Friday, June 13, 2014

| Congratulations, hockey fan friends!

| Awww, how cute

Do I have any pre-made Cthulhu scenarios? 

I have a SHIT-TON of them!  Almost 1 1/2  bookshelves full of them!  Just trying to find one that I think we'll all like...
Do you have any pre-made Cthulhu scenarios? I really want to try this particular system and it seems like it could just plug right in.

| Ain't dead

Just trying to make it through the week, workwise.

I think I might need to just settle in on a generic-ish game JUST to get something done, and work on my story conversion over time.  I REALLY like the sort of 'ah-ha' moment from the story and would love to integrate it but a story ain't a scenario.

Also, I'm thinking webcams might not be the best way to get RPGing done, outside of sort of hack and slash stuff, so I'm also thinking a more straight forward scenario would be good to try to get out the technical, distracted, jokey stuff first to see if its a format that would work going forward.

Listen to me! Talking like this thing might actually happen.  Fool!

I like the chef idea!  +1D6 for rolls against determining what sort of part of the muscle that is spread out across the cave entrance and if the butcher knew what he was doing, vs. an untrained blade :)

Also the C4 salesmen with C4 suit would get a +1D6 for rolls to determine if a crazy person is actually crazy, or if they are just really committed to their profession.  So is the guy wearing a suit made from human skin insane or just a really great tanner/leatherworker and wants to _be_ one with his job?

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ah man, my character was totally sincere - the bonus Guy F pic was just comic relief. (Also, anyone who's sanity gets to 6 would probably look very Fieri-esque.)
That picture makes me laugh every time I see it. Hilarious!

On the other hand, the radio silence from Aeryk makes me think you also destroyed his campaign with it.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Count me in as well! I was SUPER excited at first because I thought YOU had written Cthulhu Dark. Then it turns out some other asshole made it (unless that's a pen-name, then congrats, asshole). ((Does the period go outside of that parenthesis or inside? It always looks weird sitting outside by itself.))?.! Still excited that you're running it!

Without knowing the setting/time, here's a universal character, hopefully general enough to fit in the world you create.

Chef Aswad Bastet
Well-known Egyptian chef who is currently working in a fancy hotel or on a luxury cruise ship. Not a "celebrity chef" per se, but he's well known amongst the elite and sought out enough to travel the globe regularly. Depending on the timeline of the game, he comes from a long line of chefs, including Howard Carter's personal chef during his excavations in the Valley of the Kings.

(He may or may not look like the Egyptian Guy Fieri.)

Monday, June 09, 2014

Count me in!

I've been reading some RPG stuff lately as well. Right now I'm reading an interesting RPG called Dungeon World that's a weird indie game with D&D trappings. Yours sounds a lot simpler though so let's do that!

My character is a C4 manufacturer and salesman. He wears a bodysuit completely made out of C4. I'M JUST KIDDING.

| Cthulhu Dark

Okay, I'm actively working on an RPG to maybe one day run, preferably in person, but more than likely over the webcam.  Seriously.

The system will be Cthulhu Dark with a few bits and bobs added to it like Dark Tales:

It's an amazingly simple system that sounds like it will work really well with our group.  Basically, you never fail at anything you try (possibly outside of combat, but that would be an add-on rule) UNLESS another player at the table thinks it would make the story better if you did and then they make an opposed roll with you.  The game works well for groups that trust each other and are looking to have fun, create a good story, and aren't concerned with min/maxing, etc.

I think we will do well with it.  Did I mention the rules are like 10 paragraphs long?

Anyway, I've read the same short story from a Delta Green anthology like 5 times over the years because I thought it was so clever, I think I'm going to try and adapt it to an adventure.

Let's start with character creation!

"Choose a name and occupation. Describe your Investigator."

Done.  More to follow...

Sunday, June 08, 2014

We're total yelp-heads in this house - me more than Silvia. Crazy sports reviews!

(I guess I started this post right after the last one but never posted it for some reason! Enjoy my hilarious and timely words!)