Saturday, April 09, 2011

Also, this is entertaining as hell:
That's awesome, Rood!

Nice pirate ship! lol! I was eventually going to try and put one in on the dock at the castle, too. I'll have to go take a look at yours.

Friday, April 08, 2011

So I went to Venice this afternoon to go get some free food from the Game of Thrones food truck! It was in NY for a week and then LA this week, today being the last day. Still a week to go until the show starts, so it might show up in 1 more city (go, SF!) Anyways, I'm there waiting for my free venison when I see fucking George RR Martin himself shaking people's hands. WTF!? I guess there hadn't been any celebs at these events until today, so everyone was excited and blown away. He was totally nice and said sorry for the new book taking so long. I told him "no worries, take your time" hahaha. Fucker. It was so cool. Here's some pics from it and then 1 pic of my pirate ship in MC.

Haha, just decided to go down that staircase that appeared in the castle courtyard and follow it. And there's Ft. Enron!

You found a shitload of lava lakes! Lol
Yeah, I've been kinda busy and am on vay-kay this weekend (Mendocino), but when I get back I'll try logging in again to make my mark!
Pump: Just start digging and building. It is usually pretty obvious where people have setup shop. So don't go tearing down Rood's tower to build your pumpkin patch; otherwise, you are good. I was afraid at first too, so that is why I ended up a ways away for my first project. Turns out I didn't need to go so far. As a result I have spent quite a bit of time connecting the two areas underground for the hell of it. But the world is huge, so have at it boy.

Also, i have the same issues with seeing the world in blocks. I even dream in blocks in weird work-Minecraft themed mergers. Sucks if you ask me. I want to be able to turn off the game and not be forced to dream about it all night.

Most of fArt's crap is in, or directly adjacent to Castle Slaytanic (where we gave you coords the other day). His mine is close by to the west and has an entry lit with jack-o-lanterns.

My crap is a bit of a ways away to the south on the other side of the main isle. My spot is marked by an very high tower that looks like a crane. My mine is next to it in the larger mountain.

Rood is across the bay from the Castle Slaytanic. Looks like a light house with some sweet underwater glass rooms.

eLzar is all over the place, but mostly he is a spelunker. Aside from his fight island project, which is near or on Rood's island, I am not sure he has any major monuments. I seem to always miss him online so I don't know for sure.

jr0n is still not in our realm regularly. I think he is still having client MP issues on his Mac.

A couple of directional hints:

Clouds always move North.

Sun rises in the East, sets in the West.

If you craft a compass, it will always point back to spawn.

Use F3 to write down your coordinates. The middle coordinate is your altitude, the first and third coordinates are your NSEW coords.
Stupid game, now I'm seeing everything in blocks...

Since I finally made it to the server, I will proceed to desecrate mother nature by strip mining all her wonders.

I don't want to be rude and start digging in your living rooms, so could you tell me where you guys are building your monuments to your dark gods? We can use the castle as a reference point. I assume the X coordinate moving positive is North?

I look at buildings driving home and I can't help thinking how those would be built with blocks. Stupid game...

| game of thrones food truck

I might go look for the game of thrones food truck today - it'll be in venice and it's the last day. If I go, I'll post a pic :) (I just kinda hate going to venice, parking, traffic, etc.)

MC Shit: I put lava into my lighthouse and it was a complete disaster, poured out all over the place. Also, visited Enron's strip(per) mine and his craney hideout. Also, got completely lost and explored a place I'll call Dog Mountain (sorta looks doggy).

Yay, insomnia!

So, I installed a Bakery / Deli. Castle Slaytanic Deli is now open for bidness. You'll find cakes, bread and porkchops available on the menu.

The cakes are awesome because you can top yourself off without wasting them, and they only take up one inventory slot but can be used 6 times I think (heals 1.5 hearts per use).

Could use some iron to make buckets and other assorted tools for the farm / bakery. If you're so inclined to take some food (please do!), donate when you can.

Oh, I completed phase I of the Chapel upgrade. I'm not going to spoil it for anyone.. but I'll just say that I scared the piss out of myself once at dusk, lol. HE IS WATCHING YOUR EVERY MOVE!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Let's do Pumpkin Quest! =)

In other news, had my first hard crash since the last version update (just a few minutes ago). That sucked.

The server was being a little wonky for a good 10 minutes (slight pauses every 10-15 seconds). Then, black screen O' death.

In other good news, farm is getting there. We have 50+ fully grown wheat tiles and 100-ish sugar cane fully grown (3 sugar per tile, even).

And, we've still got 3 rows of unused dirt left, lol
Yes, Cactuquest was great fun. We need another crazy quest like that again.

In other news, I completed the Slaytanic-Botz Partz deep highway interconnect. No signs yet, so some may get lost in my mining tunnels under my fortress. Will get those up tomorrow maybe.

Would love to do a pumpkin patch but it's not coded right now. Can't farm/seed pumpkins, flowers, watermelons. There's a mod for that as well as fruit trees but that's probably more than we want to screw with.

Would be fun to do another epic Action Team Quest for Pumpkins! Cactus Quest was supar fun.
Saw your new farm, looks sweet. Hook us up with a pumpkin patch as well, if thats possible. If you add a torch to a pumpkin you can make a jack-o-lantern which can be used as a light source in water.
Sugar cane and wheat farm is underway. Going to need a lot more seeds to get the wheat farm fully planted, and will probably have to harvest / replant the sugar cane rows a few times to get it fully planted as well.

But, with sugar and wheat come... cakes! I believe they heal 1.5 hearts per use and can be used up to 6 times per cake. Takes up a lot less inventory room than porkchops.

Also, the sugar cane doubles as paper > books > bookcases.

Yay, progress.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

British voices just make everything cool! (Go, Mike!) I've been watching some Yogcasts today, and it's the perfect way to do a minecraft video-podcast. Look at the 2nd to last newest one on a plane mod. Also, you've probably already seen their videos because there's some pretty classic ones (like the fire engulfing on of their houses.) Funny stuff.

Yeah, you can harvest the cacti and replant. There are 36 plants in there, so it should net over 100 cactus "blocks" per harvest and only need to replant 36 "seeds" to regrow the whole thing.

Cactus is useful for passive defense against monsters (and for creating traps to kill them and harvest monster loot).

It is also used for making green dye.

Regarding sheep... I NEED BLACK WOOL, lol. If you guys see a black sheep, please punch him in the face for me and take the wool? When you get the chance, my storage chests are over by the pool area.


Rood, I was actually going to make a sugarcane farm next. So, yay, us!
I checked out your cacti farm - pretty sweet! Can we cut them down to use and replant them or something? I honestly don't know what I'd need one for, but good to know it's an option. I think I need a sugar cane farm because I'd like to make a loot of bookshelves but that needs paper/books/etc.

I'm at work and bored, so more mineless mc talk: The chances at a pink sheep are 1 in 500! I've seen one (killed it in a frenzy and only got 1 wool). I know art saw one. Also, you can apparently die sheep, so look for blue and red sheep coming soon to the castle courtyard!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Bortz Memorial Cactus Park has been installed. Feel free to visit, just don't touch! lol
I am so proud that post has ruled the blog all day.

Monday, April 04, 2011

I personally am not a fan of Coldstone, for just that reason. Everytime I eat it I'm pooing slurry for 10 minutes.
Added PumpkinVespa to the server :) And sorry Art, it WAS Eric who inadvertenly walled up the island behind my house to make his fight club island! I fixed some of the walls to give me access to the world again.

PS Coldstone is the devil, uuuugh. Doesn't help that I'm pretty lactose-intolerant, but my girl and I wanted desert after lunch today so we got Colstone. Luckily I was going home right after that because my ass was 'sploding the entire drive home. It was pretty goddamn delicious though. I had a mix called No Oven Just Lovin which was like cake mix and cookie dough, scandal!
I've mostly been running the game in XP mode on my laptop. In OS X mode I got some pretty severe slowdown. When my frame rate dropped to 3 fps right as a zombie started growling at me is when I switched. The problem is definitely worse in multiplayer - in SP I get crashes here and there, but not the insta-gib I get in multi.

I'll try playing multi in the browser and see if that helps.

Welcome aboard Denis!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

"Shakes fist angrily at sky"

So susceptible to peer pressure... It's a miracle I survived high school. By all accounts I should have ended up a gang banging crack whore.

Thanks guys... You all owe me my weekend back!

Yeah... So I tried the paid version of the Minecrack (I played with the free one before, but lost interest fast). It's eleven at night and I need to go to sleep for work tomorrow. Of course that's not going to happen, I need to bake more stone blocks for my hobbit fortress.

Unfortunately my game is also very unstable. Might be my old machine. If I'm outdoors too long, it freezes and crashes. I'm trying to stay underground most of the time. No exploring for me. What's worse is that I've lost some saved worlds a couple of times after a crash. Booo! Right now I'm playing through the browser. I also save often and close and reboot the game every hour or so.

I'll try to visit the server once I'm confident I'm not going to blow up the world.
A quick google shows that a lot of mac ppl have issues with multiplayer for some reason. Don't know when they'll fix it, but I haven't seen any solid fixes for the issue. And running it in win7 mode didn't seem to help any mac peeps either.

Ya, source code was sweet. Good hitchcock meets sci-fi thriller. Lot of fun. I forgot that the director is David Bowie's son, i love it.
I have to imagine jr0n is running it on the Macintorch. Personally, I have been running it in Win7 without any crashes at all. All the issues I have run into, seem to be server side issues.

What Eric said.

Well, everything but the Mac part. Eww.

| PS

I'm assuming you are running this on your Mac, but if you are not, you should try.

Not that I have been running it all that often, but when I run it under Linux I don't believe I have crashed once. On my XP box, I get the same blackscreen, and if I act fast enough and kill the java process I don't need to reboot, otherwise, yeah system reboot.

All very odd.

You could also try running it from your browser to see how that goes.
Had no idea Source Code was from the same guy that did Moon. I'll definitely have to check it out!

Jon.. I hear ya on the 8 hours. LOL.. after you're done you usually feel a sense of accomplishment and then reflect on it and think.. why? Haha, welcome to the addiction!

Sucks about your connectivity issues. Have you tried deleting the bin / texture folders from the %appdata% .minecraft folder tree? The game will automatically re-download both of these.
That's good to hear! I wasn't wowed by the preview, but when I learned it was from the Moon guy I definitely got a little more interested... liked that movie a lot.

Well, updating my drivers hasn't helped in multiplayer, except I seem to crash slightly faster. :) I've been messing around with Redstone in peaceful mode. Unfortunately on Peaceful you can't get gunpowder or string, two necessities for making weird devices, so I'll have to bite the bullet and go back to Normal soon.

I played this game for about eight hours today.

| source code

Just got back from seeing the movie source code, loved it! Solid sci-fi with good acting and an enjoyable story. I really liked the directors other movie, moon. This is more mainstream, but it was great. Thumb up!
Make sure your Java is 100% up to date. That helps a ton.

Also, there's some memory tweaks you can try out here and there.

Since we've started playing, this is the buggiest I've ever seen Minecraft in terms of crashing and losing connectivity. Dunno if that's the latest versions doing it or the server or my new texture pack or what.
I've checked out the world a couple times now, unfortunately I'm consistently getting a problem where the game goes to black and hard freezes after a few minutes. This time, I spawned in at the end of the night cycle, ran like a maniac for Castle Slaytanic, dropped a block to jump on the balcony, fought to beat off the zombie that jumped out of the water and up onto the balcony after and... freeze. D'oh! I respawned in a few minutes later to chop down the block. It was day at that point, and the zombie was nowhere in sight, so presumably I either killed him with my last hit as I crashed, or he burned to death.

Stupid monsters! In my single-player game I'm just freaked out to go in the dungeons. I've started getting iron and gunpowder, though. I think I might start a peaceful game.

| Glitch Whirlpools

Yeah, stay away from those glitch whirlpools. In fact if you see one. Log out and back in to fix it. Both eLzar and I lost our lives in the mess. I lost all of my gear too, never to be recovered. Weird things happen when you fall in. I think eLzar drown. I was killed by unknown damage.

The three hour cactus hunt was pretty epic. I learned a lot about minecraft cruising with O Rugs. Epic tour. I had no idea the world was so huge. We spent three hours traveling during the days, generally in one direction, and never reached world's end. Very cool.

There was an actual GURPS: Gilligan's Island at one of the earlier LA rpg conventions. It was around the first time I had heard about GURPS (maybe even around the birth of "guuuuuuuuuuuuuurps") and I remember seeing a little flyer in one of the lobbies for "GURPS: Gilligan's Island" and it saying you got to play one of the main characters from the show. It had some shitty generic clipart of like a sailboat and palm trees too, haha. I love that garbage like that gets a permanent spot in my brain's memory.

Cool cacti story, Art. That was a freaky looking mountain. It's always pretty impossible to tell when things are randomly awesome or glitchingly awesome. Yesterday morning I hopped on for about 20 mins and there was an ENORMOUS chunk of the ocean missing near the main castle. I thought Art had dug it out for some weird reason or that Enron was there making a secret base, but when I sailed over to it, it led right to the blue void. It was cool to see all the different layers and I was tempted to try and explore it, but it was most likely a glitch. It was gone when I checked later. I'd like to think stuff like that is programmed in on purpose as whirlpools or something. Maybe it is!