team Fortress 2 is now free-to-play for everyone. I don't know who doesn't have it at this point, but it's a really fun first person shooter on Steam.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Way to set aspirations high! Probably don't even have to audition for Dateline with Chris Hansen.

Check out some groups and find out some schedules. I saw game groups around the LA area that's pretty big, some by long beach. I might be down for some sunday gaming of some sorts. Been egging to find some people to play some combat commander. Maybe find some wily veterans that will just own my soul.
Oh, it totally depressed me! At least you saved me spending more money and bonus clutter. :)

| The sad part is

...that wasn't intended as a cautionary tale! LOL!

And yes Ja-El, I will simultaneously be appearing on Hoarders and Dateline next week. And So You Think You Can Dance.
Thanks for the cautionary tale! What happened this week was it was SO slow at work, I'd have hours in the middle of the night to sit around and surf the net. Eventually you run out of shit to read, so I started reading about rpgs and even friggen Magic. It's fun to imagine being able to play all these games, but it isn't very realistic. I'm gonna hunt around for gaming groups though, so maybe some day I'll get to try some of that shit out.

Joined a boxing gym. That shit is fucking hardcore! I felt like I was going to die today, but I survived. I'm ready to pound some skullz.

Let me know if you go to try out another game group Jael, I'm down to check it out!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Still around the south bay. Didn't get the jorby job up there. Seemed like i had a great chance at it though. Wierd. Think they just had secondthoughtitis or something. Yeah rude, I haven't gone to my usual gaming group in pasadena in a while. It got old and it's a bit small. I was actually thinking about joining a larger one.

I can't add much to Jrons post on RPG's cept they should put you on an episode of hoarders.

Edit: Think I'm going to learn about some photography this weekend. I only have a cheesy 35mm digy cam, reel shitty, but it's good to start off with before I do anything crazy. It's a start. I don't even know how to start! It seems so easy yet so difficult. I mean, all photography is, is clicking on a button and taking a photo right, am i right? That photography class we took in high school didn't help at all! Don't remember anything useful.
From about 2000-2006 (basically, until I got really into board and minis games) I was a serious armchair gamer and collected a pretty awesome library of RPGs I won't ever play. When you're in the right frame of mind, they are fun to read and analyze and sometimes even spur you into forming a group! I have Dogs in the Vineyard and it is an interesting read -- Rude next time I see you I'll try and remember to loan it to you. I bought several other of the former darlings like Exalted (got really into this for a while, dreamed of running it, but it was just too complicated and I didn't think I I could talk Enron and Aeryk into playing a rules-heavy, anime-inspired kung fu game, in a million years
JR0N: Let's create characters!
ENRON: My character's name is "Fuck You" and he drinks blood.
AERYK: My character's name is, "Jonzgay Posterson"
), Tribe 8 (post-apocalyptic game about tribes of mystics fighting demons in the ruins of Canada, with a serialized plot that was supposed to be totally awesome), Orpheus (White Wolf occult/sci-fi investigation series where the twist was that some of the investigators were ghosts themselves), Scion (another White Wolf miniseries that was about people who are demigods of various pantheons in the modern day), and Nobilis (I don't even know what the fuck). Then there are the various Savage Worlds campaign settings, which I bought a lot of back in the day but pretty much stopped buying a few years back, although I couldn't resist the Space 1889 book.

A lot of this stuff I sold off on eBay last year but man I still have quite a bit of it. Especially 3e stuff. I should just throw that shit out and cut my losses.

I have 10 or so 4th ed books, but I stopped collecting them, because I just don't think it's that hot. Fights are just toooo long and I don't find the setting information inspirational. I enjoy the campaign I'm playing in, but it's more despite the system than because of it.

I do give myself carte blanche to pick up anything in the new WFRP line, because I actually do run that. With everything going on lately it's been tough for me to get a game together but I'll get it together soon. 10 advancements or bust!

I also have a couple of books for the 3rd edition of Earthdawn. This is like my dream game to run someday, but I think I'm actually scared to run it because it might ruin it. I bet Aeryk knows what I'm talking about.

I did pick up one new game lately and that is Castles & Crusades. This game is basically 1st ed AD&D with the insane stuff removed and a unified d20 mechanic. I was thinking if we ever did a man-con again or whatever that this would be a really good game to play, because I think it'd be more fun than relearning all the weird exceptions of old D&D, but would also be familiar feeling and it'd be very easy to port old adventure into. Rahasia, we'll get you yet!
So, are you still down south J-Knee or have you moved up north? I got a new mini's skirmish game (Earth Reborn) the other day I wanna try out and it's 2-4 ppl. Also, you gotta tell me about the gaming groups you tried through meetup. I looked some up but I can't tell which are cool or not. I got a gaming itch that needs scratching.

Lately I've been into reading about different indie RPGS that have cool settings and interesting mechanics. I have an even slimmer chance of ever playing these, but they're fun to check out and dream about. I'm looking into the online virtual table stuff, but even so, it's hard get wrangle peeps together for that. Check out these cool games:

Dread: Horror RPG. Diceless, numberless. You setup a Jenga tower in the middle of the table and "pulls" are used to determine if you succeed at a task. Sounds fun.

Old School Hack: Good old fashion Red Box style dungeon crawl with some modern gaming elements. This one is free and looks really fun.

Fiasco: This one looks neat. "You’ll play ordinary people with powerful ambition and poor impulse control." You create these Coen Brother-esque situations. The actual game system looks kinda free-form/party game style. A lot of people say it goes over well with non rpgers.

Dogs in the Vineyard: "roleplaying God's Watchdogs in a West that never quite was." This game has a pretty rad setting. "The core premise of the setting is that the PCs are the religious and secular "lawmen" of the land, protecting the Faithful from evil and punishing sinners." It's sort of a Mormon religious setting but I think there's monsters and shit too.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Woah, parties, prostitutes and a chinaman grocer! I'm in. Still I bet there's no nudity in these movies. Gotta forge me a copy from the library.

Mice and Men was the best man. Sorry to hear you didn't like it too much. Maybe it was a remedial english Cooks class book that I really enjoyed. =) Since no one enjoyed the harrassment and obvious Nazi master race propaghanda.

Steinbeck is awesome! I probably haven't read Grapes since high school, but I remember really liking it. I'll have to give it another go this summer. I started reading Cannery Row after visiting Monterrey/Carmel recently and it was okay. Didn't really grab me, but having the area fresh on my mind was kind of cool. I don't remember liking Of Mice and Men but I THINK I liked East of Eden (if I've even read it, don't remember.) Steinbeck rulez!

Saw Super 8 this weekend for Father's Day. It was pretty fun. Totally brings back that early 80s kids-adventure vibe pretty well. Saw a preview for the latest Transformers, blah. Loud, breaking glass, shiny metal, puke.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

| Just finished the Grapes of Wrath

Loved it. Was too lazy to read it through high school. Maybe I wouldn't have appreciated it back then either. For me, I just liked it as life isn't much different today. Is that who we are as well? Poor migrant farmers struggling to find our livelihood in the internet farms of 0's and 1's? As much as the "big money farmers" still exists in the forms of large corporations, government, too big to fail, with workers sustaining the status quo.

Why do such people need a million acres of land these days? They have a black hole that can never be filled with happiness on the backs of the misery of others.

On the other hand, reading an old book though is like watching an old movie. Feels like a black and white with no Larry Flint hug-dance sequences. Kinda sucks since it takes 8 hours to read a 500 page book, for me at least.