Friday, May 04, 2012

RIP MCA! Yeah such a bummer about that one. I've got my Beastie Boys video collection around here somewhere, maybe I'll have to check it out... I remember hearing "Girls" when I was 10 or so and getting kind of embarrassed about it for some reason. I first heard the song in an actual girl's room. An older girl even! Sadly this was the extent of my studly maneuvers for years to come.

And of course, we owe them thanks for teaching Aeryk, literally, everything he knows about Bob Dylan.
Also, also, MCA from the Beastie Boys died. That actually really bums me out. Rolling Stone Article
Yo! I thought this was funny for some reason. No so much the band doing this, but the comments had me chuckling. Also, for those of you who have kids, Mike Park, formerly of Skankin' Pickle and of Asian Man records, is also a dad and has started a sub-label of Asian Man having bands write and record children's songs. It is actually quite good. If I ever have kids, you can bet I would listen to this in the car with them, as opposed to the Wiggles or some crap like that. Fun Fun Records Sampler

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Jorn - I saw that, when they hit 650k, but I didn't know it was voted Asian.  No idea what that mystery was about but we'll find out!  and nope, i thought about funding it, but then I was like, ok, since this is the most bootlegged game in history, that record has to be kept alive somehow as well.   And for the fact that it is just another remake of LSL1 so i didn't see the grand value in buying it.  Sadly.

I haven't funded anything to date, but I'll put my game up there soon!  so hopefully it'll get funded.  =)
The only kick starter is I have funded have been D-Day dice, double fine adv, and Carnival. Carnival unfortunately was pretty bad. The plus side to carnival being bad was it got me off of kick starter. Leisure suit Larry looks pretty janky. As much of an impact it had on my original young self I can't imagine wanting to play the game again. I did play the most recent Linree game that was a third person action platformer mess. That game was crap. Going to go see the avengers film tomorrow. I actually quite enjoyed Thor and captain America. The Ironman films were okay at the time but I don't really want to ever see them again. Never saw the Ed Norton hulk flick. Kudos John I'm probably one of the best role-playing campaigns I have ever played in. For some reason you've really nailed it this time. I've really enjoyed all the unique elements you brought in like the readers theater and the hex map et cetera. Did not expect the Google hangout to work as well as as it has. Maybe we've all just gotten used to it but I think it's a fantastic tool.
Ja-el -- I hear you on LSL. Did you fund it? I didn't fund that one. I already bought the first remake of LSL1 back in the day. (And the original LSL1 was itself a graphical remake of a text adventure called SoftPorn adventure. How deep does the rabbit hole go?) Did you see that the funding allowed Al Lowe to put an extra girl in the game, they put the type to a vote and the community overwhelmingly voted Asian?

I probably will pick it up on Steam or whatever. I might also be inclined to fund a remake of the subsequent games since those never got updates and I don't remember them nearly as well. The only thing I really remember about LSL2 was eating some poisoned guacamole and slowly getting greener and greener before expiring.

Did you see that the Space Quest guys are up to... something? Presumably a kickstarter's in the near future. I'll probably be all over that one.

Kickstarters I've funded:
Tim Schafer Adventure Game
Wasteland 2
Shadowrun CRPG
Home today, the kid came down with a cold and was up almost all night whining and sniffling (hence we were also up almost all night). Can't take her to day care like that so I'm using a sick day and chillaxing. At least it's an excuse to catch up on important stuff like looking at the Internet.

I'm thinking seriously about using a painting service for a couple of the Warmachine units I know in my heart I will never, ever have time or skill to paint. (Trencher Commandos and Sea Dog Crew, I'm lookin' at you.) In the businesses I'm looking at, you mail your shit off to Sri Lanka and then months later get them back. It's sort of a crazy setup, but apparently is legit.

Pumpkin! I was looking at the Earthdawn art at Deviantart and there is a serious lack of quality there. You could totally destroy the competition there with your mad art skillz. How do I go about commissioning an illustration of Gherkg getting the crap beat out of him by the angry, elemental bear?

Rude, your description of Enron's character having the "500-hex stare" keeps coming back to me and making me laugh at random times.

(Edit) Any of you guys up on this Kickstarter? Not my thing, I'm not really a "zombie guy," but../ Aeryk? Rude? Pumpkin?







Wednesday, May 02, 2012

(Crude comments about motorboating Aunt Jemima's flapjacks excised.)

Great writeups for Earthdawn guys! I added them to the Sessions subfolder, and made a few edits to fix some things. I also added an appendix to each one. Check 'em out!

Enron -- I forgot to mention that these should be written from the POV of your character. There actually is a game-based reason for this! So if you get a chance to tweak it in that way it would be to your (well, Gherkg's) material advantage!

Fun session. Aeryk I think you should continue to make cameos about your side adventures even if you don't join the campaign (although really I think you should join the campaign :) ).
LSL got 600k funding.  The number is quite dismal, despite surpassing their requisite goal by 100k.  I think part of that was because they are just rehashing LSL 1: lounge lizards.  I'm much prefer had they actually used those antiquated once-brilliant noggins to make a new LSL 6.  I think more people would have funded that instead of milking a remake.  I'm half dissapointed.
Ah yes... i see.  The root of the problem?  Remind me to never invite Aunt Jeminina to my house again!

Apparently it does connect over wifi (it's creates it;s own Cloud network).   misused terminology

Edit: The thing is, I probably know a several good mfgs that can make these usb/memory wifi drives in Taiwan.  Any mind-grapes working with good ipad/iphone accessory ideas?  Improve this idea?  Make a better external drive? etc etc
Did the write-up for tonight's episode of Earthdawn Adventures:

Goodtimes! I totally forgot to email myself all the notes I'd taken during the game, so I'm sure there's huge chunks of detail left out. I will say this is all Lorro's recollection.
You missed out on a sweet Earthdawn session Enron! Your character probably did the best in combat, felling many a wolf.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

jA -El, I think the key aspect you are missing is the "Any USB device" part. E.g if Aunt Jemima comes over your house with brand Bortz-T-Genero-Stick 4GB USB drive, full of her vacation photos from the People's Republic of Pancakes; she can plug it into the CloudFTP box. Boom, you can look at them directly on your iWhatever. In theory of course.

Otherwise, you have to play the file shuffle. Pop Bortz-T-Genero-Stick 4GB USB drive into your Dell.icious PC box of Magic Partz and drop the images on the desktop, or some "My Pictures" folder. Then connect your iThingy into your Dell.icious PC box of Magic Partz. Next, open iTunes, pull the images onto the iPad sync, and sync. Wait. Disconnect. Yay!

Option one is faster and does not require a PC or Mac. Option two, tried and true, but more of a buzzkill when you are amped to see mountains of waffles and butter loom tall over plains of pancakes smothered in MAple Syrup and Butta'. That being said, bummer it is ecpected to work over the cloud and not WiFi directly with the iThingy...

AT techies or anyone else who wants to take a potshot:  (explain this)

Why exactly is this a useful project that people want to fund on kickstarter?

I found a few off the market brands from seagate and other well placed branded mfgs making these since 2011.  External USB ipad storage, I would imagine is nothing new.  So why exactly is this project getting funded.  All I can think of is just novelty but it doesn't make sense to me.
Played a couple hours of Mass Effect 3. Biggest bummer is that my ME2 save apparently didn't transfer over correctly from my old xbox, so I'm having to start this from scratch :( I only played through the intro and just got to the Citadel, so I'm going to wait awhile and see if the ME3 saves start to show up. There are a ton of ME 1 and 2 saves you can download that have all the same decisions you made in the old games, but since I sold off my ME2 disc, they don't do me any good. So hopefully I can actually get some benefit out of all that old shit I'd done in the older games.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

I have never tried the Farmers of the Moor expansion for 'Gric. We honestly haven't played the game in months and had barely started to use the cards even then. If we can get back into it, I'll think about checking it out! What kills me about Agricola is that I always feel rushed and it's almost always over before I feel like I have my little economy working for me. I bet that has to do with it being an ultra-Euro game and it being tuned to all hell, but I wish it was less stressful.

There's a 2-player only Agricola game coming out this year that's supposed to be less intense. I'll see how the reviews are, but that might be a better fit for me than the original game. It's supposed to focus on Animal Husbandry, exciting.