Friday, July 05, 2013

There's a board game clearance sale at Miniatures Market. Not a ton there, although I was excited to pick up Okko on the cheap: (edit: link deleted!)

I got a lot more to say but it'll have to wait I'm in the bathroom at my grandparents in-law (edit: I'm not there anymore, I guess I didn't have much extra to say after all)

| Miami Connection*

The year is 1987. Motorcycle ninjas tighten their grip on Florida's narcotics trade, annihilating anyone who dares to move in on their turf. Martial arts rock band Dragon Sound has had enough and embarks on a wave of crime-crushing justice.

*Netflix makes working nights extremely tolerable.
(This movie has amazing songs and action and oh my god, it's a treasure.)

Thursday, July 04, 2013

| yay

Those were hilarious. It's shocking to see how bad so much of that GW art was, holy shit. Loved the vagina mouth.

V/H/S 2 comes out soon! It's getting great reviews too. Can't wait to see it.

I still play the shit out of iOS Ascension, so I bought the latest expansion, Immortal Heroes, and it's fuckin' awesome! I guess it's for 2-players only and it has a ton of new cards and this new element called soul gems. Pretty neat if you're into the game. Still have yet to play the cardboard version, so got that on my man-con bucket list.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

| Holy Hell, Best So Far

WAAAAAY better if you know the gamebook, but still some funny-ass comments.  Wow.

Zack: No doubt. Rogue Trader didn't cover Chaos, so the mutants were just another sort of person. They probably were the sort of guys who might spray paint "ARSE MARINES" or "God Speed You, Fag Emperor" on a wall of the Hellsreach barrios.

| The Game is Afoot (or should I say baby arm*)!

Well, maybe.

I broached the subject of the game with the sexy neighbors and sexy wife, and wasn't laughed out of the room so I take that as a success!  It did feel a little awkward like I was suggesting a nerdy 4-some, but in the end it did feel like the seeds were sown, now its time for some sexy regular cultivation.

*Something Awful

Hilarity almost always ensues at this site, particularly when Zack and Steve take on RPGs.  Here's a link to a Cthulhu scenario they 'play' through.  I'm only on page three, and it's great so far; a particular piece that made me laugh:

Steve: The light is still on in the basement and you hear faint electrical sounds and gurgling.
Zack: "Toilet troubles," I say and make an exaggerated frowny face. "Let's go around to the back and look for cluuuuues in the green-houuuuuuse." I am carefully rhyming house with clues.

Funny stuff.  And this Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader artwork writeup had me in stitches:


Monday, July 01, 2013

Running a game for your wife and a married couple? Sounds like a very sexy situation. I recommend you run my introductory module "Lair of the Silken Lover." Note that you need to run it from inside a hot tub. (For you, the GM - the players sit at a table nearby.)

| Deadlands Session #1: A Rousing Success!

Thanks everyone who could attend my first Deadlands game as GM!  I really think I hit my stride about 1/3 of the way through the game, and honestly believe the last 2/3 was possibly the best time I have ever had playing an RPG!  Seeing as the game had such an amazing conclusion (thanks everyone!) I think I'll probably take some time off from running anymore Deadlands for awhile and just relish the joy and fun we all had! See ya at the beach!

In Other RPG Gaming News

Leslie has really taken to the GoT series, and is about 1/2 through the first book (only starting sometime last week while on jury duty).  For some reason her interest in a highly successful fantasy novel that has broad appeal got me thinking it might be time to try out an RPG on her...

Our old neighbors are pretty nerdy (the husband/dad particularly, though the wife/mother likes a good WoW session) and I'm thinking of running a CoC game for them just to see what happens.  I like that CoC is basically regular people that are SORT OF easy to identify with (if being a combo para-psychologist/archaeologist from Harvard is easy) that sort of have their 'normal' world turned upside down through unforseen terribleness.

Leslie is not too fond of scary or gross things (strike one and two against CoC!) but MIGHT like the investigation and story elements of the game.  I dunno, it will likely be an embarrassing disaster ('so, THAT'S what you do at those game conventions?  I want a divorce.'), but it also might be fun.  Other than playing Tomb of Horrors with David Happy and Dan Stephenson in high school (WTF), I don't really have any RPG experience with a total non-RPG gamer, let alone one that's my wife.  Any thoughts or experience on this?
That is ludicrous. All the KSs I've backed had shipping included.

My Bonez get here today! Woohoo! I'll make sure to look at them admiringly before throwing the unopened packages into the closet, never to be seen again.

How's the prep for the Deadlands campaign coming along? I've heard the plot point adventure books are quite good!

I've been running a (very occasional) Iron Kingdoms RPG game (occasional as in, our last session was in January), and on Saturday we played a session where the big climactic battle took place on a 5'x4' terrain board I built out of Terraclips city terrain. It looked really cool, but I don't think I'm doing something of that scale again- it took hours to put together. One of the guys took some pictures so I'll post a couple later. Was awesome to do once though!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

| Koo-ta-loo

I did back it, and as much as I like that game, and am a relative Chaosium apologist, the shipping costs of the  Kickstarter was ridiculous.

I pledged the Slobbering Shoggoth level and it's cost was $100 or more; the 'or more' became the additional postage cost for physical item included in the stretch goals!  In the end, it cost $107 and I THINK I had to up my pledge by that amount before the project funded, but didn't because it wasn't clear what I was supposed to do...

Next, I wanted add a few items from the Curiosity Shop (i.e. more stuff to buy).  How do I do this?  Well, after the project funded we got an update saying that for a limited time, you can use PayPal to pay for additional items, additional pledges, and shipping ("if you forgot about that").  But there was no form to fill out or store to use, just old fashioned log into your PayPal account, send an amount of money to them, and then in the notes section tell them what item you want and not forget to add $1 per physical item for shipping!

It's unfortunate that they didn't just include shipping (at least to the US/Canada like EVERY OTHER KICKSTARTER), and I'm sure they will get some top notch nerd rage about it in the coming days; I certainly think it was a bummer.

Keep Calm and Rape A Lot!

| You got Loop'd

Looper's finally on cable so we got to watch it the other day. We loved it! I was kinda put off by JGL's weird Bruce Willis prosthetics, but other than that, it was a rad movie. I think I expected it to be more of a brain burner, because time travel, but it was totally easy to follow. Now I REALLY wanna see that directors earlier flick Brick also starring JGL. It's supposed to be great and it's on Netflix.

Saw White House Down in theaters. Also really liked it. It's totally 90's action trash but well done and totally fun. You can all probably wait for TV, but i enjoy those big dumb movies in the theater.