Monday, July 22, 2013

| Scofflaws

The Walking Dead game is really good. You don't have to know the show. There's a cameo from one of the characters, but it makes no difference if you know who he is or not. I've played through 4 of the 5 episodes and it's well worth the discount price.

NETFLIX: I've seen some interesting documentaries on Netflix Instant this weekend. One was about WWII Spy Planes and how they used a form of 3D to look at pictures of nazi sites and figure out what they were. It's really cool and goes into how the allies didn't really get the V-series rocket programs the nazis were working on and how scary it was once it started. With the V-2's I think, they were mobile, so spy planes didn't help for shit because by the time you saw the picture, those rockets had been launched and they had moved already. War party.

Then I've been watching this multi-part Ken Burns doc on Prohibition. I never really new how deep all that shit went and how ridiculous is really was. A lot of the motivation for these dry laws were anti-immigrant. They're like, these germans and catholics like to drink, fuck that shit. There was also so much crazy ass corruption all over the place, it's insane. The word Scofflaw come's from some magazine contest back in those days where they asked readers to come up for a word for people who broke the anti-drinking laws.