Friday, May 27, 2011

Aeryk sleeps in his minivan, like some kind of perverted vagrant.

I think at one of the cons in high school, we had ten or eleven people in ONE ROOM.


i count 9 attendees

mike, aron, dennis, peter, jon, eric, rude, dave, me. - 9. So two rooms is gonna fit 9? I can't remember what was the max amount of people we've ever had in the room before. Could be more than 5 it seems. but then we used to be able to bring our own sleeping tents and towels. Looks like it's gonna be a rough russian winter.

It might have seem more logical to get 3 rooms...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Okay, jr0n. The parking passes are easy. We just add them to the account and you use your room key for ins and outs (tee hee hee). The first time you come in the garage just grab a ticket.

The BART to hotel shuttle isn't bad. Maybe one of the jArks can pick you up since Friday afternoon parking isn't too bad. Give us a call when you are headed towards SFO on BART.

eNron's games for play:

Iron Dragon
Sushi Roll
Death Angel
Honor of the Samurai
Starship of Catan
Power Grid

To sell:

Wings of War
Betrayal at House on the Hill (OG edition)
6 Billion
Arena Maximus
Rail Baron
Guns of August
Pax Britanica


| Final List

OK, I am about to drop at Enron's:

Mansions of Madness
Dungeon Lords
Cargo Noir
7 Wonders
Chaos in the Old World
Space Alert
Puerto Rico

Mr Pumpkin, any chance you can bring your super-deluxe version of Agricola? Would love to get in a game of that as well.

If there are any other requests I can throw it in the car for transport down on Saturday.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

That was funny!

Yes, confirmed for Friday afternoon. Giant beers ahoy! Hopefully about 2:00 is realistic. I could either use a pickup from BART, or if that's a pain in the ass I can figure out a shuttle (I believe there's one from SFO) -- just lemme know and I'll plan accordingly. Also can you take me to the hospital? Because I have these gallstones?

How do parking passes work? The wifey may be dropping the car by early Saturday morning and I'd keep it the rest of the weekend. Don't want to have to find 2-hr parking next to Mr Teriyaki.

I'm so fired up to play some games!!! I better start reading rules tomorrow for the complicated shit.

In "14 hours of Shogun" news, I probably will play in the Warmachine tournament on Saturday, because I know Aeryk wants me to. I haven't played an official event in like ten years! I think there's usually one day per con where I feel sorta burned out, so maybe having something directed to do will alleviate that! Theories!

My final Kubla Con related bombshell is that I will definitely be around until about 3:30 on Monday, so some of you jerks should plan for some extra gaming!

This will be my second weekend of debauchery in a row. Last weekend some of us rented a cabin with Matt in Pt. Reyes. Think houseboat style dietary intake. I sprained my toe doing the caterpillar for the talent show and we played over fifty games of shocker roulette, including once while driving across the Golden Gate Bridge.

| Boobla Khan Time

So here is what I know:

- Mike Hunt and I will arrive Thursday late morning/early afternoon.
- It sounds like r00d is scheduled for around that time or slightly after.
- eLzar is looking like a probable Thursday eve?
- I think DaveDefeat is coming in Friday night, but not sure.
- Pump and Peter RealHard are arriving Thursday eve, but this is a fuzzy memory and could be a lie.
- jr0n is slated for Friday afternoon.
- jA-eL I suspect may or may not show up. If he shows up, he may come sometime between Wednesday at 1am and Monday night at 10pm. Alternatively he could show up the following weekend. He may also go to Vegas. Or Manila. Or he could have Amoebas and Crabs. There is an off chance he could stay home to hang out with his mother. He may also need another room to have foreigner lady/ladyboy dignitaries lavish his 8 inch inseam. Or he may be staying at a room he potentially reserved at the Hyatt on Fisherman's Wharf. He may or may not bring dumplings and dried squid bits for us white people to snack on. He will also bring the random. And a disdain for Kombat Kommander's leader rules.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Ry, that is pretty sweet. I really enjoy visiting my nephew AND it reminds me I like kids for about 2 hours tops, then I am done. No kids for me, Yay!

Some pre-con entertainment:

Nyan Cat (Poptart Cart) Soul Train Remix: