Saturday, March 03, 2012

Will do -- I think I'll be feeling better by then, but I'll let you know. I really want to because that'll be our third session, which will I believe put it in the top 10% of length for campaigns we've played in.

I was thinking about efficient ways to do information in an online RPG. I was thinking that we could play out certain events as Google+ streams. But, maybe with some rules around it. Since any weekday session we have needs to be on the short side, it'd be a way to fill in some of those gaps. I dunno, any thoughts on that?

Oh, different topics, I'm tempted to start playing Minecraft again based on this.

Apparently zombies can break down wooden doors now, too! Only on Hard mode, but on the other modes they'll still bang on the doors. Zoinks!

| Graeme of Thrones

Sickness is the worst!!! Cap'n Trips. Hope you feel better dude. I'm drinking Emergen-C every day till cabin con because I'm so paranoid of being sick that weekend. Let us know if you're too jacked up to run Earthdawn because I can't imagine anything funner than trying to GM a game while sick as hell.

Speaking of Captain Trips, I'm reading the latest SK novel, 11/23/60 (or whatever date JFK was killed is) - it's pretty good! I think I'm still in the beginning phases of the book, but it feels pretty promising and the concept is fun (non-spoiler short version: time travel shit).

| Ugh

A couple weeks ago I got a sore throat. It lasted a day or two then went away. Eyy no problem. A few days ago, it came back, or its asshole cousin, and it's a fucking apocalypse! Sore throat, stuffy nose/eyes, congestion, the works. Totally looking forward to returning to work on Monday.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

| Eeeenteresting

FFG's putting out a big ol' campaign set for WFRP3 called "The Enemy Within." Looking at the product announcement, it doesn't look like it's so much a direct update of the old warhorse but a "brand new story drawn from the themes and concepts of the original." Which is a little bit cheesy, buuuuut they've got Graeme Davis (Shadows Over Bögenhafen) on board, and I was pretty impressed with the other 3rd ed adventure he wrote, so this could be pretty cool. Definitely running this sometime after the Earthdawn campaign ends; so maybe Q3 2017?

| Magic Bridge cont'd

I heard he started crying when he got it because he was hoping to get a more powerful game.

| Magic Bridge

It can't be that good of a game. I mean eLzar gave the game away to some drunk asshole. Not exactly high praise.


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hey Aeryk, sell us on Magic Realm! Why should we play a board game with 120-page rules at Cabin Collins?

(I'm digging in and it looks cool btw, but we need the buy-in methinks.)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

jr0n, use this link for mobile access. No more funky shit:

Monday, February 27, 2012

| mother fucking toto.

Ah... if only. While it may very likely have hit a server on its way, for what I presume was a targeted strike for your head; alas, is hosted elsewhere. I really wish I could take credit for that being the cause of the site changes.

Did your shoe hit the server? The mobile version of the site is all weird again.
I suspect you are correct. She seems to be on to something there.

Yeah -- Aeryk's special lady friend isn't wrong. :)

| Other Facts?!

Fact - I somehow lost my shoe on eLzar's copier. It took me 10 minutes to find it 6 hours after losing it.

Fact - I threw five rib bones into the forest behind eLzar's house. jr0n added a few more.

Fact - eLzar's special lady friend stated we were too old for this and referred to us as old codgers.

Fact - I ate a lot of baked beans, without a fork or hands, on the deck.

Fact - jr0n is, by far, the loudest at vomiting.

Fact - Plastered by 12noon. Vomited by 1pm.
Opinion - An accomplishment really.

Fact - Habanero sauce after vomiting, makes for great sting ring the next morning.
Opinion - I don't recommend this.


| Facts

Fact - 3 of us barfed that day.

Fact - Beer before liquor, never been siquor.

Fact - 5 beers, 3 shots were consumed by all, much quicker than should have been been.

Fact - I did not give Magic Realm to you Jon, I gave it to the creator Richard Hamblin to sign and then give back the next time he comes over to the house for dinner. Wait. Didn't I do that? The day is a blur...
Yeah that was kinda brutal. At least I got Aeryk's copy of Magic Realm out of the deal!
Yeah, I bought it. It's one of the weekend deals. I guess it's regular price is down to $29.99 anyways. Played it for a little while and it was really fun, so I'm sure I'll get my $10 bucks out of it, if I already haven't. I can't wait for Skyrim to get cheap because I really wanna play that game.

I can't wait for Cabin Collins '99. Enron was telling me how you guys had a mini con the other night and couldn't handle your booze - you wimples (it's like a meeple but for wimps). Can't wait to play too many games and drink too many drinks.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wow, $10? i haven't picked up Deus Ex yet, but it's supposed to be a great game.

Cabin Collins is coming right up! Just three weeks away, can't believe it.