Friday, June 22, 2012

Someone in my cube or immediately adjacent just laid a nasty, nasty fart.

That is all.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

| Mmmm... beeeeeeeer

Man I'd love to do that. Stupid time-space continuum. :(
Aeryk - I got pretty excited about that beer festival and even asked Matt Z if he'd like to go. Then I realized it's on my anniversary weekend...

But in the alternate universe where men celebrate anniversaries with the groomsmen, not their wives, I'm totally in.

We'll have to have a make-up festival at your apt sometime...

Monday, June 18, 2012

| Aptos Beer Festival!


This is the festival that's in the park essentially in my backyard.  We can booze it up (all you can drink samples), eat some BBQ, and stumble back home to sleep/barf it off.  Who's with me this year?!?!

Last year was a blast all by my self, and I think it would only be better with some other drunken morons that I know and love, to blackout with.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sorry, it's 3:30 or nothin'! :)

I have become absolutely obsessed with Doomtown again, specifically finding my missing cards. I absolutely have NO idea where the fuck the 1/3 of my collection with all my Dudes and faction starters is? :( Anybody have a stray set around?

Went through ALL the unpacked storage boxes I've got at the apt, and this weekend searched the closet in my old bedroom... no dice.

Man I really went balls-deep into that game. I started entering the cards I DO still have into a spreadsheet (obsessed!) and assuming the current ratio holds, I had something like 85% of the cards in the range.

I even started looking into the cost of replacing my missing cards. It would be... cost prohibitive. It would be really cool if FFG got the rights and rereleased it Living Card Game style. Alas, it appears AEG still has the rights and is not relinquishing them, they need to focus on releasing more L5R for fat dicks.
Had some tacos at rudy mamas house.  One of his nephews who called him uncle rudy (how cute, aww)  gave us a musical concert in the living room.  Reminded me a little of a Christmas carol in the living room thing.  then I went home and just slept...

Have a safe flight home Jon hombre.  Btw you and janice are totally welcome over.  I heard one of you say how about 3:30 AM and I was joking as reactionary saying "not THAT welcome", but you know, as long as it's not 3:30 AM, you are totally always welcome.  Anyways, no need for further explans.

I can't believe that was just yesterday! Congrats man, great ceremony and really fun reception. Bonus points for the awesome live Latin ensemble!

And yes Ja-El, I was wiped the eff out afterwards. I collapsed the second I got home and didn't move for two hours