Friday, March 01, 2013

| Prometheus

I too had heard quite a bit of nerd rage about the movie, but decided to give it a shot. I watched Prometheus in the theaters when it came out. The movie was a mixed bag. The visuals were great, the setting I thought was in line with the spirit of the original movies and despite some inconsistencies, the plot was flawed but mostly fun. Cutting the other way, some of the dialog was weak and a couple of the characters were just plain stupid (ahem: biologist). Some characters just made no sense. The crew was mostly a bunch of misfits sent by the company on an all eggs in one basket, trillion dollar mission. Why would they do this? They could choose the cream of the entire planet earth, and what do they do, they pick the worst possible crew possible. Ugggg... Overall a flawed movie that could have been great, but still has some legs in the visuals and concept.

Also, balls.

And Chopper.

Finally, sick.


Monday, February 25, 2013

I remember hearing a lot of bad stuff about Prometheus too, which is why I skipped it in the theater. That lowered the bar so low, I was pleasantly surprised with what it is. I WISH it had a better story, but regardless, the direction is fantastic and it looks great.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

| Forget It, Jake, It's Thanks, Lou

I haven't seen Prometheus yet but MAN, people have been super negative about it so it's good to hear a (semi-)good review. I still want to see it. Better than AvP is a pretty low bar so I'm glad it clears it!

Kubla Con cheap pre-reg ends this week! Get it here! I'm looking forward to doing the full con after a couple years off. Everyone planning on going?

I finally caught the pilot episode of Breaking Bad and really liked it. What's weird is I thought that I'd watched the pilot already and found it OK but slightly boring. But the pilot was actually super interesting! So maybe I'd caught some other, less good episode randomly on TV or something? In my mind the show had many boring scenes of the main character sitting on his couch having conversations with his brother in law. I guess I probably just caught like one minute of the show or something.

| Lou, Thanks

Picked up PvZ, thanks Lou! (Watched Chinatown for the nth time last night and he says "thanks Lou" a bunch of times.)

I finally saw Prometheus last night. It was good! Not perfect, but still way better than any of the Predator v Alien movies. Looked beautiful and the special effects are basically flawless at this point. Story was a little corny, but it wasn't TOO action blockbustery. Close to, but not as heady as stuff like 2001, Alien, Sunshine, or Moon. Those are probably my favorite Sci-Fi movies. Can't get enough of that slow shit.