Friday, July 12, 2013

Ah, the wallet killer. One to look out for on sale is Rogue Legacy, it's a fun randomly generated sidescroller. I bought it on the strength of this review and it's been a good way to pass the time.

Sorry to hear about the move. That really sucks! Glad your leg is getting better. Yeah that probably would've been a speedy recovery in your 20s, not so much now that you're fifty-eight or whatever you guys in that grade are.

In other gaming news, I just picked up the new Star Wars RPG and it looks pretty sweet. It's based on the WFRP 3rd Ed system, which is narrative and fast, but without the fiddly components (which are fun, but make WFRP hard for online). It has features that are PERFECT for online in many ways, not least because of the abstracted movement/combat systems that minimizes the need for a battle grid.

FFG are also planning to support the shit out of it for adventures, another big plus.

My goal: start an online campaign, then as kid #2 comes along, pass it along to Rude/Aeryk/Pumpkin (I know enr0n is hopeless) and rotate GMs like the movies have different directors. That way I could play too!

The only obstacles are that everyone would need a hard copy of the book and either some of the fancy dice or the dice app (the game uses weird dice). But if people were down and we could settle on a regular evening (alternating Mondays or something?) I could get something going in 2-3 weeks.