Monday, June 22, 2015

| Zombo Apocalypse & Comic Con LV 2015

Went to this place called Zombie Apocalyse the other day and thought you guys might enjoy it if you are here in town with the kids.  They converted a paintball field on the weekdays, and made it into a Zombie infested city.  Then you have to run from safe-point to safe-point away from all the zombies armed with a shotgun with 12 paintball shells.  It was creepy!

It's totally awesome dawesome for little kids I would imagine.  But afterawhile you comprehend that the zombies can't "touch you" so then it takes a lot of the fear out.

It reminded me a lot like "true dungeon" except TD was probably more interactive and challenging for adults and less frightening.

Also went to comic con, but other than the Street fighter II machine that was free to play, it was okay.  There wasn't a load of people, it looked really empty and not as many scantily clad heroine costumes as would have hoped for.