Friday, February 22, 2013

Hey, Plants v Zombies is free for iOS this week!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

| Snake Meat

I couldn't read the item that had snake meat with a picture of David Lee Roth stapled to it out loud to Leslie because I found my self in one of those places where it was SO funny to me, I couldn't even mouth the words without laughing uncontrollably.

The whole menu is great, but for some reason when I tried re-telling that item I just lost it.  Good stuff!


That's an amazing menu. I'm sure it's not far removed from the real thing. I read the NY Times review that slammed the restaurant. There's also an unaired sketch SNL did on his response to the article that was pretty funny.

My favorite might be the Hobo Lobo Bordello Slam Jam Appetizer. "38oz of super-saddened, Cheez-gutted  wolf meat"

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Haha... Guy Fieri didn't register the URL of the full name of his shitty Times Square restaurant, so someone else registered it and put this up. Football: The Meal, anyone?

| Dungelot

Here's my app recommendation of the week: Dungelot! Currently FREE, usually 99cents. It's a great pooping game. Simple dungeon crawl SORTA mixed with Minesweeper. Well, you have to clear out an enemy before exploring the spaces around it, so it throws up x's on the spaces ala minesweeper. It's simple, cute, fun and free.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Boy, I forgot everything I learned about redstone wiring! I'm trying to do a relatively small project, and it's just taking me forever. Going to run out of redstone soon too, which means diving back into excavating in a non-productive way (from the point of view of the excavation overseer). Maybe I can dig into that abyss at one end of enr0n's wing.

So one of the harder lesson of parenting has been that when I have days off, the day care has days off. So what were formerly fun days to sleep in, play Minecraft and jerk off etc. are now exhausting and I go into work more tired than when I started the weekend! Plus I was sick the whole weekend. Anyway, ended up taking today off work and sleeping almost the entire day. It would've been awesome if I weren't so sick!

Anyhow. Less whining, more links to iOS downloads:

Crawler's Companion This will be handy when (not if) we play DCC again. Funky dice roller, and most of the charts and all the spells in handy digital format!

Versu Some kind of interactive fiction generator/reading utility. Haven't actually fired it up yet, but it looks kinda cool.