Saturday, January 11, 2014

I'm officially off work for 10 weeks for bonding! wEE.

Tomorrow would be my next day back to work, so doesn't feel all that special yet.

Friday, January 10, 2014

| Oh, right

I just remembered why I wanted to throw out the cords I'm wearing today. It was because of the hole in the crotch.
Right on, thanks!

Yeah the storage:cost ratio isn't wonderful, but a 240 gb Crucial brand SSD is about $150 which isn't too bad. I do still need to research that brand and also see whether there are reasonable larger alternatives.

The existing HD is only 256 GB anyway so it's not like I'm losing much. At worst I might have to delete a few GB of Manimal fan fiction.

| Jorn of the SSD cock rings

In case you need a second opinion, I can attest to everything enron has said.  I too own a SSD samhung in my Acer laptop and it is a necessity.  The problem is the price, you get about 50% less capacity per cost comparative basis, but the speed increase is very notable on loading and especialy if you run parasitic applications like Photoshop or Outlook.  Haven't noticed any crashing problems, but only had it for a few months.

Thursday, January 09, 2014


SSD = Do Eeet! They are fast and now very stable. Certainly they are much more shock and Magnetic field resistant as compared to spinning disks. My issues stemmed from a shitty manufacturer that used a chipset prone to corrupting data on PCs that went to sleep, which is pretty much every PC default now. Eventually the unit would brick. I went through three of those fuckers before I gave up on it. It was still in warranty but I had no desire to go through the rigmarole again (troubleshoot, send in unit, wait for stupid email exchange to play out, wait for the replacement to arrive via slowest ground UPS possible, plug it in, re-install OS and apps, restart counter for when it will fail again). Don't buy OCZ. In fact, I believe I saw they are in pretty bad shape financially. Anyway, I picked up a Samsung SSD a year or so back and it has been rock solid. Snappy too. They are even more potent in laptops, where the HDD is even more of a bottleneck.


Wednesday, January 08, 2014

I'm increasingly tempted to upgrade my laptop's HD to an SSD. They sound great, and yet I seem to recall an endless series of nightmare stories from blenr0n. Any experiences pro/con?

Sunday, January 05, 2014

| Thanks!

Yep, 10 years.  Good times!

And now for something completely different: