Thursday, February 19, 2015

| Dungeon!

So there I was, at my local mexican place (the only legit mexican food I've found up here so far), and I see a Tacoma Games store has opened next door! While they were making our delicious take out food, I took the kiddos over there and went to see what was what... tons of table top games! Yay! Found a copy of Dungeon! on the shelf and was surprised to find it was exactly the same game, just with different box art. Brought it home and the kiddos and I have been playing every night the last three nights. So far, Bennett, Haylee and I have all won a game. It feels awesome to share some of the love of gaming with the kiddos and pass that on, even more so with a game that I loved as a wee lad. Glad to see that my remembrance wasn't overly romanticized... still a very fun game! 3 down, 97 to go? :D