Saturday, August 17, 2013

| Classy.

Notice there's no candle. That dude just sprouts his cock through the middle of the cake, and it's on fire.

"Blow it out! Take yer time."

| Happy BeLzarday

Congratulations eLzar for making it through another year. As your present I give you Mike. Mike is very excited to meet you. Mike will be delivering this cake to you in the next couple of days. Please enjoy.


| Happy Birthday Mister Elzar

(insert sexy dance .gif or something, preferably NSFW)
I'm waiting for the Deathstar to be released.

Here' a link to a site with prices.  Start saving your pennies!


Friday, August 16, 2013

Holy crap! Look at these new X-Wing ships!

Edit: oh, Blogger for iOS, you blow so hard.
Man, I broke the fucking shit out of my phone today, as in, if I hold it to my ear I'll dump a bunch of broken glass into my brain. If my typing gets weird you'll know why I nrff nff gnnng

| World aflame... Who's shitting in my shit

Oh yes, I do remember the great and enormous World in Flames map board. A couple of aerospace engineers got there hands on a large format enlarging machine and plotter, then produced a ~ 4' x 8' world in flames board and mounted that goodness to sheet metal. Back in 1991... It was a giant magnetized chit game that now-a-days would get eLzar rock hard if it were say, Kombat Kommander or something as such. I think fArt played it quite a bit more than me, but still I liked the game. Honestly, now I don't know if I would like it or not. I have not played a strategy chit game in a long time. Certainly I dig the tactical ones.

jr0n: We need to throw down some LCG LotR. I have a crap load of expansions stuff and itching to play it. Also, Hill Troll, Hill Troll is balls. Good to see you made it past them.

Star Wars... I am out of town next weekend. Weekdays may be okay, but I often don;t get home until 8pm, so that may present some issues for eLzar...

I am bummed there isn't any GenCon fun for us this year. Booo... But, I wouldn't have been able to go this year anyway, the finances were not good for it.


| World In Flambes

To your post Art, I certainly remember you and Enron playing that beast at all hours of the day and night during OrcCon, and even a few late night/early morning visits where I think you actually lost track of what time it was and thought it was a good idea to come and start talking to everyone in the room at like 3:30am and we were all sound asleep with the lights off and curtains drawn. :)

I remember thinking that game looked cool, and I like thinking about the experience of playing it, but man, I NEVER actually want to play it!

Thursday, August 15, 2013


I thought of that during a meeting and started laughing!

| It would even almost work without the caption

Aww, it's GenCon. Was it really only a year ago that enr0n, pump and I were photographing ourselves in bizarre masks while Peter groaned in bed? How time flies. Gotta say I miss it. Hopefully in a year or couple we can round up another posse to lovely Indianapolis.

Built my first custom LotR deck and took a whack at the second core scenario. I was getting my butt kicked with the default decks and decided to try a strategy I'd see online of using a deck with a lower threat total so I wouldn't get jumped by the Hill Troll right away. I used Eowyn, Frodo and Gimli and kept mainly to cheaper dudes/events.

Right away I knew things were going to go badly as the first two encounter cards to come out were:

- Hill Troll
- Hill Troll

That said, I still got surprisingly far (killed both trolls and got partway into the second stage), so I'm giving the deck another couple tries as-is tonight and see what happens!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

| Sort of like Garfield without Garfield

This cracked my sheet up.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

| Also... crib assembly lulz

I think it's a built in feature for cribs to have at least one menacing and nearly insurmountable assembly malfunction. I wish I had a video of me having to literally swing the entire gate around the body of the crib to screw in a bolt. I now forget exactly why, but I think it had something to do with a different bolt / screw that had been stripped and couldn't be removed. lol


In news that no one probably cares about: I just happened to check in on the World In Flames forums to giggle at how not close they are to finishing the conversion coding project to take it from epic board game to epic computer game. Now, I've been following this for at least a decade (no, that's not a typo), and the progress has been.. well... what the hell is slower than glacial? haha. Anyway, out of NOWHERE, BAM... the update is thus:

August 1, 2013 Status Report for Matrix Games’ MWIF Forum Overview Roughly speaking, on January 1st of this year the game was 98% done. Sometime in the spring, it reached 99% (when the code for Supply completed alpha testing and went into beta testing). Since then I’ve been working on the first decimal place, and as I write this I believe the game is 99.9% done. That is, I’m working on the second decimal place. Given that there are ~420,000 lines of code, 0.1% translates as 420 lines of code. That doesn’t convert directly to a specific number of bugs, but the current bug count under 100 seems about right. Now I just need to grind away at the remaining bugs.


Am I the only one that remembers playing this on the giant magnet board at the con? haha

Monday, August 12, 2013

Haha. I didn't have problems putting the crib together, but I almost had an aneurysm trying to lower it because one of the cheap, shitty bolts lodged in it then got stripped. I ended up having to cut the bolt and duct taping over the remnants. It's detailed somewhere in the sordid archives of this web log.

Completing (?) my overzealous collection of solo/coop games, I played this game called Robinsoe Crusoe. The players are castaways who have to build shelter, find food, explore the island and so forth. It's a really good game, but SUPER brutal. My brave Explorer died of exposure on his seventh night on the island. Looking forward to playing with you guys (and we will lose).

| F You, Allen Wrench

Putting together the baby's nursery, the paint was epic. It went ok, but I pretty much gave up on doing any of the trim. Did the ceiling and walls and then when I looked at all doors and trim, it suddenly looked "good enough". Then had to build the crib. It went great until one fucking screw would not line up with it's hole. Wasted like 2 hours trying this and that to make it work. Dinged up the wood around it using all manner or inappropriate tools (hello hammer) and finally said FUCK YOU, CRIB HOLE. Baby's gonna have a rickety crib and love it.

Since the nursery was my "office" before, I totally downgraded my big ridiculous desk to the world's smallest Ikea desk (which was still easier to make than the crib because, no dumb fucking screw hole issues). But we also moved out a couch and tv stand we had in there, so now I'm able to close the door to that room if we ever play Star Wars RPG online.

Did anyone see Spring Breakers? It's so ridiculous and crazy. Visually it's pretty rad looking at times, but holy shit, it's just so out there and pretty stupid. I enjoyed it, but I can't imagine seeing that in a movie theater with other people around, yikes. There's a couple of montages set to wub-wub dubstep music that are SO fucking dumb and hilarious. They're basically: "here's crazy spring break hedonism with topless chicks doing beer bongs" - they're so over the top, it's funny and embarrassing. And they show these little montages a couple of times, so it's just nuts.

Kingdom Rush: Holy shit, this game is so good. iOS tower defense game, with a big time fantasy rpg feel to it. It's been around forever and the sequel recently came out. I picked up the first one for free. There's a bunch of hero's you can buy, but it doesn't seem completely necessary to advance in the game. I've been avoiding it forever because I'm just not that into tower defense games, but this one is so friggen addictive and good! Beware, they sell regular and HD versions (for ipad) - I just have the regular versions and play them 2x on the ipad. Also, with the sequel, people seem to be freaking out on how much the extra heros cost and that if you wanted to have them all, it would cost like $40 bucks. Sure, that sucks, but just going off the base game, it's really super fun.