Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ended up picking up FEZ on a Humble Store sale yesterday per Jawn's advice and that's some awesome gaming! It's got this lazy mellow vibe to it and I can imagine just losing tons of hours to it. I'll have to keep it as a treat after real work/baby/wife duties are handled.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Man, work wise, I am not feelin' it today. Sorry, capitalism!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

| If you dig Torchlight II

You should check out the indie, Krater. It's not AAA polished, but pretty good gameplay from what I've seen so far. I need to read up on the crafting options though. That seems like it would be a very cool part of the game, to create new custom weapons and effects. It's basically the same general idea as Torchlight II, 3rd person view, lots of action. But it's more RPG'ier than Torchlight I think. You have a squad of guys (one tank, one healer, one ranged guy) to start, and I think you can hire new goons to replace ones you've got, so you can get all different kinds of mixes of characters. The controls are intuitive, and each character has two quick slots for their primary actions / effects (Keys 1-6). As you level up and explore, you find upgrade modules, boost modules, etc.. and you basically, well, surgically drill them into the character lol. Each one has specific bonuses (defense, strength, stamina, attack, etc etc).

Unrelated, the FTL Black Box writing project just went over 1500 views today, in less than a week. Crazy. lol. The GOOD news is, I've completed the mission and the logging part is over, now I just have to proofread and upload each episode.

| Torchlight your spare time

jr0n, yup Torchlight seems to scratch the itch Diablo III just couldn't. I was skeptical at first due to the more cartoon like feel, but it did not take long to get sucked into hours of game play. Also, thanks a bunch for the write-up. It was nice to relive it. I very much think it is probably the best RPG itch scratching we will get with the Action Team. I liked the loose feel, which really lends itself to the DCC world.

fArt, the Halfling was crazy rollin'. jr0n let me use his d16's and they were rolling hot, hot, hot! I think I rolled fours times (2 dice each time because of dual wield) and crit every time. Brilliant. I assume to pay back the gods of fate, I won't roll a hit for the next 3 gaming sessions...

I didn't go to the Batkid event due to work, but I did go up to my roof and there were heli's everywhere filming the event. The crowds looked huge. Seemed like a real feel good event. I have been meaning to ask my old district Manager about it. She is heavily involved with MAW, so she probably knows a bit more than I do about how it went.


| Thanks! By the way,

... you bastards that recommended Torchlight II are evil. I've played twice now and each time got sucked in for hours.

(launches Torchlight II)