Friday, July 26, 2013

| The Wolferine

Ok, we obviously go to the movies way too often, but once the baby comes I figure that's a wrap for a long time. We saw The Wolverine today. It was way better than the first one (which was pretty horrible) and was an overall really good comic movie. It's PG-13 but they friggen push that shit right on the edge of R, which is kinda rad. Except I saw a fair amount of little ass kids being brought by their parents. This is not a kids movie. He says "fuck" once and kills a shit ton of dudes. I enjoyed!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Still gotta download it. I've been pushing to get through Dishonored (I'd like to finish ONE GAME).

I've stayed away from that whole MOBA genre. They're kind of like an RTS but you only control one guy, right? I'm so out of it.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Did you try Shadowrun? How is it? I saw that DOTA 2 is out for free on Steam. I don't really like those kind of games, but I know it's popular. Jael was getting into those MOBA games? Is that the right acronym?

| Ryan Gosling Alert!

The new one from the guy who did Drive, Only God Forgives, is out now. Gonna try and see it, Drive was good stuff.

Shadowrun Returns comes out tonight! Woooo

Monday, July 22, 2013

| Scofflaws

The Walking Dead game is really good. You don't have to know the show. There's a cameo from one of the characters, but it makes no difference if you know who he is or not. I've played through 4 of the 5 episodes and it's well worth the discount price.

NETFLIX: I've seen some interesting documentaries on Netflix Instant this weekend. One was about WWII Spy Planes and how they used a form of 3D to look at pictures of nazi sites and figure out what they were. It's really cool and goes into how the allies didn't really get the V-series rocket programs the nazis were working on and how scary it was once it started. With the V-2's I think, they were mobile, so spy planes didn't help for shit because by the time you saw the picture, those rockets had been launched and they had moved already. War party.

Then I've been watching this multi-part Ken Burns doc on Prohibition. I never really new how deep all that shit went and how ridiculous is really was. A lot of the motivation for these dry laws were anti-immigrant. They're like, these germans and catholics like to drink, fuck that shit. There was also so much crazy ass corruption all over the place, it's insane. The word Scofflaw come's from some magazine contest back in those days where they asked readers to come up for a word for people who broke the anti-drinking laws.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

| I have the Necromonging skill at rank 2

I believe Riddick also turns out to be the last member of a race called the Furyons? And Dame Judi Dench is involved somehow (could that be the Pump connection? he's been professing to be interested in tentacles/bondage elves, but all along he's been hiding a thing for old English broads?). Yeah, I'm gonna watch this shit.

Steam sale almost over! They've got Dishonored on sale today for $10. If your rig can run it, I highly recommend this one. It is an homage to Thief in many ways, and you can play stealthily if you want and it's great, but you can also choose to go turbo-badass and just kill everyone if that floats your boat. Your dude has a variety of Kewl Powers available and there's a decent bit of customizationas you proceed. I really enjoyed the possession power, which at the basic level lets you possess rats and fish and scurry around on the downlow, and at higher levels let you possess guards, so you can possess one, walk him over to a distant room somewhere, exit his body and then knock him out. Creepy! And fun.

Has anybody played either Walking Dead or BioShock Infinite? I've heard good things about the game. Is it good for somebody who isn't familiar with the show/comic?

In other game news: Shadowrun Returns is in the can and releases a week from today! Yeee-haw. Looks like a fun time, and that'll be one less outstanding Kickstarter reward! On the downside, Wasteland 2 has been delayed until 2014. Oh well. Not like I'd have time to play both this year, anyway.

Here's how I see this Star Wars thing going down: I can run the beginner session which is probably two sessions. After that, if people want, there's a free continuation of that adventure I can run too -- that'd be another 3-4 sessions.

At that point, if we want to keep going, we can actually make characters and perhaps somebody else could pick up the reins -- since that will be around the time I'm getting 2 hours of sleep at a time thanks to the new kid. There's an adventure in the core book, another with the GM screen, one in the upcoming Explorer supplement, the "Free RPG Day" adventure which should release in PDF sometime, plus a full-on hardcover campaign coming soonish. Basically what I'm saying is if we use the Force to pass shit around a little, we can keep this thing going for a while without anybody having to write any adventures.

| Necromongers

The Necromongers are a religious empire that zealously and violently follows and propagates its religion Necroism. An absolutely fanatic group that believes life is antagonistic to the natural state of the universe. They intend to convert or kill all who oppose them.

Necromongers! That's hilariously rad. It's all very poor man's Warhammer 40k.

Hope we can get Star Wars going! Those character sheets are so darned fancy.