Saturday, February 15, 2014

Nice, that's a good one. I personally think the Wife Factor (tm) on that one might be a little low, due to a combination of complexity/fiddliness and the overwhelming bleakness of watching everybody die of starvation and exposure, but GOOD LUCK BUDDY!

Kind of bad rulebook on that one so definitely grab a reference from BGG. There are also some really crazy situations you can get into with the cards that result in you "spending night outside the camp" so might be best to redraw if you encounter any of those to start with.

Unless they've updated the it in a second printing, there's a big mistake in resolving the night phase. Basically they say that you choose whether to move your shelter after you take damage from not having a roof. That's an error. You get to choose to move your shelter before checking whether you have a fucking roof. This will make a lot more sense when you play the game.

Also don't forget that you lose if ANYONE DIES (well, not that fucker Friday). No tearful farewells at the grave followed by soldiering on, YOU LOSE.

It is a rad game.
I still find it hard to believe that private jets don't have shitters! It's like our crazy house boat we rented for Jawn's bachelor party even had toilets - if I remember correctly, they were RV-style for sure, but you had a friggen DOOR. Yuck.

In fun gaming news, my copy of Robinson Crusoe came in. I totally didn't have a handle on it when we played it at Cayucos, but I could tell there was an awesome game in there that I'd love once I got my head around it. Hopefully MY WIFE will enjoy it too, but if not, I will roll hard with Friday and my dog, Thursday.
Yeah, that was really funny. The first half is great, because it's so annoying listening to this guy whine about his rich-asshole job; you really feel like he and everybody on the plane deserve what's coming to them in the second half, which makes it all the funnier.

Is it bad that I honestly wouldn't mind if the story ended with "then the plane crashed and everybody died"? Too class warrior?

| Washing Machine Rice

Yeah, its pretty horrifying.  I suppose I would feel sorry for him, if he weren't a stockbroker schmoozer!  The 'privacy screen' is just priceless, I think.  In other news, I'm working on the next CAH: AT expansion release from the extensive notes I took plus the old AT glossary that Enron tracked down - looks to be a good addition and I can't wait.

Friday, February 14, 2014

That's such a horrifying story. I just want to know what happened AFTER!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

| That story about the toilet on a personal jet

If any of you remember that story I was trying to describe at Cayucos about the business man who had to use the 'emergency' toilet on a personal jet, here is the official link.
Enjoy! I thought it was hi-larious.

Sold to bjon for $3 dollars - he brow beat me down from $4.
Anyone want to buy a dirt cheap xbox 360? I never use it anymore and tried to sell it at a store, but they denied me because it's scuffed a little on the outside. It works great otherwise, I SWEAR! They bought all my games so now I have even less reason to have it.

Monday, February 10, 2014

OR, we could double down and film EVERYTHING, including bathroom breaks, and make your card game, which will use cooking as its core mechanic, the focus of the weekend?

Well, hopefully the end result is worth it all the pain. I just got the hard drive from enr0n and I'm super excited!

I'm also super excited to actually see you guys in the meat-flesh! Kubla's not too far away!!!!!!!!!

| Postmortem

I think we identified some of the hiccups we'll address (it sounds very formal) for next years ManCon - less professional level video and interviews, less cook time in the kitchen, and to SOME extent less game jam. While awesome, I think they are/were time-sinks that kinda effed up the gaming jam.  NOT TO SAY I wish we didn't shoot interviews or eat food or work on TPK, but I think combined they took a lot of time away from gaming, which added to our need for incessant catching up and jibber jabber, meant we didn't get as much to the table as we could have.  NOTE:  Next year if we use the same location,  I will try and bring another gaming table so facilitate two games at once where the second game is not a back/knee breaker at the coffee table.  My leisure and gaming time at Cayucos in summary:

CAH: AT expansion was great!

Robinson Crusoe: I enjoyed having the whole group die the same night from starvation/exposure/viper wounds/animal attacks, and agree it would have been nice to get to the table at least once again.

Formula D: I think that's the first time I've won that game and only barely eeked out the win against Mototbyke and Enron, and mind you Enron started in LAST PLACE at the starting line...

Legendary x2:  I really like this game and now that I have a few plays under my belt with the expansions, I definitely see how mixing the base set heroes that are more straight forward with a few expansion heroes that are more nuanced and complex would make for a better game :)  Either way, I liked getting our asses handed to us both games.

Diskwars:  Sad it didn't get more than a half-full teaching game.  It plays so quick, we could have knocked a bunch out but it would have taken up the whole main table so no one else could play anything. (See note above re: second table)

Pathfinder:  Even through we ended the game on the LAST turn after failing to end it the previous turn and then had a 3 in 4 change of losing the game simply based on not pulling the one card we needed, which should have been a really exciting event, it still was sort of meh.  Now that everyone knows the rules and has a character, maybe subsequent plays would be a little bit more fun, more smooth, and generally more enjoyable but who knows.

Kingdom Builder:  Always a great time.

Coup x2 :  Waaaaay better than the Resistance, IMHO.  Faster, and I like the little odds-based, logic/risk puzzles that play themselves out as the game progressed.  I'd doo eet again!

Tsuro: Not at all what I thought that game was.  DaveDefeat and Enron certain made for some added laffs, but overall it was a fun, fast game.

Video Interview:  Awkward.  "I was 14 and was sleeping with guys in their 20's"

Frisbee:  Fun!

TPK:  Fun to tinker with an idea and have some input from everyone, though I think I was feeling pressure to produce something by the end of the con because of the Game Jam idea...  I sat down and made some example rolling charts and it was terrible!  Clearly, the conversion from idea to actual is going to take some more effort :)

Oh my god, Motorbyke's homemade AT Cards Against Humanity cards were awesome. No one outside of the group would get them, but they breathe awesome new life into the game.

I actually played more games this weekend than I first remembered. Still, should have got in way more, but that's the way it usually goes.

Robinson Crusoe - that was a great game! Wish we had tackled it earlier in the weekend, because I'm sure we would have done better with another go at it. It's in stock at CSI so I might pick it up.

Discwars - wish we would have played a full game. I think we got into the TPK talk after the tutorial and then ended up putting it away. We shoulda brought it out again. It was good.

Legendary was awesome. Not very complicated, but that's why I immediately dug it. Another one we probably could have won with another couple games.

Pathfinder! It was OKAY. We played with 5, so I don't know if that was supposed to make it better or worse, but I wasn't really impressed. Glad I finally got to play it at least.

I'm gonna pick up that stupid Lords Of Waterdeep expansion - I can't believe it's been out for awhile and I've never picked it up.

We never did Love Letter! What the F.

And mini's never hit the tables, comeon guys.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

I'm sorry I couldn't make it! I went to each of Target and the pharmacy twice. I like to party, too.

Is anyone playing Hearthstone? I've been playing pretty one or two games a day. Haven't done better than 2 wins in the Arena yet, but this Rogue deck I randomly threw together is doing surprisingly well in Play mode.

| Another Awesome Cayucos Con

It was a great time that went by way too fast this year.  Really great to see all of you and to catch up a bit, missed all of you who couldn't make it.  Glad that the Cards Against Humanity: Action Team Expansion was such a hit - I have a whole bunch of material from my notes to create the add-on.  As expected, Iron Dragon was not played.  Personal highlights for me were beating Enron at Formula D, and winning Lords of Waterdeep, events that I never thought would ever happen.  Now, back to the grindstone.  Edit: First Post from me in like 5 years!

| Cayucos Con 3

Another great weekend bites the dust. Thanks gang for a great time. Thanks Enron for the good eats. We missed the homies who couldn't be there to enjoy in the gaming and adventures.

I brough a billion games, and got 3 to the table, I think. Coup was a big hit. Tsuro also went over better than I expected. Stone Age was played pretty late one night, but we powered through it, feeding our dumb cave--babies bark to eat.

See ya next year!