Saturday, December 24, 2011

Thought I'd check the blog and what do i see? Gratz Rude on reaching 85! Ding!

Great way to start the 2012 year. Happy holidays all.
Thanks for the kind words guys :) Never thought my engagement to Jesus would get such a great response. I feel honored to be one of his Sister Wives.
Great news! Congratulations!

| r00d-ey!

That is awesome! Congratulations mang. I am glad to hear it. Now, like eLzar said, another excuse for cabin con or something like it. My special lady friend got a kick out of the bouquet story ;) *obligatory Actionteam cheer*: Eeeeeyyyyy!

jr0n, booooo on the car accident. Also, booo to the fact I have a dentist appointment on Tuesday, so I won't be able to make Endgame :(

That's great news man. GRATZ! (Fsssh!) (Lightsaber sound is theoretical SWTOR leveling sound.) I didn't know she caught the bouquet!

It's hard to believe that all the members of the Orange Jews are married/engaged now.

You should consider holding your wedding and/or bachelor party August 16-19, in lovely Indianapolis, IN!

I bet Agricola was part of it too huh? I know from experience, it's pretty hot when you play the "Family Growth Without Room" action, jam the new kid into a crowded room in your hut sharing a room with a wild boar, and say "this could be us."


That is effing great, mang! Congratulations! Not only am I happy for you, but I am happy that we get to have another excuse for a CabinCon!

That is really great news, dude :)

| got engaged

talk about "roll a 1 phase"! I proposed in Catalina during a hike we took to the center of the island where you can see both sides of island. Went off pretty well. Brought my camera and a little tripod and set it up so I could "take a picture of the both of us" - I was really running it as the video camera and ran over and got on my knee, etc - she said yes :)

We'll be getting married sometime next year down here somewhere, maybe during the summer. Would love an action-teamy bachelor weekend if that's possible later in the year because that's always a great send off.

Woohoo! I'm not gonna deny that two of the contributing factors were 1. her catching the bouquet at Enron's wedding and 2. 2012 is right around the corner! Not facing the end of the world single! :)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Bummer Elzar. Enron has a similarly opposite schedule from me so it looks like Santa Claus isn't bringing much gaming for Xmas this year! At least I have Mage Knight to carry me through the days! Super fun! ;_;

Randomly, I checked out the new Mission Impossible with a dude from work and it was actually very good! Just a really solid, well-shot action movie the likes of which they don't make much anymore (ie, no shakycam). Yeah, Tom Cruise is in it, but I think of it not so much as a Tom Cruise movie, as a spy movie by the director of Iron Giant and Incredibles.

Not sure who else has snApple phones/tablets (maybe just Enron) but there are some good sales on right now. EA games in particular are all .99 and they've got some good stuff. I picked up Dragon's Lair for iPhone and Mirror's Edge and Dead Space for iPad since I plan on picking up an ipad 3 when those come out. I also picked up a free game called "Jetpack Joyride" that's pretty addictive, and Brawl (the old Cheapass card game), which is pretty good too. I finally had to delete Tichu from my phone. I was playing it ALL THE TIME and seeing it in my dreams. Think I'm as good as Tichu as I'm gonna get, now to play the real version!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

| Alas, poor Yoreric

For he is travelling to Santa Rosa (and Lagunitas Brewing, at least!) to visit with Leslie's friend after Xmas. We are leaving on Monday, and I think returning Tuesday night or Wednesday. I'm free after that, tho. :/

While you are in the City of Lost Angels, I will be free however! So, take a commuter train up while you leave the family down there at the reunion! When are you leaving?

Would be great to get some gamin' in after the holidays at least! You should BART to Enrons, and I'll drive up and we can catch Myke during a study break and get some dice rollin'.

| oic

I stand corrected! I thought you were engaging in some Soviet Russian style changing of history. Because, y'know. You're a communist.

I forget... is next week when you'll be watching the boy? (And no doubt, saying "c'mere boyyy" a la season 1 Homer Simpson a lot.) I might be able to swing an Aeryk-style come down early, leave early gaming shift on Tuesday.

Got rear-ended on the way to work yesterday. Just a tap, no damage to the car, but my lower back is stiff and achey for sure. Stupid old bones. Need new bones. And maybe a bigger car now that we got a kid.

| Technicality

When I say The Old Guard, I mean the guild "The Old Guard" on Bonechewer :)

When I was hot and heavy into WoW, I started a guild with a guy from my old work; I called it The Old Guard because I wanted to cater to old people with less l33t attitude. When I took a break, I passed the guildmaster duties off to my pal who then took a Horde break and passed the GM duties to another dude. The guild was unused and unloved for over a year and when I logged back in with a toon that was still in the guild, there was a notice that since the GM had been inactive for so long I could steal control!

Acererak is now back in charge and our numbers are growing! And by growing I mean membership is swelling with all my alts and Pump, Myke, and Chris (my old pal from work). We have a four person dungeon crew already, just need one.... more.... person....

Awesome dungeon content awaits! Scratch that D&D itch in Azeroth! Gold for everyone! We have cookies!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

In Minecraft news, I reasoned that if I moved far enough in one direction I'd find something interesting, so I built a stone sky bridge about going north about 500 blocks, and found a really awesome mountainous area. Nearby are some flatlands with sheep... ALL the sheep. (Seriously, there were a couple dozen running around not far from my doorstep.) And a village! With NPCs in it! The NPCs are kinda creepy. They come out of the houses when you open the door, and... don't really do anything. Was sort of expecting some rudimentary conversation or something.

I'm going to kind of keep it Art-style and do up the area without messing with the terrain too much. There was a natural cave with three openings in the mountain and that's where I'm building the Fiendish Mountain Fortress of Dr. Oeterson.
Technically, I believe to have the "old guard" you'd need to get me, Rude, and Ja-el (where is that guy, anyway?) involved. Like it'd be a situation where you need to pull of a heist, one final heist, and you need the best Druid, Warlock, and Paladin in the business to make it happen.

Lately I've been pretty stoked on Mage Knight! Can't wait to teach it to you guys. The thing is it's SUPER brain burny and intensive but also quite satisfying in a way not many other games are. It's kind of like doing the combat section of Dungeon Lords, for three hours!

Monday, December 19, 2011

| The Old Guard

Rides again!

Jumped in WoW with Myke and Pumpkin tonight and made new Horde toons on the Bonechewer (PvP) server. Paladin, Cleric, and you guessed it, Hunter. Anyhoo, for any of you with a gift from Greatfather Winter burning a hole in your pocket this holiday season, create your toon on Bonechewer and be Horde! Dungeon instances await!