Saturday, March 15, 2014

Have you guys tried the optional rules in the Quarriors app yet? They definitely add a little more strategy. I'm interested in playing the game again in a "hey, enr0n, bring it to Kubla" kinda way.

I do find it infuriating that "choose" is misspelled in the defend prompt and intend to write the company a letter (not an email).

In other news, AEG accidentally let a Doomtown reboot site go live for a little while today! There were only a few temp copy and art assets there, and it's back behind a password wall now, but it sure looks like they're planning to rerelease Doomtown in LCG format this year! That is fan-fucking-tastic news.

* fires six-shooters wildly in air, is eaten by crazed, zombie Abraham Lincoln *

Friday, March 14, 2014

And here's the dance remix of Jeff Goldblum's laugh in Jurassic Park.

| Brothers

Play it. Everyone.

Not in a "Hearthstone" or "come on guys, let's all play a rad game" way, in a "play it because its short, amazing, clever, incredibly well done, and you might not have had an experience with a game like you will with this one" way.

I just finished it and am honestly surprised it had such an emotional impact on me.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Quarriors iOS app is free right now.
I've been meaning to play that! It was one of the free games on PS+ last month (along with the new Bioshock, it was quite a month!).

But you know how it is man, all these games and no time to play them. If only I could send them back in time to my teens or twenties!
If you guys have xbo type controllers for your PC, I gotta highly recommend the game Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons. It's on sale right now for $5 bucks and so far it's really impressive. It's an adventure game (and I think action too? Can't tell yet) where you control a big and little brother at the same time. The analog sticks and triggers are mapped to the two brothers, so it's almost like playing a co-op game solo. Great art style and story the tiny bit I've played.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

I think I totally saw that church at one point, but it was nighttime and I was scared to investigate. I never have a good supply of guns/ammo, just knives and bullshit which always get me killed. I'll try to go visit and leave you an phallic sculpture.

Kubla - I'm in.  Thursday through Monday.

7 Days - So I found this church to hole up. I forget the name.  It's near two bridges.  Been digging up trenches in the graveyard.  Yeah, kinda disrespectful.  But man, those coffins have two compartments with loot.  Sorry Mor Mor, I need more scrap iron for shovels.