Friday, March 11, 2011

What's funny about the whole 2012 thing is that the Mayans probably had another stone for the next astronomical age if they hadn't of been wiped out. That's all that is happening. That, and one whale of a mistranslation in the Bible. Original text says end of age or era, not the end of the world.


As the song goes, it's just the dawning of the age of Aquarius!


10-1-16-1-14, or 10,116,114
divide that by 2012 you get 5,026
so 5/02, 6:00 - it's over. SCIENCE!

| Poor Japan :(

Man, those guys are getting hammered. 8.9 quake is serious business. The live video of the tsunamis hitting was horrifying. All those people trapped in houses, cars. The worst was the couple who got out of their car and tried to outrun the wave across the field... ugh.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

| Jerb Serch

So, after my initial interview, I was expecting some kind of contact back from the Casino folks here by the end of the week (next step, schedule a panel interview and then on to the finalists with the CEO if that went well).

Welp, this afternoon I got a call from the CEO directly, asking if I could meet with him first thing Monday. Wasn't expecting that!

So, I guess we'll see how this goes! Going to have to study up on Casino operations over the weekend and refresh my brain.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

| SpaceChem

In the mind-blown category, I've been playing the demo for a puzzle game called SpaceChem and it's pretty good. The demo takes you through all the tutorial stuff, but it takes awhile to click. On Steam: SpaceChem

It's from a basically 1-man indie studio called Zachtronic Industries. This is his first "commercial" game, but interesting side not, he made a game called Infiniminer which was the main inspiration for Minecraft.

But SpaceChem is no Minecraft, it is some crazy puzzle shit, so check out the demo!

Rock, Paper, Shotgun review.


I'm back home in Washington. :)

I think that's about as far away from San Fran as I was, but it's a significant increase to you L.A. guys' commute.
Put all your bros on the payroll! Just don't expect us to show up that often, Vegas is kinda far!
The phone interview with Nationwide went incredibly well. Better than I had expected, actually. The amount of support they offer initially is impressive. Base salary, office, staff, computers, phone, etc. Plus, a marketing budget and a monster bonus (what I used to make in a year) just for graduating their training program.

Monday, March 07, 2011

| More unemployment spam

Dear Diary:

Today, I am in the third day of the flu. My head is a spigot of snot. All other ailments are dormant.

Waiting next to my phone for the call from Nationwide Insurance. I'm excited, although, I'm going to sound like a half-dead zombie on the phone, lol.

Trying to muster up the willpower and strength to go to Costco today with the boy. Ugh.

Add bonus: I've seen some great skating before, but this guy is ridiculous.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Wow, that's neato.

Also, listen for the epic L-Rock laugh at 20 and again at 31 seconds in. =)