Friday, July 12, 2013

I'll pick up FTL, missed out on that one before. I see Fez is on sale! I really liked that one on XBLA but my 360 took a shit before I could finish it. Kind of a platforming/code solving hybrid, very weird and evocative.

Of course the game I've played the most lately is Temple Run 2, which is free. Fuck that game!

| Trying to be miserly with the budget

So I'm limiting myself to less than $20 on Steam games for the next while. I went with Wargame: EE for $9.99 and I think I might grab Just Cause 2 for $2.50. Nothing else is really catching my attention anyway, so that's good, lol.

I see FTL is on sale again, if anyone didn't get that previously, I HIGHLY recommend it. Outstanding indie game.

Ah, the wallet killer. One to look out for on sale is Rogue Legacy, it's a fun randomly generated sidescroller. I bought it on the strength of this review and it's been a good way to pass the time.

Sorry to hear about the move. That really sucks! Glad your leg is getting better. Yeah that probably would've been a speedy recovery in your 20s, not so much now that you're fifty-eight or whatever you guys in that grade are.

In other gaming news, I just picked up the new Star Wars RPG and it looks pretty sweet. It's based on the WFRP 3rd Ed system, which is narrative and fast, but without the fiddly components (which are fun, but make WFRP hard for online). It has features that are PERFECT for online in many ways, not least because of the abstracted movement/combat systems that minimizes the need for a battle grid.

FFG are also planning to support the shit out of it for adventures, another big plus.

My goal: start an online campaign, then as kid #2 comes along, pass it along to Rude/Aeryk/Pumpkin (I know enr0n is hopeless) and rotate GMs like the movies have different directors. That way I could play too!

The only obstacles are that everyone would need a hard copy of the book and either some of the fancy dice or the dice app (the game uses weird dice). But if people were down and we could settle on a regular evening (alternating Mondays or something?) I could get something going in 2-3 weeks.

| And then...

I killed the blog. lol

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

| In other good news..

Was able to sell some computer peripherals, DVD box set and a framed, signed WWII Lithograph I've had for a while now and raised some money to help pay for the move. Losing the litho was a little rough but, whatever, my family comes first! Stuff is just stuff.

I also sold my Kickstarter account for Star Citizen. :-(

Man that game looks AMAAAAAAAZING. Any of you guys following along with that one? I haven't been this excited for a new game since WWII Online some 13-14 years ago. It's going to be absolutely epic.

| LOL @ SA goons

I love me some SA. They deliver on the laughs more often than not.

Sorry for being so absent as of late. Unfortunately, as I suspected, things have kind of come to a head for me this year. Latest fun, the wonderful folks at our mortgage company, after 6 months of telling us a loan modification was being approved and all we needed to do was wait for the offer to show up so we could move on with things... has decided to send us a letter basically saying JUST KIDDING, WE'RE SELLING YOUR HOUSE IN 2 WEEKS! TROLOLOLO

So now the mad scramble is on to find a new place to live. I think we've found a house to rent that isn't A) stupidly expensive and B) in the ghetto. So that's nice. But man, trying to secure a place to live, pack and move and not jump off a bridge in frustration is a difficult thing.

Good news is, I'm slowly getting back into fighting shape. The doc said it would take 6 months and I thought I'd power through that and jump right back into life but, well, let's just say he was right and I was wrong, lol. I can now reliably put in 4-5 hours a day of work and not be completely on my ass for a day or two. Still feels like I got run over by a garbage truck but I can muster myself out of bed and get on it again for another 4-5 hours the next day before I crap out. So that's good news.

And so as to not be a complete downer d-bag, I present to you an amusing youtube clip of a home-made redux of the trench run:

Monday, July 08, 2013

Wow! Sounds like a good date night thing to do (edit: just don't take Pocahontas). We were in town for a couple days so we snuck off and saw The Heat. It was only OK, but it was nice to get out. We caught it at the Arclight which is really nice too and not even more expensive than normal theaters.

Saw a couple trailers for Pacific Rim and that looks pretty awesome. I'll probably sneak out and catch that one, then that'll be that for movies for another year or so :)

Update update: OK, just got home after an exhausting drive with a late start and a cranky toddler. Relieved to be home. Tomorrow was supposed to be a relaxing "stay-cation" day but I think it'll mainly be spent dealing with car-based B.S.:

1. Last Tuesday we got an oil change from the Subaru dealer. On Thursday, we started driving to LA, only to have the low oil light come on a few minutes after getting on I-5. Pulled into the nearest gas station (15 minutes), popped hood, and eyy! the technician had decided the oil cap looked better resting on the battery than screwed into the oil compartment. Oil all the fuck over the engine and top of the hood. Cleaned up the mess the best I could and put in a quart (which brought the dipstick to above full, so I'm not too concerned about damage to the engine itself at this point). We've left several messages at our fine dealer, who has not called back yet, which is always a portent of good customer service. Tomorrow will no doubt be a fun time convincing these guys they need to redo the oil and steam clean that shit.
2. Today when we got home we saw that somebody had stolen the front license plate off of our other car. Eyy!

| Fancy Shit

Over the weekend we headed out to one of those $30 bucks a ticket movie theaters out in Pasadena (iPic Theaters), and it was a killer experience! Obviously, not something we could afford to do on a regular basis, but it was awesome to try out and will probably be something we return to for big movies we're both looking forward to. We got there early and (I) had drinks in this nice fou-fou lounge. They had like the fanciest nachos I'd ever tried, and they were delish. They had a bunch of beers on tap, but I went for a couple of strong cocktails. Once in the theater, you each get your own super comfy recliner with a pillow, blanket, small pox, and free popcorn. At the push of a button, a waitress comes to your chair and takes your order for more drinks and food. It was RAD! We saw Lone Ranger which we liked. It's gotten pretty bad reviews and I don't think it did well at the box office this weekend, but I found it a lot more enjoyable than the past bunch of Pirates of the Caribbean movies and even the new Superman. And for being 2.5 hours long, the plush movie experience made it worth it.