Saturday, November 02, 2013

Based on this, it looks like players can individually toggle creative mode on themselves on a survival map if they're operators. Doesn't seem like restarting the server would be required. Would it be possible for you to set me up as an operator?

Also, can you send me your credit card info and SSN and set me up with power of attorney? Just in case I have to make any Minecraft-related purchases on your behalf?

Friday, November 01, 2013

| Good Times

Fiddling around with yet another Minecraft server admin console means I get to find new ways of messing things up.  Not that anyone other than I have spent any time on the server yet, but I found a way to delete the entire world through trying to add a whitelist and then restart the server.  Apparently restart means restart the whole world with a different world.

So there goes a bunch of hours.  Ah well, it rained there too much anyway.

To answer your question jr0n, it looks you can 'toggle' between creative and survival... all it appears to take is a quick server restart....
Maybe next time you should play in your night room. HA!
I hopped onto the server a couple times today, and E-rock got to see me die over and over. I'm friggen horrible at that game! The best thing was I was playing on my laptop in our sunroom which is super bright, so during the day all I can see on this computer is my own reflection. Not super helpful.
Funny this is coming up, because I just reinstalled Minecraft last night.

That said, what I REALLY want to do is build another house of tricks n' traps using Creative mode. Is there a way to temporarily switch the server game to that mode, then switch back? You can do it in single player, not sure about multi.

| Holiday Minecraft

The holiday season makes me think of online Minecraft!

So I made yet ANOTHER server, all paid for (I picked the cheap $4 a month plan), you just need to join it. I'm not sure if you need the world name to join or not, so I'll post it here too:

Name: Action World II

I just logged in so it works!  It's vanilla as hell, but I think I can do addons later.  I believe I have everyone whitelisted already, so you should be good to go!

Doo eet!

I look forward to exploring everyone's creations again, building my roads and signposts, and eventually defeating the Ender Dragon!  I won't do it alone this time :/

| Crafty!

You also need to record that awful enderman noise and play it anytime Wy makes eye contact with your neighbors.

Speaking of the crafting of mines.  Anybody try out the new update?  Tons of new things.  New biomes, new trees, flowers and colored glass!  Haven't had a chance to look around yet.  It came out last Friday.  I'm foreseeing a minecraft bender this weekend.

Picobrew consolation prize?

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Well, I think Enderman is terrifying, so I'll definitely avoid your son's gaze in the future!

* scratches elzar's house off the trick-or-treat route *

| For Enron

| Hargapslappy Hellowigbean!

For the first time in I don't know how long, possibly high school, I will be dressing up for Halloween.  Our family has a theme this year:

Wy: Enderman
Elzar: Slenderman
Les: Cross-Dressing Man (which is really just her dressing normally)

I'll try and post some pics.  Building Wy's Enderman head was fun; I haven't been crafty in some time so it was fun to bust out the Xactos, gluegun, and cardboard (along with LEDs and fabric which are both mediums I need more experience in....)

Love Letter: I haz it, but of course have never played it.

Tim and Eric: I think I need to know more and understand those fellows because it just didn't tickle me.

Re-Animator:  That tape made the rounds with me way, way back.  I think Ryan Goss had cable and recorded it from like Cinemax or Select TV and we watched it all the time.  IIRC it had boobs, lots of blood, and talking decapitated heads.  I'd like to see it again (yay Netflix!) because it's a sort of spoof/homage to Lovecraft's "Herbert West: Reanimator".

Real Estate Photos: Hilarity ensued!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I haven't tried one of those coffee machines yet, but I can imagine them being pretty tasty. We still use the k-cup machine for tea and occasionally coffee, but I honestly just go to Starbucks more than anything. It's so expensive but I need my fix.

Did anyone ever watch Re-Animator? I saw it for the first time last night on Netflix. It's actually good! It seems like something we would have loved in high school, but I probably wasn't invited over that night :/

PS: V/H/S 2 is up on Netflix! I'm totally stoked to see it. Might be only me and Elrick's thing, but the first one was rad and had some really good segments. I hear this one is even better.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Totally random and stupid question. Have any of you guys used a Nespresso machine? They were giving out samples and dang, it made a seriously good cuppa espresso. I don't want to buy one, but I think one of you guys should.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

| Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos

Some of these had me dying tonight at work, holy shit.