Saturday, August 30, 2014

Wave two Deadzone has arrived!  A few thoughts:

It was much better packed than wave 1.  More than half of the little plastic baggies were even labelled!
The plastic zombie sprues may be the coolest thing ever?  I apparently didn't buy an A.I. deck.  Big mistake!
Except for the deadguy figs.  I got them on a whim.  They might be cooler.  And could quickly become zombies for bonus coolness.
Jon got the chovar psychic.  Ridiculous looking model.  By which I mean super cool.
The ruined battlezones look awesome, but now I wish I hadn't assembled all my non-ruined stuff.  Mixing and matching would be most awesome.

Apparently there's one more wave to come in Oct or Nov, when the last of the hard plastic Enforcers arrive.  I think I'm getting some of those, and Jon ordered a few too.

This represents the first of the massive wall of KS shit arriving here soon: Myth Wave 2 (just in time for a dramatic splash on ebay!  True KS shit...), Rivet Wars Wave 2 (super cool game, can't wait for the extra bits.  Really happy with this one), Shadows of Brimstone (also ridiculously excited about this one), Roll Through the Ages: Iron Age, Reaper Bones II, Incredible Expeditions, Xia, and maybe even the new Dwarven Forge stuff.  Terramyd, already a year late, just posted an update with an "indefinite" delay.  They are like, seriously behind.  But my KS orgy should be coming to closure by the end of the year.  Hopefully.

So when are we playing Deadzone again?  I am not playing the Rebs next time, that's for sure.
OK, so I was pretty surprised to find that after all these years, enr0n's representation of the Wildcats theme song was not exaggerated at all, but was in fact 100% accurate:

Friday, August 29, 2014

That was an awesome video! I stole it for Facebook.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ok you parents,  get your kids practicing.