Friday, March 18, 2011

| eLzar STDs

I too had a similar incident happen a few months back from my Hotmail account, which has no phone or email client configured to access it. Web access only for that account.

I think the vector is via someone else's infected computer/email client. The address book is harvested and then email(s) is/are sent from various users in the address book addressed to all the email addresses in said infected email client's harvested address book. Either that, or a mass email I was cc'd on was picked online by TCP/IP sniffers or an infected server. Either way, I did not have record of the email sent from my account, which means it was likely sent via some spam SMTP/Zombie server somewhere, spoofed under

The story seems even more likely when I looked at the cc list on the email sent to look as it came from me. Many of the people I knew, but a lot I didn't. And people that I emailed most were not included, such as you fine Action jArks.

Either all that above, or eLzar has gonorrhea of the mouth. Probably the latter.

My two cents.


| To All the Spam I've Spammed Before

Not my computer, but rather my phone, or gmail itself.

I have no local email client configured, so an infection there wouldn't compromise my gmail account. One of Leslie's co-workers sent out the SAME messages from his gmail the day before, he has a Droid. I have a Droid. The Droid was pushed an update the morning after I 'sent' the email.... seems convenient.

Also, there is no record of a sent mail in either my phone, or the web. What is interesting is that it is also not sending to any contact list I have on my phone, it seems to have sent to any email address I have ever sent to from gmail, evar!

Long live the Cloud!

PS As a side note, I have been too lax in using my regular email account in the world, so I have created yet another new email junk account: thisisnotmyemailaddresseither at gmail dot com. I thought it was funny anyway.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

| Elrock's Email has Web Aids

But seriously, your gmail account is sending out product spam. Get thee to a spybot / malware scanner, stat!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

| Best Money Ever Spent

Atom Zombie Smasher.

Hard to describe, but a little bit like a zombie apocalypse simulator and a rts (which I HATE), and Pandemic, and Dungeon Lords in a game for $8.99.

I tried the demo at about 9.30pm last night, immediately purchased the game, and then the next time I thought to look at my watch it was after 1am. Great game, fux0rz day at work as a result.

Do it!
I have no one to play with (if you don't count Robert Cop 3) so I'll just wait to check it out at the con.

Monday, March 14, 2011

I started typing a bunch of stuff about MoM and then got bored. It's a solid game, pick it up if you think you can get players for a sort of long, strongly Lovecraft-themed game. $56 is way better than the $80 + tax I paid for it, so... yeah. :(

The double-whammy of the upcoming new book and the HBO series has me finally finishing my reread of Game of Thrones that I started a year ago or so. I left off just where things start getting crazy when the king dies (spoiler) and it's so frustrating going back and reading it in hindsight, and seeing how EVERY SINGLE DECISION Eddard makes is bone-headedly wrong.

PS Aeryk, I am polishing off one of your tasty microbrews!

maybe i'll swoop up a copy if you think its the cats pajamas. 2012 almost here, gotta spend spend spend! Is $56 a good deal for it? That's Amazon's price.
I'm shocked! But, the promise of free (as in beer) beer (as in beer) sounds great. I name it... The L├Ąger Out of Space.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

| I Can Haz No Copy

Saving up for some kegging equipment instead. Maybe through synergy, we can enjoy an even better Mansions of Madness game drinking beer from the KublaKeg!
Just played a couple (solo) games of Mansions of Madness, the new HP Lovecraft-meets-Descent game from FFG. It's really fun! I think between me and Eric's copies we can get in games with everyone at Kubla and hopefully that'll scratch the RPG itch a bit.
I hope it's real so then I wouldn't have to go to work anymore and I'd be STOKED!