Friday, October 25, 2013

| Tim & Eric

I might be alone on this, but Tim & Eric are seriously the funniest mother fuckers. I love it. This commercial for their Halloween Special killed me.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

| Love Letter

I was trying to hit a certain amount of money on Amazon the other day, for gift card reasons, so I picked up the $10 buck super light card game, Love Letter. I'd vaguely heard about it, but hadn't tried it yet. We played to completion last night which was 13 hands, and it was a blast. SUPER light weight and filler, but not a bad game at all. It's good with 2 but I can imagine it being even better with 3 or 4. It's a deduction game. Only 16 cards and with 2 players you take out 4 to begin each round, so you can imagine how quick the rounds go.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

| Book of Revelation, pt 2

I just this morning realized that in that Mighty Mighty Bosstones song, they're not saying "I never had to knock on wood", they are in fact saying, "I never had to, knock on wood."
I watched that 10 min BEE cartoon and it was SO GOOD! I've only ever seen Adventure Time from Frederator, so I don't know any of their other shows. That was awesome.
You should start a Kickstarter to fund the Kickstarter?

| Hearthstone: The Awesome

So I got my beta invite for Hearthstone yesterday (the new WoW based, online, F2P with IAP, CCG) and it is....


Its really easy, makes a lot of sense, is fast, feels really balanced, uses the art, sounds, and other goodness from WoW that makes me happy, and I really hope there is a way to play each other because it's RAD!

Another benny is that it has cross Blizzard game chat, so I can talk to Mike while he is CONSTANTLY on WoW running in raids and dungeons... I thought I had it bad, that dude LOVES WoW.

| Legolas Lager, Current Count

Okay, so:

Pumpkin: $100
R00d: $150 (if it puts us over the top)
Jr0n: $150
Elzar: $150 (+ all the other shit...)

Only $1050 more to go!

Unaccounted for...

Enron (your broham want in?)
R Dub (We'll totally ship you brews overseas!)
Jael (but I'm PRETTY sure we know what the answer will be there)

Not giving up!  Not losing hope!  It's not too late to up your ante, folks!  Think of how rad it would be to cart your own kegerator, filled with some Legolas Light, down to open gaming and just pouring away!


| You took too long, now your candy's gone. That's what happened.

Looks like the PicoBrew met its funding goal.  I did notice that tax and shipping weren't included in the pledge cost...  sad trombone...  I'm in for a Benjamin if we can make a Legolas Lager.

Cool dice rings.  Knowing me and my luck with dice, I'd roll a critical fumble on it and actually break my finger in the process.

Jr0n - I got my Dwarvenforge box last week.  It was the unpainted version.  Three basic sets worth.  Over 22 pounds!  Every individual tile comes in a little plastic bag.  So many plastic trees were killed for our hobby.  I haven't even taken them all out yet.  Remember to lift with your legs when the package arrives.

I recently pitched in on a Kickstarter for a cartoon series.  It's halfway funded.  Hope it makes it.  Don't know if it's up anyone's alley.  Watch the first episode.  It made me laugh (especially the sword joke).

Bee and PuppyCat!!!!

...aaaaand.  I have been out-bondaged by a bunch of Japanese girls.  It's a pop group.  Music is typical pop.  The music is not the important thing here.  Just jump ahead to 4:00.  I never thought I'd ever write "ballet bondage".

Momoiro Clover Z

Oh yeah.  The guy with the homemade weapons scares me.  Especially his laugh.  I can totally picture him having a dungeon like Pulp Fiction.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

| I vow to show you how to roll the dice

I like those rings!

Haven't been up to much lately, just doing jr0n stuff I guess. I finally watched Cabin in the Woods, which I really enjoyed. Also been trying to clear some space, as the deluge o' late Kickstarter projects (that I don't have much time to use right now) is starting to roll in:

* My fuck-ton of Dwarven Forge tiles should be here sometime this week. Apparently they are heavy as shit! Matt's order was smaller than mine, and his box weighed 29 pounds.
* They're shipping out OGRE, so I should get mine sometime this week! Looks gorgeous. Super pumped about this one.
* A neat-looking Dungeon Crawl Classics setting that is super late is supposedly about to wrap up and ship. How about that DCC, that was fun, we should play again, huh? * crickets *

Plans for Kubla con:
* Massive game of Ogre
* Massive dungeon crawl
* Massive disappointment

| holy shit

Dice Rings!?
 Saw this on facebook. Would have been the ultimate wedding ring for moi.


Monday, October 21, 2013

| Forbidden Dessert

[insert foodie joke]

We haven't played Forbidden Desert yet, but I went over the rules and it looks pretty awesome. It's a simple 5 x 5 grid of tiles, similar to the locations in Forbidden Island, and instead of looking for 4 artifacts and booking it, you're looking for 4 plane parts. What makes it different is, instead of a sinking island, sandstorms blow SAND onto locations making them impassable unless you spend AP to dig them out. There's also an empty tile space that starts in the middle of the board layout and moves around. It's the STORM and it goes around changing the layout of the game, fucking with your plans (or making things easier I suppose). Then, the last big difference is this WATER mechanic where in one of the decks, instead of THE WATER RISES, they've got cards called THE SUN BEATS DOWN, causing you to expend a water that you track on your character card. I think everyone starts with 4 water. So there's a bunch of new stuff to juggle.

Since we haven't played it, I don't know how elegant it all is, but the rules made perfect sense and it's reviewed pretty well on BGG, so feeling pretty good about it.

| Netflix

Netflix is on a roll lately with some good stuff. I finally got around to watching TROLL 2 and then the documentary about it's cult status, BEST WORST FILM. If you haven't seen either, make sure you watch Troll 2 first.

Also saw ROOM 237 which is the documentary on all these crazy theories people have about The Shining. That was really crazy and fun to watch.

Then we started watching ARROW which is a friggen CW show that just started it's season 2 on regular tv. Season 1 just popped up on Netflix and it's really good! Yeah, every dude has the epic chiseled chins and every girl is a babe, but it has great action. Who would have thought a friggen CW show based on The Green Arrow would be good, but so far it's awesome.