Saturday, March 10, 2012

I've seen that old dirty filter orangey/brown/clear liquid many times my friend. Hope you're on the mend! I'm back at a computer so I'll be able to properly respond to E-arthdawn gaming!
Made some coffee. Poured it. Thought, "this coffee's awfully thin." Then realized I hadn't actually put any grounds in the coffeemaker. It was only brown at all because I hadn't cleaned the filter.

Saturday-morning-no-sleep-recovering-from-sick-brain, ACTIVATE!

Thursday, March 08, 2012

I kinda dig the "recommendations" they have. I caught the Euro (original) version of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as a result of that.. it was freaking amazing. I haven't seen the American version that just came out recently yet.

Also, caught Ip Man on Netflix as a recommendation. Probably would have never seen it otherwise... THAT was pretty amazing.

But yeah, definitely a big win for kid programming / movies.
We've been using Netflix to watch various comedies lately: Party Down, Peep Show, and some others that are escaping me. Good stuff. I think I might cancel for a bit at the end of this sub period though, since lately we've just been falling back more on DVD sets we already have for "watch while eatin'" time and the movie selections on demand are pretty lackluster.

Picked up the Game of Thrones box set. Right now the box set is $30 on Amazon! It's just awesome, I just can't believe it made it to television this successfully. I get the secret lyrics in my head all the time. I'm even considering signing up for a month of HBO to power through all the episodes once Season 2 wraps up.
Dunno, I think it largely depends on what you use it for. I love Netflix for Indie flicks, older movies and TV series and lots of kiddo content available on demand.

Most brand new movies suck anyway, lol. So I'm never in too much of a rush to see them, with rare exception.

Been watching the entire Robotech series with the boy, for example. So awesome!
redbox is pretty amazing. it really is better than netflix and of course blockbuster, minus the streaming stuff. i wanna see that new one called drive. will probably have to see pussnboots because my lady is into those shrek movies. i dont like none of em

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Just rented the new animated Puss in Boots for $1 at a Redbox. It was barely worth $1, lol.

Also grabbed Hugo, hoping that's going to be much better.
Two technical questions for the blog.

1: Is there a way to post to the blog from the mobile view mode?

2: Anyone know how to get this to work with tapatalk app for browsing forums?

3: How many combat drops?
BTW, this is one of the funniest things ever. LOL... Macho Man Dragons in Skyrim!

if we make a video for artemis, theyll refund me the cost of the game, hence my plan to make a video of artemis. dreamscape two stylee
Rood - yeah, always been a flight sim guy. I'm probably too much of a sim snob to get into world of warplanes. Lol

Business is starting to pick up, which is great. Like I said before, the biggest hurdle I have is me.. heh. It isn't easy to make yourself get out there and beat the streets if no one is looking over your shoulder.

My new personal motto is "no excuses". Get out the door, get out of the car open the door and just say hello to businesses. The rest of it is easy.

Sounds like you guys are going to have a blast with another cabin con. When's that going down? After a couple months of getting the business up and running I should finally have the magic combo of free time AND money. Lol, life's a bitch that way.. usually only one or the other.

| White Wall

I have been drinking more beer lately and as such been putting on some pounds, I also have not been in the sun in quite some time... maybe I can just take my shirt off and we can use me as a the white wall?

| Project this!

As luck would have it I have access to a projector. As long as you fuckers promise not to vomit on it, I am pretty sure I can commandeer it. The only limitation is the thing is a little older so we need a machine with VGA out as opposed to DVI or HDMI.

Not sure if I will try to bring the screen. It is pretty big and heavy (Bazooka sized), but it makes it easy to see the screen than a white wall.



Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Good luck with the new work setup art! Sounds like a perfect situation with the timing so you can be there for the kids. I had tried World of Tanks a little last year, but it didn't really do it for me. I was pretty bad at it :) I should actually try it again because I think at the time my computer was struggling to run it. Looks like there's a World of Warplanes coming out - that would probably right up your alley. I remember you were into planes in WW2 Online.


A projector could be pretty sweet Eric. I was watching some people's videos of the game and a lot used a big hdtv for their "main screen" - I don't know what kind of setup we'll have at Cabin Collins, but I'm sure we'll get something good and goofy running :) There's gonna be too many games, too little time, aaaaargh

| Projector

ZOMG, can anyone get a projector for Artemis? Mike? Can you commandeer one from work for the weekend? We NEED to project this EmEffer on the wall JUST LIKE IN STAR TREK!

Seriously, Aaron? Steal one from your malevolent overlords for the weekend? Jr0n? Anyone?
Both, yeah. :)

Haylee has built herself a little city in Minecraft, it's pretty interesting, lol. Lots and lots of tree forts, sll interconnected by the canopy.

Also pretty into World of Tanks. It's somewhere between arcade game and simulation.. and I can play it in 5-10 minute chunks in their 15 v. 15 matches. It's pretty fun. A little grindy at times (you earn cash and XP from each match to use towards upgrading your existing tanks or moving up the tech-ladder to bigger, better tanks).

BUT.. it's free. So that's kind of cool. Of course, you can pay for microtransactions and all that jazz if you wanna. That's there.

Otherwise, been keeping crazy busy with business stuff. Trying to get my own insurance shop setup and on the way with Aflac. Things are going pretty well, still taking training classes here and there and all that. It'll be nice to work only during regular business hours for the most part (after all, I'll be talking to businesses, and not seeing people in their living rooms nights and weekends).

Once it gets running, I'll probably only have to actually work 4-6 hours a day and I'll make the same, if not more, than I would as a desk / cubicle jockey. So, that's nice. The flexibility to be here in the morning to get the kiddo(s) off to school and to be back home before they get out of school is fantastic. Hard to put a price on that freedom.
What have you been up to Art? Still Minecrafting or Skyrimming it up?

Monday, March 05, 2012

Clearly, we need to hook up the EVGA Star Trek game on the big monitor. Good times.


(Hi everyone, this is my quarterly post, lol). SEE YOU IN JUNE.
I have 1 laptop I can easily borrow and bring. MAYBE 2 if I can find an old one I lent out. I feel like I should have more but there's been a few in the family that have gone to Dell/Compaq heaven.

| Artemis Collins

I call dibs on this for a PC name.

Also, we should TOTALLY do Artemis at Cabin Collins! To make Dorian feel welcome, we should make him captain and force him to choose his crew and then berate him for his decisions while at the helm.

But seriously, this seems like something that we need to do for Cabin Collins - I have a laptop I will be bringing, and if we can get a few other folks to bring theirs, I will bring my switch and we could get a lil Sci-Fi LARP MMORPG action in!

Who's up for creating the rules for away teams?

| Lords of Waterdeep

I'm kinda excited for the upcoming game Lords of Waterdeep. The cover is fugly and the blurb didn't really grab me (worker placement game in the Forgotten Realms!) but I've been hearing/reading reports on it and it looks like a really fun game! I've been liking the Plaid Hat Games podcast, and they had that dude Rabbit from Gamers with Jobs on it (only Eric knows who this is!), and he talked up Lords of Waterdeep. It comes out RIGHT after beach con, but I have too many games anyways, so I'll wait to see if any of yalls get a chance to try it.


I wasn't really thinking that us putting our step scores would automagically pass us, but more as a reminder to Jon so that you can do the rolls and not tell us if we passed or failed.

"Lorro peers into the gutter" (per 13)


Well hopefully we can do a live game this week and then see if we can set up something for the future.


This game I was hearing about on a podcast sounds so awesome. Artemis. So you network 5-6 computers together and each represents a station on the bridge of a starship. One person doesn't get a computer but plays the captain and gives orders to all the other stations. It sounds really fun in a weird lan party/larpy way.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

'Good thinking, Rudy!'

That sounds workable! And very compatible with ED since your step rating, is the average of the dice rolled. So if you say "I'm going to track Pennywise back into the sewers, my Tracking talent step is 10" then for the sake of play-by-post we can just assume you rolled a 10.

Maybe with a couple of ways to modify it:
- When appropriate, you can spend a point of Karma to increase it by 4. "Oh, it's getting hard to track because of all the floating corpse-balloons? Well, my tracking step is 10, plus I'll spend a point of Karma to raise it to 14."
- And I'm thinking something like, you can "get lucky" on a roll and add a big bonus to it (like 10) but if you do that, it gives me a chance to make one of your future rolls "unlucky." "By the Beam, I'd better hide from this thing! I'll hide. My Hide step is 8, but I'll get lucky to increase it to 18." (Thinks to self: 'Though I know down the road, trouble this may be!*'

I'm intrigued... interested to try it if the other guys are. Pump? Enron? We'd have to have an understanding on how frequently we're going to post/respond. I don't want to be sending emails being all "HEY DENYS RESPOND 2 THA G+ THREAD LOL"

* Realistic rendition of inner thought.

| +

I think some downtime roleplaying could go a long way within a G+ stream. Even Eric could be involved with those portions, and then we send him back to town with our vendor trash and fight dudes during the live games. I guess the role playing aspects would play differently in text form, but it works every day for a ton of people who "play by post" all sorts of games, so I don't think it'd be too weird. Combat though, I think that could drag if it was in a per-post format, so maybe that could be saved for the live games.

For the wordy parts, one of the formats I've seen a bunch in play-by-post games goes something like this.

Lorro thought to himself, "oh shit, I think he's mad." Lorro stared at the clown creeping out of the sewer and said "why you hate Pennywise?"

I'll make a search check focusing on the walls of the punk rock super store. My perception is 14. Whatever else OOC stuff goes here.

So, I dunno. There's a bunch of ways it can be formatted and handled. Could be fun!