Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hopefully everyone who was going to DCC today got my sext, but if not... we're gonna have to cancel, had a couple drop-outs/tentatives, on top of Aeryk not being able to make it, meant we'd be short. Sad trombone!

How would either Sat or Sun the 13th-14th work as a makeup?

Friday, September 28, 2012

| Yowza

In reverse order, Cliff Burton, the original Cliffy B, was pretty badass. It's sad that all I can think about when he comes up is that Jason Newstead was basically paid and treated as a session musician from the moment he came on after Cliff, until he left. Talk about getting fucked. I wonder what direction they would have taken had he lived.

Off! Jesus christ, THAT'S Keith Morris! 57 years old, fuck. He looks tired and old and thoroughly put through the wringer, but he still has an awesome voice! But his old man eyes make me feel so bad. Wikipedia says he's been sober since 89 which I hope is true! (Just fell down the YouTube rabbit hole and watched an hour long interview with Keith Morris!)

I've heard the hell out of that one really popular "fun" song "We Are Young" - they sound really good but talk about over exposure! The one you linked I haven't really heard too much, but I'm cringing thinking about that radio edit.

Enron - you always have cool music on your idevices and go to even cooler shows and events.

| And now...

9 minutes of Bass Solos.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Great, we've got 3 confirmed players so far then! Rude, Enr0n, Blackheart.

Music: I mainly listen to FM radio in the commute (no CD player/iPhone hookup in the car, and local NPR doesn't have any music) and some of that stuff has wormed itself into my head. Some Nights by fun. is the latest one. They have an ersatz Queen thing going. I like that version, but there is now an ultra-shitty radio edit playing that has kind of killed it for me. I actually like that throw-back, synthy/discoey sound a good bit of pop has these days. I also got really obsessed with the Paul Simon song Obvious Child (from Rhythm of the Saints), especially the last minute or so. I also can't get Safety Dance out of my head these days. So there you go.

Board games: the wife and I have been playing a surprising amount of Dungeon Petz. It's Vlaada's latest game and is up there in complexity with Dungeon Lords, etc. but the theme is pretty good and well integrated with the mechanics. It takes about 2 hours to play which is not time we often have but we've been fitting it in here and there. I've been hearing good things about the solo game Thunderbolt Apache Leader. Aeryk, you hear anything about this one? Sounds in your wheelhouse.

Anyone interested at all in Guild Wars 2? Thought not.

| OFF!

Old school punk rock, but played today!  My mind was sort of blown when I heard them the first time - except for the issue of being musically competent,  these tunes would not be out of place at all in 1982.  Good, good stuff.

Wiped out

Poison City

| DCC, more harder, more narder.

iBlowjon (oh shit wait...): 1pm is fine. In fact, the earlier the better. It doesn't chop my day up as much and is more agreeable to the missus.

Music Bukkake... Not sure if I am the best source for suggestions. I have a lot of old music on rotation anymore. You know, something like, "dude have you guys heard of this rad band called Slayer? Dude they are awesome." Sad


| Music Bukkake

A record I'm excited about:
Father John Misty - Fear Fun
On Sub Pop - you can nab the album mp3 stylee on Amazon for $5 bucks or like the vinyl and what have you from Sub Pop, etc.

I love it! Probably not for all of the Action Team, but I bet a few of you would dig it. Good lyrics that are at times humorous without being hacky, also thoughtful.

The song I first heard all over KCRW is "Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings" which has a cool video with the girl from Parks n Rec. There's also a cool vid of him playing on Letterman . He was also on a podcast I love, The Duncan Trussell Family Hour -Duncan is a comedian but also into psychedelic stuff so it's funny, trippy, ridiculous.

Action Team Challenge: Post some new song/band/music that the rest of the ol' AT might not of heard that you're currently into! GO!

| Rentcraft

Bjon- 1pm would work better for moi just because it'd mean sleeping that much earlier but whatever time works for the collective is cool with me.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

| HomeCraft

Eric - I remember you said you co-constructed a house back in the day in Manhattan beach.  Did it sell for a profit?   What were some of your experiences in that, if you care to share.  Facebook message me if a privy chat.

| DCC II: DCC Harder

Sooo, we'd talked about getting together Saturday for another go at Dungeon Crawl Classics, since the timing worked for everyone (except Aeryk :/). Still sound good? I'm thinking 2:00 but could move it up a bit to 1 if it makes a difference.

Can take new players no problem!

Monday, September 24, 2012

| Shut Up & Sit Down

You guys ever watch this wonderful British board game show? I can't believe I'd never seen it! Just watched this amazing episode on GMTs Virgin Queen: watch!
Just blew right by that "Headphones Recommended" text, eh? :)

51 seconds! Whoooo pentagon!
It's kind of a rhythm game, so playing without sound is definitely going to lose something. I used to love Geometry Wars 2 on xbox, and this reminds me of some of the more puzzley modes that game had.

A more traditional game that's really good is that new Rayman runner/platformer that they show as a featured game in the app store. Awesome graphics and it's really fun and addictive. Playing it, you can imagine how a Super Meat Boy might work perfectly on an iPad. (It's not as crazy as SMB!)

| Begin/Game Over/Uninstall


Sooooo not my style of game.  I played without sound and that might be part of my problem, but ugh - that sort of twitch game ain't fo me fo sho, yo.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

| game over/begin/game over/begin

Super Hexagon is the best! Same dude who made VVVVVV. It's funny, I can hit 45 secs pretty regularly, but that 55 sec time was the other day when I came home from work SUPER tired and I was half asleep, trying to wait up for coffee to be ready. It just happened when I gave no fucks.
Super Hexagon is a good iPad time waster if you need one. Very addictive.

I see you're ahead of me on the leader board Rude. 55 seconds??? I haven't cracked 40 yet.


FINALLY beat that motherfucker. I had to resort to pulling a James T. Kirk on the game, but that shit is just ridiculous.

Basically, what I did was get to the final battle sector with a near perfect rig. Pre-ignition, 2-level cloak, two 3-shot blast lasers, one 2-shot heavy laser, a pike beam and a level-2 attack drone. Didn't have enough weapons control / energy to keep the pike beam energized, so went with all lasers (8 shots per volley).

Also, fully upgraded the interior doors. I can't even begin to tell you how much that helps with the stupid boarding parties.

Now, here's where I James T. Kirk'd it a bit, lol. As I entered the final stand I hit the save & exit button. That closes the game and creates a "continue" as well as a "save" file in the windows/documents/my games/FTL folder (or whatever it is... something along those lines). I went ahead and created a sub-folder in that folder called "cont final battle" and copied/pasted those two files into the sub folder.

From there, fought through to the mothership, killed him on the first battle pretty easily. SAVED AND EXITED AGAIN, did the same copy-paste into a new folder "after first battle". Beat the second battle after 2 attempts. And beat the final battle on the 2nd attempt. All you have to do is copy/paste the "saved" game back into the root directory and the next time you launch the game you click "continue".

Looking at my stats, I was averaging about 1 trip to the final stand sector every 8-10 play-throughs, so I figure my little James T. Kirk move saved me about 50-100 play throughs to finally beat that final ship. lol.

I'm going to try and go for some of the achievements to unlock the powered-up versions of the ships before giving "normal" an honest go.

I will say this without spoiilers, after having played through the last battle a few times now.. I cannot imagine trying to beat that without having a cloaking device installed (and probably only a level 2 cloaking device).

| Easy is the new Hard

So I caved in and started playing FTL on easy which makes a lot of sense, because now I can actually UNLOCK stuff! Unlocked the Engi ship, so had a few fun and disastrous runs with that. It's really a great game. Excited to hear about some of the mods people are coming out with. One I was just reading about takes away the pursuing force, so you're free to just explore the systems at your own pace. Sure, changes the spirit of the game, but it could still be a fun diversion. I assume there will be some cool story/rpg related mods which would be rad.

Anyone try out any new board games lately?