Saturday, July 26, 2014

I don't buy it.  There's so many other factors that would weaken the assumptions of having VG juices on you that attracts a mate or that VG juices are strong enough to matter in our mate choices.  Thats a hell of a leg deodorant though and just make sure it's not fungusy, so the back of your knees doesn't turn into a moss farm

Friday, July 25, 2014

Elzar (and anyone else trying it): some cool marvel picks from messing with it last night. Age of Ultron mini-series - it's basis for next avengers. Post apolcolyspe world where the super heroes are all fucked up and almost killed off.
1602 - by Neil Gaiman - part of the marvel knights line. It's like olden times with weird versions of the marvel super heroes

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Marvel Unlimited, the Marvel comics site/app that gives access to thousands of their comics, old and new, has a sale this week for 1-month at .99 cents vs $10 bucks. The code is SDCC14 (from comic con)- pretty cool! Just make sure to cancel before a month is up or they'll renew you at the normal price. Link

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I don't think girls really need to do that. I think pretty much any girl can get a million guys, just cause.
(That was a funny read. And yeah, I've heard of these things!)

| Wazzoo?

eLzar, that would drive me nuts too. That type of tic just grates on my nerves. Sucks the GRE pretty much ignored your request :(

Also, it this really a thing?...

When I tell people I’m going to a pheromone party I am told the following nugget: "Pheromones? Oh, a friend of mine, before she goes on dates, she rubs her vaginal juices behind the backs of her knees as a sort of cologne." Squirt your wazzoo behind your knees. Boys like wazzoo. They smell it. Boom. Boys move unconsciously towards you as their Cro-Magnon brains are short-circuited by so-much heady wazzoo aroma. Source


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hmm, I don't remember us ever talking coolers, but it could have happened. Seems like a neat idea but for me, is just too expensive to pull the trigger on.  Holy shit tho, they've raised a ton of money so far. It's a little too gadgety for me- like the blender and Bluetooth speaker are cool on the surface but not really needed. Id rather buy a better designed non-electrical cooler. Like there are
Probably a ton of subtle improvements that can be done that seem less finicky.

| Tourretes Guy in my office

Not the funny, swearing, rare kind of Tourettes either, the annoying coughing tic sort of Tourettes Guy... drives me up a freaking wall.  I have to sit with headphones on all day in the office because his constant coughing and throat clearing ("AHEM..ahem, ahem.........AHEMAHEMAHEM....ahem...cough, cough...ahem... AHEM...)  is one of the most distracting things I could possible imagine in a workplace.  Well, nekkid ladies might be more distracting at first, but then you learn that you can spend some time working and THEN look at them when you WANT to, but with this guy, his cough is so pervasive it gets in your skull and makes you want to cringe and kill yourself every 15 - 20 seconds, or so.

I do a weird winking thing from time to time, so I totally get tics, but come on.  My manager asked GRE (Global Real Estate) that I get moved to a different pod location because it was disrupting my work and after about 2 weeks the request was closed and the 'problem had been dealt with', which meant nothing had been done.

Anyway, I must be the biggest jerk because I'm the only one it appears to adversely affect, though everyone notices. Ah well, what can you do? (kill myself)

Came up with a similar product at Rudys house one time, did we not?

Monday, July 21, 2014

| Street Fighter Church Edition

This made me laugh so much:

Thursdays are generally good for me too, make it so.
In general, Thursdays at 9:30 work and I love the idea! This particular Thursday is dicey for me, but possible. (It's deployment day, and those sometimes run well into the wee hours. At least I will have that project off my back though.) We shall see!

FYI have had Frankenstein by Edgar winters group stuck in head all day

| Microscope and The Strain

Microscope:  I'm in!  I might be the one with some scheduling issues this week, but time will tell.  Maybe we just do Thursdays at 9:30 and see what happens?  Maybe that's our weekly RPG hour, and if we can't get enough folks to show we just play something else for the hour?  Thoughts?

The Strain: On to the 3rd book and it's pretty good?  The good - the buildup in the first book and the utterly deeply depressing shitstorm at the end of the 2nd and start of the 3rd; no punches pulled, for sure.  The bad - sort of became a little too actiony, but maybe I'm only noticing because it felt more police procedural and less pulpy through most of the 1st book.  Either way, I'm still compelled to read and finish it and I can totally see stealing bits of it for DW (if it ever comes to actually playing)

I saw Grand Budapest Hotel the other day since it's out in the Redbox. Really good! Total Wes Anderson's Greatest Hits, but that's not really a bad thing. It was rated-R which manifested in some surprising language, but it all worked.

Which reminds me I have a goddamn movie I haven't watched still sitting in the player for 3+ days now. Gah.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

New Event: Jawn worked. (Do you think there's a kid somewhere in the world with that spelling? JAWN? I bet there's at least one.)

Yeah, it was fun! I was totally thinking about new events and stuff about the world too. Can't wait to do it again.