Saturday, February 16, 2013

| vegas baby

I used the non-pro version of Sony Vegas. Picked it up pretty cheap because it was bundled with Sound Forge which is a really good audio editor I wanted. Seems pretty powerful but I didn't use any of the special effects or color correction stuff. I don't think my computer can really handle it.

I jumped into minecraft at lunch time and Elrick showed me around a little. I didn't contribute much to the dig because I'd forgotten how to even make a pick, but I should be up to speed in a few days.

Friday, February 15, 2013

| Glorious!

And unfortunately what a missed opportunity to boot!
Cool! What did you edit it in?

| Cayukos 2013 - The Movie

I whipped up a tune and edited together the little bit of footage Enron and I shot at Cayukos this year:

Unlisted YouTube Link

Generally the shakier footage is mine. Also threw in a bunch of Enron's pics to pad things out. I learned that next time, I really need to put the camera on a tripod and stop trying to do things handheld because so much of it was super jittery. I had ZERO footage of iJon :( - I got the cookie monster in there at least!
I uploaded it at 720p so you can change the resolution to that if you choose.

Originally I wanted to interview everyone about gaming and man-cons but I chickened out. Next time, I'm going to follow through with my original plan!

PS - We have no pics of MorMor's Mug :/ It's in the background of a couple of pictures, but nothing I could really highlight. Talk about missed opportunity!
Angel, thanks for your waiting. The port is now in downturn. Let's refuel with the struggle!
-Game I'm playing right now :)

Yeah, i read you guys were working on a stonghold but I still can't figure out what's what in minecraft these days. I'll hop in and try not to ruin anyone's work till I can figure it out.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

I need me wool!

I had an idea for a side project, which I'll need a bunch of wool, lapis lazuli dye and bone meal for. So if anyone is ever bored and wants to go scouting for those things, it'd be much appreciated!

Glad this week is finally at an end. It's been long and hard, like something or the other, probably, no comparisons really come to mind right now.
We are excavating the perimeter of the stronghold, with the longer term goal of exposing the entire structure to sunlight.

| Sssssssss?

I finally made it into the server last night and was promptly killed by a creeper.

That exposed ladder into the pit is a serious work hazard.  I think it's an OSHA violation.  I know I'm going to fall to my death, guaranteed.

So what was the plan?  Also let me know if anyone finds potatoes.
I've totally forgotten how to play Minecraft! I jumped into that server today and followed to the road to the dig, I guess, but I have no idea what you guys are up to. Shit, I think I've forgotten what it takes to make tools, etc. I'll pop in again tonight and try and see if anyones on and can direct me. It said I had like 20 hours of free time.

| The Great Dig

Tall Man, Slender man, it's all the same right?

jr0n and I simultaneously had a devious thought pop in our heads while we were reorganizing chests full of dirt and cobble: how awesome would it be for the two of us to stay up until 7am the next morning, spending all night refilling the great dig with all of this dirt and cobble? We were pretty sure eLzar would be impressed with our utter assholishness. Brilliant.

That being said, the dig is going well, certainly it keeps sprawling, but it also goes deep. The upside is we have a huge cavern running up against one side of the dig that is alleviating quite a bit of digging on our part. But this will certainly be a great effort. My wing just keeps sprawling more and more, but I think I may have a handle on it now finally. Fun stuff.


| Excavation is Going Well

It is filling that mindless need to dig, but with a nice structure that tracks progress -  I like it!  I don't like that the Stronghold seems to keep growing which will require even more huge tracts of land be fondled, er, excavated.

I was tricked into watching The Tall Man last night because I thought it was a movie about the Slender Man. I kept waiting to see the film makers take on the SM, and even up to the end it still could have happened but never did.  The movie wasn't horrible, the first half of Jessica Biel's acting was, however, but I wouldn't recommend the movie; particularly because I still feel cheated after watching it.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

So much digging... ugh. I dug probably a total of 3.5 hours the last two nights. At least my wing's perimeter is excavated! Hurrah! Only a few thousand cubes left to dig to expose the rest of the stronghold's perimeter and then a few more to get the whole thing exposed to sunlight. /wrist

Actually the first thing I'd like to expose to open air is this frickin' creepy chasm that one edge of the stronghold opens up into. Actually, it's possible the stronghold continues well beyond that point.

After we explore that thing I'm using redstone to turn it into Disneyland.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

| Vlaada Chvatil Day

Went to the game store to pick up the Mage Knight expansion and was surprised to see the new Galaxy Trucker expansion is out. Huzzah! It adds the possibility for intruders to invade and rampage through your ships. The Dungeon Lords expansion releases soon as well. Huzzah!

Aeryk, if you guys have red stone stockpiles I will happily come use it to build mechanical bullshit!

Yesterday the kid was absolutely obsessed with this portable changing mat. She was picking it up, carrying it a few feet, throwing it on the floor then straightening it out, then would lie on it for about three seconds then would pick it up and move it again slightly and so on. This for half an hour. I was really hoping she would cover herself with it "space blanket style" but it was not to be.

In closing this missive, happy Chinese New Year to those of you that celebrate it! You can PayPal me rather than sending the traditional red envelopes.

| Cayucos Pics

Yes, I did upload the gallery a bit ago and I have been fussing with pictures and captions since, but I suppose it would just be better to announce it... Cayucos Con II Pictures. Yay! Same Password as usual...


| pics

Enron put up the pics from Cayukos like a week ago on his polychromantic site. Did you mention it and I missed it? Awesome pictures!