Saturday, July 09, 2011

You know there's gonna be 50' foot rope jokes. You guys should crash the class!

You guys should buy Terarraria from todays steam sale. Its like 3 bucks and its supposed to be pretty swesome. Its the one that's like a 2d minecraft platformer where u can do 4 player co-op.
OMG, kudos on that find. That's classic. I wonder if they have jumbo sized ropes?

Speaking of GenCon: it's coming soon and it's going to be awesome! Pumpkin, Enron and I are down to three people in our room however as the fell Blackheart can't make it. That means we've got a space free in a four-person room, so if anyone wants to make the last ditch attempt to go, DO IT!

Edit: wow, it's incredible, things really are sold out! Well, there are a couple of hentai viewing events left it looks like. Anyone?
If we do GURPS, I get dibs on bondage elves.

Speaking of which. I was looking at the Gen Con events sign ups. By now most of the good ones are full. If I knew what they offered, I would have checked much, much sooner. I present this (this is real):

Bound to be Fun: A Beginner's Guide to Bedroom Bondage
Description: This hands on workshop is an introduction into the fine art of restraint. I will introduce basic safety protocol, basic techniques and equipment to make your bedroom adventures safe, sensual and a great deal of fun.
Materials Provided: Yes, materials are provided for this game. You do not need to bring your own.

Do you want to be learning this stuff at a gaming convention. I mean, just look at half the gamers walking around. Erhhhhh... Oh yeah, the event was already full.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Awesome ideas dude! That actually also sounds like it could be great in jons hole punch space game, ie, power management. So like with space ship fights, you'd have to move power around from shields, guns, or engines (just like gladiator stances), so like for max card attack, u lose shield and movement power, etc. See, we gotta make the gurps of card games! :)

| Gladiator: the Gladiation

Now that my drive to work is longer (no radio and no AC), a person has more time to think and hate fellow drivers. Ok, so here’s my contribution to the borg collective.

“Gladiator: the Gladiation”

- Every round a player selects a stance (with bad-ass names to be determined later). At least three types.

1. Defensive (The Tower?): Minimizes/negates damage taken. Combos can counteract combos. Least damage dealt.

2. Agile: Easier requirement to explode cards and draw more cards, longer combo chains. Easiest to counteract attacks. Medium to light damage.

3. Aggressive: Heaviest damage. Some attacks cannot be blocked.

- Cards have stats for various stances. Can only use the corresponding stats depending on the current stance.

Shoooot, we should have auditioned, we would have got the lead rolls! :)

So, what's up with the game?? Let's move on! I'm away for a cpl days but when I get back I was thinking of mocking up some cards so we can figure out what to do next. Bash it out, let's go!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

The director casting that show screening applicants:

Can you act well?


Whats the size of your dong?

- 10 inches

Ok your in the show. Anyone have a 13 inch slong?

- Yeah I do.

Great, you can be Spartacus

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Yeah, there's tons of boobies and dong. It's funny. They also do this thing with the crowd shots where they cut and paste the same 20 extras who are cheering/jeering wildly and fill up an arena with them. You can totally see its the same group of boobs n people.
Man, I remember someone talking about this. Just saw Spartacus: Gods of the arena, a prequel to blood and sand. Definitely pioneers the amount of nudity and soft core porn in a TV series show. Can't wait to watch season 2
My butt makes funny/interesting noises.
You're funny/interesting stuff....

| Funny/Interesting Stuff

If you are bored at work or something...

If record execs got their hands on The Beatles today

10 Director's cuts that completely changed the ending of a movie

What happened to Hitler's body?

People who became nouns

Cool disneyland picture

The Office recut as an 80's sitcom
Check out this cool free browser MMORPG: Realm of the Mad God
Some quick old-school fun.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Don't know anyone at Mickey-Dees, random! :)

Portal 2 was fantastic. Some of those co-op levels were really awesome. I'm going to have to start checking out some of the custom made maps now and find some gems. I guess there are already some good ones.

In Age of Conan as Torgolicious. It's some pretty standard-ass MMORPG, but might be fun with a homiebarian to roll around with. I think the first portion is single player until you're out of the tutorial?

2 Nights off, praise Crom! Gonna sleep now then like play some games n shit. Ordered the Rules Compendium for 4e D&D cause I'm THIS close to going to real-life game sessions, weird! Will post trip reports.
Anyone know anyone in the Mcdonalds purchasing dept? longshot but thought I'd pop it out there.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Finally finished the Portal 2 co-op campaign with Rude troday! Good stuff, but holy crap was that last chapter hard. Took us like two hours I think. Tons of fun, thanks man. Now onward to Magicka and Left 4 Deader!

I picked up Alpha Protocol for $5 which was the one thing I really wanted out of this sale. Supposed to be a sort of diamond in the rough, spy shooter with many different choices and paths through it. Looking forward to trying it out. I also downloaded Age of Conan (free to play MMO) and looked at the character creation for three seconds. Based on that I'd say it's a fine game! It's funny, how they get you is only like half the classes are free, and the others you get either a la carte or by upgrading to a premium account. So the kind of Slaytanic class I thought looked cool isn't available. Oh well, it's free. Probably will create a Stygian Demonologist or something.

(To give them some credit, Barbarian is one of the free classes.)

After a long gap, I'm back to logging games on the game spreadsheet! Since it seems like there's lots of board gaming going on, may I suggest you log yours as well? I may be the only one but I honestly find it fun to see what other people are playing.

peace out bros
Last post for the night, promise! One idea for an instant type card or event-specific would have to be something like "attack of oppurtunity". I just love that concept from Blood Bowl (when you move into/out of someone's tackle zone) and old D&D. So if I move away from Johnny, then if he has that card, he can do an attack? I dunno. I would just love to get something like that in there. I still don't know how we're handling luck. Is their a die or is it something on the cards?
Been fun thinking about making games :) Imagine if we end up with a pretty cool system that's fun, then we could do like different themed sets that use a modified version of those same rules. Then do a kickstarter to make some dough to print them up ;).

There's a site called Artscow where you can have them print custom card decks. On BGG there's a bunch of games that use that service that look interesting. You basically create an image gallery of your cards, then people buy that set. Think it'd be cool for some protype decks or something (although regular printer paper would do the trick too, huh) but in the end, you'd prolly wanna use a real printer and get bulk prices.

Artscow has a sale right now (until 7-7-11) that if you use code 299PLYCRD at checkout, you can get a custom deck shipped free for $2.99. Only works for the regular decks (so basically ones with 1 customized side, other side generic) but there's some games people made using that. I grabbed a Decktet deck, mostly to check the quality. Decktet I guess is made in a way that you can play a bunch of different games with them. Looks neat. :) So you got a couple days to snag one up too. Here's their artscow link: LINK

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Back to Card Game, RE: location/proximity stuff. While with Bang, it makes sense that you play off of where everyone is sitting. After the first round, in a gladiator game, you'd think there would be more movement between combatants. So I was thinking, maybe there are 2 character cards for each character. One that you keep in front of you that has stats/hp and that you play weapons on and then one in the center of the table that gets moved around while everyone is fighting each other. Example, Rudy sidesteps Jons attack, putting Erick between himself and Jon, but now exposing himself to Jonny who was 2 ppl away before. I dunno. That might get weird, but just trying to think how to represent that stuff without going all mini/grid based. Keep it abstract but still visually clear enough that at a glance you know who your biggest threats are, etc.
Fluxx :(

How to play Fluxx

I've never played it but this video bums me out. What elements of this game do you like Erik?
It might be some kind of allergy/sinus thing, because other than gnarly horrible post nasal drip and stuff nose, I don't feel anything cold-like. I hope it's some bullshit like that. I'm miserable! :(

Snagged you Magicka bJorn. It's a funny little game, we'll give it a whirl post-portal 2.

Can't wait to try out your game Johnny! Let's maybe hang out one of these coming weekends and we can try your game and maybe whatever we've got with Glad-He-Ate-Her ;) ... (Working Title)