Saturday, November 10, 2012

| Skyfall

We saw Skyfall yesterday. It's really good. Kinda grim dark and not especially fun, but it really felt like the smartest Bond flick yet. Visually I thought it was stunning at various points.

| Bond, James Bond.

I would like to see this one:

You can even make your own, Yay!

Good to know some states figured out how to properly fix civil rights for gay couples.

I agree the MJ legislation is a good thing. While I am not a big proponent myself of smoking, or what other method of imbibing weed, I think enforcement and incarceration is just illogical. As a government it should be control much like liquor and make money off of it, instead of spending vast sums and ruining people lives. It certainly would go a long way to get a huge monkey off of our budget issues. Not that our budgets don't have a hundred other monkeys, but that's a discussion for another day.


Wednesday, November 07, 2012

| smoke 2 joints in the morning (HEY!)

I was just reading about how you guys legalized Mary Jane for recreational purposes. Interesting! The whole State vs Federal laws thing is so messed up though, so I wonder how it's going to play out. I know the feds keep raiding and shutting down dispensaries here in SoCal, but from the law enforcement side, weed is treated pretty lightly for the most part, seeming to go along the state laws somewhat. (They still seem to pick and choose who they'll harass, but in the end, that shit gets thrown out in court and is little more than a hassle.)


I am very proud of Washington State today for passing pro-liberty and equality measures while at the same time voting for a constitutional amendment that would require a 2/3rds majority vote to raise taxes.

Marijuana has now been decriminalized (and legalized for commercial sale even, with licensing and distribution monitored by the state). Huge blow to the ridiculous and ineffectual "War on Drugs".

Marriage-equality for same-sex couples was passed as well. Yay for not being douchebags!

Honestly, I was kind of holding my breath on both of these items, being sure that the 'necks and the righty-right folks would kill them.. but it looks like the time has come for both issues. Going to be interesting to see how the Feds handle a state legalizing a Schedule I drug, lol.


I beat FTL on "Normal" today. How crazy is that. I had the Crystal Cruiser (Type B). Managed to survive the first couple of sectors (which ain't easy)... got luckly and picked up a Hull Laser II (3 shots) and 2 x Burst II lasers (6 total shots)... so I was able to pump out 9 shots per volley which was highly effective.

However, up until the final mothership, I pretty much just relied on my boarding party to neutralize their weapons systems and then take out their crew to win. The crystal-people are hella bad asses for that tactic with their lockdown special ability and high hit points.

/cool story bro
Those are some good tweets! I went to sleep, hoping my non-vote wouldn't make a difference... and woke to see I was correct! Yay. (I got a mail-in ballot and forgot to mail it in then forgot to bring it to work yesterday thus forgetting to take it to a poll. #forgeter)

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

All right, we got three so far! Who else is in? :)

Anyone following this #romneydeathrally stuff? Been going since last night. Weird, yet occasionally hilarious stuff.


The 24th is confirmed good for DCC.

PAX... We could all sleep at fArt's house for the entire weekend to save on costs. All 13 of us. Plus, the wifey will love it and so will the kiddies love the drunk, smelly, loud, vulgar gamer invasion. Anyway, while going to Seattle sounds like fun, being a cool city and all. PAX isn't really my cup of tea I don't think. Yeah, there is a tabletop aspect, but seems a lot of it is geared towards electronic gaming, which is a distraction and generally anti-social for me. I would rather a Kubla or Gen Con trip if it were to come down to only attending one or two cons/mancons next year.

BTW, Ry, the silence [absence] of the towels is damn creepy funny.




Would be fucking cool to do it up with j00 guys!

Monday, November 05, 2012

| Thrift Shop

This music video on YouTube is hilarious! I'm so behind the times, so I don't know how late I am.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

| Pax

I would love to go to Pax! I've always wanted to go and kinda wish we would have tried sooner because it sounds like it gets bigger and bigger every year.

DCC on the XXth is cool with me!


What would you fine fellows think of going to PAX 2013?

It runs August 30-Sep 2. It's in Seattle, which has lots of advantages:
a) interesting city, perhaps even moreso than Indianapolis!;
b.i) driveable! one day, if motivated, two days, if chillaxing;
b.ii) flyable! OAK-SEA: 2 hrs OAK-IND: æternal
c) convenient for the Pacific Northwest contingent of the Action Team!

Basically, going to Seattle sounds rad.

24th would work for me.  How about other peeps?

Btw happy birthday old-timer! Hope you enjoy your birthday spanking, or whatever deviant acts you San Franciscans get up to. :)


The 17th I am out. The in-laws will be in town that day. The 24th may work. I'll check with the missus.